04 July 2024

Revealed: set 21350 Jaws from LEGO® Ideas

Posted by Tim Johnson

Fans of Jaws, fans of LEGO®, fans of boats, fans of sharks... they're all going to love this upcoming set! Fans of new elements are going to be happy too...

LEGO set 21350 Jaws display model with shark and boat

LEGO® Ideas set 21350 Jaws is coming on 3 August 2024 for LEGO Insiders. Let's take a look at what's included in this display model, and the new parts we've spotted.

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21350 JAWS
149.99€ / £129.99/ US$149.99/ AU$249.99/ 1399 CNY/ CA$199.99/ 3999 MXN
1497 parts
Measures 59cm x 35cm (23 in. x 14 in.)

Design developed by Ollie Gregory based upon Johnny Campbell's LEGO Ideas submission

Released 3 August 2024 for LEGO Insiders, and on general release 6 August
Pre-order is not available for the LEGO Jaws set

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The front of the box for set 21350 Jaws from LEGO® Ideas

About LEGO Jaws

Next year is the 50th anniversary of the classic Spielberg thriller Jaws, and so it is perfect timing for the arrival of this brick-built adaptation of LEGO fan Johnny Campbell's submission to the LEGO Ideas community platform.

Lego version of the trawler boat Orca from the movie Jaws, being held by a man. We see the rear, which includes printed decoration of the name of the boat.

The set features the Orca, presented in stunning detail with loads of recognisable props from this iconic scene, like harpoons and yellow barrels.

Lego set of the shark and boat  from the movie Jaws, being held by a man.

I love the shark jaw adorning the boat, made from two white LEGO steering handlebars! This guy loves it too.

Interior detail of the cabin of the Lego version of the trawler boat Orca from the movie Jaws

The roof is removable, showing the controls and even more detail, including a map of Martha's Vineyard! That is a sticker, as is the control panel, but the set includes some printed elements too. 

Printed plastic tiles reading Lego Jaws, "You're gonna need a bigger boat." Captain Brody.

Printed tiles adorn the side of the model: one of the title and another with perhaps the most famous quote from the movie. 

And of course the set wouldn't be complete without the real star of the movie...

Detail of the Lego shark from set 21350 Jaws.

I love this shark – it is beautifully shaped, and there is some really clever element usage going on, including the "Pagani wedges" (parts 3504, 3505) for fins and the Ninjago curved stepped shell (66955) for gills.

The Lego shark on a display stand, from the Jaws set

You can separate the shark from the main model and display it on its own stand. Build your own tornado if you prefer the movie Sharknado.

Detail of the rear of the Lego box for the Jaws set.

This detail from the rear of the box shows how you detach half of the shark to add it to the model. Some kind of a half-assed autopsy on a fish?

There are also some cute recreations of famous scenes aboard the Orca.


The LEGO Jaws set comes with three minifigures.

Lego people: The sailor Sam Quint, Police Chief Martin Brody, and marine biologist Matt Hooper from the movie Jaws

The sailor Sam Quint, Police Chief Martin Brody, and marine biologist Matt Hooper are superbly represented, and the newly decorated minifig parts will be popular in people's own creations too. 

You may be wondering if Hooper's hairpiece is a new mould; in fact it is a recolour of a recent mould from LEGO Friends – Beanie with Short Hair (5492) used for the character Olly, is Coral with Tan (6471952). Here it has been colour-changed to Dark Blue with Dark Tan. That's some cool hat, Hooper! 

New parts

The New Elementary team have scoured the available images to find some new LEGO moulds, recoloured pieces and rare elements.

The LEGO Jaws set partially broken up on a table.


There are some wonderful colour changes to existing elements.

5 images highlighting Lego pieces in the Jaws set.

  1. Tile Round 1 x 1 Special with Clip-Bar (77813) in Black, the first neutral colour of this 2022 LEGO® DOTS piece, and its first appearance since that line's demise. 
  2. Equipment Shepherd's Crook / Staff (49492) in Light Bluish Gray, the third colour of this 2019 element.
  3. Cable, Flexible 21L with 2 Connectors and Bars (2630) in Medium Nougat, only the fourth colour of this useful 2023 part.
  4. Plate Special, 1 x 1 Stud with 3 x 3 Ring (3917) in White, the third colour of this Sonic hoop.
  5. Top Hat with Pin and Anti-Stud (77108) in Black, the first recolour for Mia's dark purple magic hat from 2021 and 2022 LEGO Friends sets. So clever to use this as a bell! Its accessory pin makes for a really neat clapper.

Rare pieces

Here are a few parts we spotted that are still relatively new.

