19 September 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Jessica Farrell's flowers

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Being a horticulturalist, Jessica Farrell was well placed to build flowers with the LEGO® parts we gave her for our Parts Festival! In her final post, she gives us a beautiful bunch of bunches.


Outside my bedroom window there is a clump of dwarf narcissus that faithfully bloom a cheery yellow and orange every February, no matter how inclement the weather. What better way to immortalise them than by recreating them out of my favourite medium? 

The new yellow star elements (Design Plate, 4X4X2/3, No. 1 – 6248804|39611) are just perfect for the job and are held fairly securely to the flexible hose stems using green taps and axle connectors.


I’ve always enjoyed building organic forms, especially foliage and flowers, so these squiggly Medium Lilac/ Dark Purple plates (Gear Wheel 2X2, Z6 – 6238330 | 35442) didn’t look like splatters of paint to me, they looked like African violets-to-be.

Also, the Bright Green shell pieces (from my own collection) were a perfect accompaniment in terms of shape and scale. A bit too bright but we can’t have everything. The Brick Yellow/ Tan Technic pins make perfect centres whilst connecting flowers to stems.


To a plant-lover like me, the new Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold crown element (Crown, No. 1 – 6257048|39262) resembles the sepals of a flower. 

Using rigid hose and a 1x1 round plate with hole, a good connection can be made to hold miniature lisianthus flowers. I took a bit of artistic license with the buds (real lisianthus buds are more pointed) but, since I created this new breed, I guess I get to name it!


Avid gardeners will know that zinnias are naturally big, blowsy, in-your-face blooms that parade themselves in almost unrealistically bright colours. They therefore make perfect subjects for these obnoxious Vibrant Coral gear plates (Gear Wheel 6x6, Z14 – 6258385| 35446)!

Deliberately misaligning the gear teeth in order to create the tight, composite petals was a bit awkward but they do snap together that way if you persevere. The resulting heads were a bit top-heavy for the stems but rigid hose inside the corrugated hose did the trick.

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  1. What happened to that poor crinkle-tube in the middle of the stem of the middle flower in the last two photos?!?!?!?

    1. Jessica Farrell19 Sept 2019, 18:36:00

      It was a slightly damaged 2nd hand part; I didn't have an extra and didn't want to do a Brick link order for just one element.... I was silly enough to hope nobody would notice!!

    2. Eh, my eye is naturally drawn to such things, but even I missed it in the full shot. It's the closeup that drew my attention, because it's right on the edge of the image, and the lighting makes it really pop. Looking at the center flower, I could still tell there was something uneven about the shape of the stem below it.

      BTW, regarding the lisianthus, if you do want to get that more pointed look, the egg from the Angry Birds theme would probably do the trick.

  2. Splendid builds, a real breath of fresh air among all the machines and buildings that usually get made from Lego. Thanks for posting.

  3. Very creative - I love it when Lego builders think outside the box and give us excellent imaginative builds such as these! :)

  4. You know, a collection of flowers like this would probably do well as an ideas set. You should submit a proposal!