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06 May 2024

LEGO® NINJAGO® review & MOC: 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo

Posted by Caz Mockett

71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo is one of the larger sets in the March 2024 LEGO® NINJAGO® wave; part of Dragons Rising Season 2. The striking structure has some appealing colours, plenty of play features and 8 minifigures. Let's take a closer look at all the details.

02 May 2024

Revealed: LEGO® NINJAGO® 71814 Tournament Temple City and 71822 Source Dragon of Motion

Posted by Admin

Three upcoming LEGO® NINJAGO® sets coming in June 2024 have been added to the LEGO website, and they're stunning.

The largest of all is the 14+ set 71814 Tournament Temple City, but  another, 71822 Source Dragon of Motion, is the largest LEGO dragon to date.

21 December 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: mech sets 71806, 71807 & 71808

Posted by tobymac

Over the years we've seen many mechs in the LEGO® NINJAGO® line-up and their builds have increasingly evolved through time. In 2024 the designers are introducing new elements to bring even more build options and play features.

Today we’ll be taking a look at 3 mechs from the first wave of 2024 sets; 71806 Cole's Earth Mech, 71807 Sora's Tech Mech and 71808 Kai's Fire Mech.

04 August 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: vehicle sets 71789, 71791, 71792 & 71794

Posted by tobymac

From the very start the ninjas of LEGO® NINJAGO® have been moving around in all types of vehicles, be it cars, bikes, mechs, planes, canceled trains and many more. In this review I’ll be looking at 4 vehicle-orientated sets from the June 2023 wave. 

Namely, 71794 Lloyd and Arin’s Ninja Team Mechs, 71792 Sora’s Transforming Mech Bike Racer, 71791 Zane’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Race Car and 71789 Kai and Ras’s Car and Bike Battle. Is it just me or are the name of sets getting to be a bit long lately?

17 July 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71797 Destiny’s Bounty - Race Against Time

Posted by tobymac

Destiny’s Bounty has been the transportation of choice since the very start of LEGO® NINJAGO®, and we’ve seen many sets showcasing the flying ship already. When I did a search for them all, I was surprised to find only 6 versions (not counting 71756 Hydro Bounty). I'd felt sure we got a new ship for each season. 

In any event, the ship that crashed so many times, it has become a cliché has been rebuilt once again for the new Rising Dragons season, and today we’ll be seeing if version 7 can offer something new.

02 July 2023

LEGO® 71799 NINJAGO® City Markets: Minifigures & Build

Posted by Elspeth De Montes

Following on from our in-depth look at the fantastic range of new elements in 71799 NINJAGO City Markets, it's time to build the largest Ninjago set ever.

Doing an element review before building such a large set does not help speed up the process, in fact it slows it down.  All the bags have to be opened and searched through to find the new elements and with 51 bags that takes a lot of reorganising. No complaints though, I was very happy to be constructing this set and putting all those new elements and recolours to good use...

05 June 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® Spinjitzu review: Rise of the Tri-Baller

Posted by tobymac

Spinjitzu has been practiced from the very start of the LEGO® NINJAGO® theme. Over the years, many different iterations have been released in sets, and the June 2023 wave adds a new version: Dragon Power Spinjitzu. Three ninja each get their own set: 71777 Kai’s Dragon Power Spinjitzu Flip with 72 parts, 71778 Nya's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Drift with 57 parts and 71779 Lloyd's Dragon Power Spinjitzu Spin with 56 parts. 

These small sets include a nice new mould. But before we take a look at that, I’ll have a quick look at the sets themselves and the other elements found in them. 

29 May 2023

LEGO® Review: 71795 NINJAGO® Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores

Posted by tobymac

After publishing our overview of all new elements in the Summer 2023 wave of LEGO® NINJAGO® sets, the most commented on elements were the new balls. At the time of writing, the new series hadn't officially started yet, so it was unclear what the spheres represent. 

The best clue comes from the name of one particular set: 71795 Temple of the Dragon Energy Cores, so let's kick off our series of reviews of the Ninjago Dragons Rising wave with this set. 

23 May 2023

LEGO® parts review: 71799 NINJAGO® City Markets

Posted by Elspeth De Montes

The city is expanding once more with the upcoming release of LEGO® 71799 NINJAGO City Markets, and we are here to tell you all about the new moulds, recolours and new printed elements contained within this set.   

71799 NINJAGO City Markets is the largest LEGO Ninjago set yet with 6,163 pieces used to construct a 4-floor structure and 21 minifigures, plus a host of play features to explore. 

But first, let's take things back to an elemental level with its new parts. This set took a long time for me to inventory and there's a pile of new elements to cover in this initial post.  To keep this manageable, minifigures will be covered in a second post. Probably best you pop the kettle on before we head to the markets...

22 May 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® June 2023: Elements Rising

Posted by tobymac

Ninja Goooo! We had to wait for what felt like a long time, but finally we know what happens to the LEGO® NINJAGO® theme after the Crystalized storyline wrapped up. 

22 March 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71783 Kai's Mech Rider EVO

Posted by Kev Levell

I like bikes, I like mechs and I like models that can be configured in different ways, so this LEGO® NINJAGO® set has a few of my boxes ticked. I don't think I've seen a mech on a motorbike in a LEGO set before and I like the quirkiness of that fun idea. 