5 images highlighting Lego pieces in the Jaws set.
  • Arm Skeleton [Bent / 2 Clips] in Dark Tan (6484017 | 93609), only in 76434 Aragog in the Forbidden Forest
  • Plate Round 1 x 1 with Hollow Stud and Bar on Underside - Long Space in Tan (6510222 | 79194) only found in 76430 Hogwarts Castle Owlery
  • Tile Special Round 2 x 2 Inverted in Yellow (6508095 | 3567) only in 43245 The Magical Madrigal House, although it comes with barcode print in two LEGO Super Mario sets
  • Flag 2 x 4 Triangle in Tan (6475813 | 5555) introduced by LEGO Friends in June
  • Tile 1 x 2 with Letter print in White (6466380 | 106028) introduced by LEGO Friends in June

Parts of interest

I've never seen this part before, but turns out it has been in 10 sets from 2016 to 2021! 

A closeup of the box of the Lego Jaws set with a magnification of a new piece, a small black ball with string coming out of it

String Cord with End Tow Ball, 50.3cm / 63L in Black (6132951 | 23924) is a long string with a black ball at one end that fits the "Mixels cup". The other end of the string has no connector at all, so you can tie it to a winch – or in this case, the LEGO DOTS clip-bar round tile. So useful!

Thanks to the followers who pointed this out to me!

Buying the LEGO Jaws set

21350 Jaws from LEGO Ideas is so beautiful, and its subject is so popular, that I expect it will sell well. Unfortunately it is not available to pre-order. 

The Lego Jaws set is a display model available to buy. It is shown here on a cabinet.

If you want to get your hands on it as fast as possible, well you don't have to take this abuse much longer. Make sure you have signed up on the LEGO Insiders programme so you can get it on 3 August rather than the 6th. Sometimes it is worth staying up until midnight, to avoid initial stock levels disappearing overnight!

21350 JAWS
149.99€ / £129.99/ US$149.99/ AU$249.99/ 1399 CNY/ CA$199.99/ 3999 MXN
1497 parts
Released 3 August 2024 for LEGO Insiders, and on general release 6 August

Jaws LEGO movie

To promote the set, The LEGO Group and Universal Products & Experiences have created a mini-movie, JAWS… in a Jiffy, which retells this iconic blockbuster movie in 90 seconds! No doubt all with that spicy LEGO humour. 

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  1. Aw neat! Definitely some real NPU in this set, not to mention interesting new parts. That 21M cable with bars and connectors in Medium Nougat will be particularly useful for ropes, rope ladders, or rigging on traditional sailing ships.

    I am very surprised that the new string element doesn't have connectors at both ends, since it feels like in a lot of cases LEGO has moved away from parts that require the builder to tie knots (at least in more KFOL-oriented sets). So I find myself curious where else we might end up seeing it in the future — presumably a lot of its future uses might be other System or Technic builds aimed at older builders.

    I suppose one advantage of it is that without connectors at both ends, the string can be threaded through 3.18mm holes or other parts with a closed loop… though it still seems too wide to thread thru extremely small holes like the one in the classic fishing rod piece (which rarely comes with any sort of fishing line these days — even this set doesn't appear to include one).

    On this note, part of me feels like we may be overdue for a more kid-friendly redesign or counterpart of the fishing rod piece. Frankly, it surprises me a little that the shorter fishing rod (without a closed loop at the end) from the early Collectible Minifigures series never showed up more widely in System playsets, since not only does it not require any knots, it also is much more reasonably scaled to minifigures than the old-school fishing rod.

  2. I don't think the string with the mixel ball is new- A few years ago several City Fire sets used a unique shooter with a mixel cup on the back end to represent a fire hose, and they had a string with a ball at one end to fit the shooter, and nothing at the back so it could go on a normal winch. It might be a different size or part number but it's been around.

    1. Ahhhh you're right... 6132951. wow, that passed us by, and some of us even have the sets :D Will update article, thanks for flagging.

  3. Great article and nice looking set for sure! A couple more parts I notice:
    Window 2 x 8 x 2 Boat (89648) in Tan
    Bar 6L with Stop Ring (63965) in Flat Silver
    Rare piece:
    Tile, Modified 2 x 2 with Studs on Edge (33909) in Dark Green (only in 1 other set)

    1. The 6L bar in silver is rare but not new—it was used on the antenna of the Retro Radio set.

    2. Ah you're correct, thanks. Those parts not showing on BL yet.

  4. I also see a new wedge element in dark bluish grey used on the top of the head and tail, looks to be 4 x 6 :)

    1. 4 x 8 rather

    2. Oh that's the one from the McLaren Senna (unprinted and in dark stone grey for the first time)!

  5. 77813 might have a bar on it but unfortunately it’s out of system, it won’t stay on a clip and it won’t fit onto a minifigure hand, it’s too small. A shame because it would be really useful otherwise.

  6. I’m having trouble identifying the shark’s eye. It is seemingly domed and without a stud connection. I’m eager to see if it’s a more legal alternative to lever bases for mini builds! (or perhaps a microphone stuck inside a square version of 15535??)

    1. I believe it is a microphone, and the part it's inserted into is a standard 1x2 Technic brick. The microphone would then be held in place by an open stud inserted attached to the opposite end of the Technic hole.

    2. It's #67692 3.2 SHAFT W/ 5.9 BALL recoloured in black. It's also used for the steering wheel on the upper deck.