Disclosure policy

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We use affiliate links on New Elementary, so we've added this page to make clear how we make money from this site and, more importantly, how we don't.
  • Where we include a link to or an ad for a product, sometimes we might be paid a small commission by the seller we link to – if you follow the link and you purchase from them and the purchase qualifies under their scheme. 
    • As a Rakuten Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 
    • As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. 
    • As a user of Google AdSense we earn from qualifying purchases.
  • We never write posts for the purpose of including advertising. Links are added after posts are written if we feel they are relevant or of possible interest or use to readers. 
  • We never accept money to write posts about products. We post about stuff we like or think our readers may be interested in. 
  • No advertiser will ever influence the content, topics or posts made on this site.


In our role as Recognised LEGO® Fan Media, New Elementary receives free LEGO products from the LEGO Group. All content represents the opinions of New Elementary authors and not the LEGO Group. 


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Last updated 14 November 2020. If needed, we reserve the right to amend this policy.