Hop on for a pillion ride; we'll take this beast for a spin and see if it takes the corners well.

13 March 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® review and MOD: 71785 Jay's Titan Mech

Posted by Kev Levell

Gundam! Jay’s Titan Mech looks great. This Beautiful Blue Bot is the second largest of January’s LEGO® NINJAGO® releases. Let's take a look at what this set has to offer, and see whether my idea for a modified version is successful. 

24 January 2023

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71782 Cole's Earth Dragon EVO & 71800 Nya's Water Dragon EVO

Posted by Kev Levell

Last month, we reviewed the largest dragon from January’s LEGO® NINJAGO® releases, 71786 Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature, and we’re still getting chills from its seriously cool design. We are back again as a father and son team to go head-to-head with the other two dragons in the new range: 71782 Cole's Earth Dragon EVO and 71800 Nya's Water Dragon EVO.

20 December 2022

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71786 Zane's Ice Dragon Creature

Posted by Kev Levell

As I write this review, my part of the UK is inches deep in snow and has plunged to sub zero temperatures. Cold winds brought here by the Nindroid’s new beast, perhaps?

Part of January’s LEGO® NINJAGO® ‘Core’ subtheme release, 71786 Zane's Ice Dragon Creature doesn’t tie to the TV show and so it’s free to just be its own thing. And an awesome-looking thing it is too. Today were are reviewing this huge, glacial-coloured hexapod. 

28 October 2022

LEGO® NINJAGO® review & MOC: 71770 Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet

Posted by Caz Mockett

In this review, I take a look at one of the smaller sized sets from the most recent LEGO® NINJAGO® wave, 71770 Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet. It comprises the eponymous jet along with minifigures of Zane, Golden Dragon Cole and their foe, General Vangelis. 

08 August 2022

LEGO® NINJAGO® review: 71774 Lloyd's Ultra Golden Dragon

Posted by tobymac

Dragons are a common sight in the realm of LEGO® NINJAGO®. A quick search on Rebrickable shows 58 sets featuring a dragon. So the question will be: does 71774 Lloyd’s Ultra Golden Dragon have anything new to offer? With 998 parts, it is one of the largest dragon sets, and with 286 of these parts being in Pearl Gold, its shininess certainly stands out.

04 April 2022

LEGO® NINJAGO: MOCcing with the new-for-2022 parts

Posted by Pohaturon

Products in this article were provided by LEGO®; the author's opinions are their own.

Once my reviews of the first wave of LEGO® Ninjago sets for 2022 were wrapped up, it was time for my favourite part of the process - making MOCs with the new moulds and recolours! This wave of Ninjago introduced SCCBS with the EVO sets marking an exciting new beginning for Constraction in LEGO System, with several new moulds that caught my attention in particular.

10 March 2022

LEGO® Ninjago review & MOCs: 71755 Temple of the Endless Sea

Posted by Caz Mockett

Products in this article were provided by LEGO®; the author's opinions are their own.

71755 Temple of the Endless Sea is one of the largest sets in the 2021 Seabound subtheme of LEGO® Ninjago. It contains 1060 pieces with an RRP of £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€, giving a decent price-per-part value of 8.5p / 9.4c / 9.4c (slightly better in Sterling than other currencies). I was attracted by the Teal, Black and Pearl Gold colour scheme of the set, enjoyed putting it together, but thought it had great MOC potential. Let’s take a look at the new and rare pieces it contains.

28 January 2022

LEGO® Ninjago review: 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple

Posted by Admin

Áron Gerencsér (@_pohaturon) continues his LEGO® Ninjago 2022 set reviews with 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple. Buying this set? Consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop/for Europe 'Change region'. Products in this article were provided by LEGO; the author's opinions are their own.

LEGO® Ninjago 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple is the largest set in the first wave of 2022 sets, coming in at 1394 pieces at the $99.99/ £89.99/ 99,99 € price point. Sharing shelf space with the EVO sets and Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon, it sprinkles a bit of the new SCCBS system into a more traditional playset. Let’s see if this is a dojo worth training in, or if the ninja should look for a new home! 

12 January 2022

LEGO® Ninjago review: 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon

Posted by Admin

Áron Gerencsér (@_pohaturon) continues his LEGO® Ninjago 2022 analysis today with 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon. Buying this set? Consider using our affiliate links, New Elementary may get a commission: USA LEGO Shop | Australia LEGO Shop | UK LEGO Shop/for Europe 'Change region'. Products in this article were provided by LEGO; the author's opinions are their own.

The first wave of LEGO® Ninjago sets in 2022 are introducing the new 6+ EVO subline, but there are also “regular” sets for more advanced builders. Filling the obligatory slot of ‘medium-large dragon set’ that every Ninjago wave needs is 71766 Lloyd’s Legendary Dragon, and it sure lives up to the name even if it doesn’t inundate us with new parts. Between the surprising and engaging build experience and the satisfying end result, this is a suitably impressive set to represent the evolution of Ninjago dragon design. Let’s dive in!