18 July 2024

LEGO® City review: 60409 Yellow Mobile Construction Crane

Posted by Tom Loftus

Loftus? Lofty? There's a joke there somewhere. Anyway, today we take a look at LEGO® City 60409 Yellow Mobile Construction Crane. Confusingly, it's anything but LEGO yellow. Instead, it sports a bright light orange colour scheme and brings with it a host of recolours, new moulds and prints.

Many pieces from Lego City 60409 Yellow Mobile Construction Crane on a table

LEGO® Goat, Wolfpack Torso and more are back on Pick a Brick

Posted by Admin

Alert! Today, 18 July 2024, we have seen a restock on LEGO® Pick a Brick. This article contains affiliate links to LEGO.com; we may get a small commission if you purchase.

And here are more potential PaB searches of interest:

16 July 2024

LEGO® Insiders Days: discounted sets and Gifts with Purchase until 20 July 2024

Posted by Admin
The box for Lego set 40692 Candy Store, a gift with purchase

LEGO® Insiders Days commence today, Tuesday 16 July 2024 and run through Saturday 20 July. Double points are on offer – but only on selected themes – and two Gifts with Purchase (GwP) are available. 

Additionally, some sets are discounted for everyone – not just LEGO Insiders – until 25 July with discounts up to 40%.

15 July 2024

LEGO® DREAMZzz™: new parts for August 2024

Posted by tobymac

It has been a year since LEGO® DREAMZzz™ was introduced, and on 1 August 2024 its third wave will be released. This theme has been filled with unique and unconventional models, and those require unique and unconventional elements. So, grab your pillow and join me in the Dream World.

LEGO has kindly sent us all 8 sets for an early peek. Before we build the models, I’ve gathered all new elements found across the whole wave into an overview for you.

13 July 2024

LEGO® Technic parts review: 42172 McLaren P1™

Posted by Alex Campos

The LEGO® Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series, which traces its roots all the way back to 1977 with 853 Car Chassis and whose modern form was codified in 2016 with 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, gets its latest iteration in 2024 courtesy of set 42172 McLaren P1

Parts from 42172 McLaren P1 scattered on a table

Today, New Elementary will take a look at its most interesting elements. 

10 July 2024

Revealed: set 42172 McLaren P1™ from LEGO® Technic

Posted by Admin
LEGO® Technic McLaren P1 set on display, from their Ultimate Car Concept Series

The August 2024 LEGO® Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series vehicle is the McLaren P1! You can get your hands on this 3893-piece set on 1 August. To see all of the new pieces in set 42172, see our review. To take a closer look at the finished model, read on.

04 July 2024

Revealed: set 21350 Jaws from LEGO® Ideas

Posted by Tim Johnson

Fans of Jaws, fans of LEGO®, fans of boats, fans of sharks... they're all going to love this upcoming set! Fans of new elements are going to be happy too...

LEGO set 21350 Jaws display model with shark and boat

LEGO® Ideas set 21350 Jaws is coming on 3 August 2024 for LEGO Insiders. Let's take a look at what's included in this display model, and the new parts we've spotted.

03 July 2024

LEGO® Friends review: water fun with sets 42623, 42625 and 42630

Posted by tobymac

There are three sets left to review from our batch of June 2024 LEGO® Friends sets, and 42623 Beach Water Scooter, 42625 Beach Smoothie Stand, and 42630 Heartlake City Water Park all depict fun in the water. Just as I started building these, the summer sun finally appeared here in the Netherlands, after weeks of rain. So it’s the perfect occasion to have a cooldown, be it at the pool or on the beach.

Lego pieces from sets 42623 Beach Water Scooter, 42625 Beach Smoothie Stand, and 42630 Heartlake City Water Park.

02 July 2024

What are the new LEGO® parts in July 2024 sets?

Posted by tobymac

I've created a list showing all 33 new LEGO® elements found in sets released on 1 July 2024, so you can check for the sets you might be interested in buying. For those of you who instead prefer our list of sets showing which contain the most new elements, click here.

01 July 2024

LEGO® Pick a Brick: new elements added in July 2024

Posted by Admin

We've been advised that starting sometime on Monday 1 July 2024, LEGO® Pick a Brick (PaB) will be adding new elements from March 2024 sets to the service. They may take some time to appear in all territories, and some might appear as being out of stock.

EDIT: The grey goat is back as of 18 July.

View the list of new PaB elements for July 2024