10 July 2024

Revealed: set 42172 McLaren P1™ from LEGO® Technic

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LEGO® Technic McLaren P1 set on display, from their Ultimate Car Concept Series

The August 2024 LEGO® Technic Ultimate Car Concept Series vehicle is the McLaren P1! You can get your hands on this 3893-piece set on 1 August. To see all of the new pieces in set 42172, see our review. To take a closer look at the finished model, read on.

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42172 McLaren P1™
£389.99/ €449.99/ US$449.99/ CA$589.99/ AU$699.99/ 181990 HUF/ 10899 MXN/ 3699 CNY
Age: 18+
3,893 parts
Measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 23 in. (59 cm) long and 9.5 in. (25 cm) wide
1:8 scale
Release Date: 1 August 2024

Gift with purchase: 1 to 7 August, LEGO Insiders receive LEGO Technic set McLaren P1 Logo.

Front of box 42172 McLaren P1

Back of box 42172 McLaren P1

The model comes in this beautiful outer box featuring the LEGO model on the front and the iconic rear of the actual car on the back. 

A person appreciates the completed model 42172 McLaren P1

The model comes with a plaque and what looks like a little case. Each car features a unique serial number which unlocks special behind-the-scenes content!

A erson opens a butterfly door on Lego Technic set 42172 McLaren P1

The model mimics the opening dihedral doors with an advanced mechanism.
“We worked on multiple variations of the car to test different designs. We also faced a huge challenge with the iconic butterfly doors because they needed a new mechanism to stay open.”  
– Kasper Rene Hansen, Designer, LEGO Group

Interior of the hood of Lego set 42172 McLaren P1

There's a 7-speed gearbox with 2 shifter drums, suspension and a V8 piston engine.

New parts

Here are five new moulds we managed to spot in the images of the set and its prototypes, but perhaps there are even more buried within the model? Check out our pre-release review of the new parts in the LEGO P1 to find out.

The wheel hub is a new mould, cast in in Pearl Dark Gray. It must measure 75 x 41mm because, like the Daytona, it is used with the existing Tyre 87.9 x 44 Low (part 80279). 

4 closeup pictures of the Technic McLaren P1 (Lego set 42172) highlighting a new mould: Technic Panel Curved 5 x 13 x 3 Tapered in Bright Light Orange

This pair of curved Technic panels in Bright Light Orange, 13 modules long with a tapered sail set at an angle, are new moulds. We can see two pairs of these used on the model, behind the front and rear mudguards. The curve matches that of the mudguards, which we will discuss in a moment. 

4 close up photos of the partially built LEGO technic model. Behind the wheels, two Technic Wishbones 7 x 7 are visible in the structure.

The prototype models reveal a new mould in Yellow: a wishbone, perhaps 7 modules wide? But that last, blurry image – which is not a prototype, but the final product being built – suggests the final piece is actually Black. 

Side view of LEGO Technic McLaren P1 (set 42172) highlighting the mudguards: front is a recolour of Panel Car Mudguard Arched  13 x 2 x 5 Arched Top  in Bright Light Orange, rear is a new mould - Panel Car Mudguard Arched  15 x 2 x 6 Arched Top, in Bright Light Orange

It's exciting to note that the rear mudguards are a new mould, one module taller than the existing 15-wide arched mudguard (part 67141). The front mudguard is a recolour of Panel Car Mudguard Arched 13 x 2 x 5 Arched Top (80284) in Bright Light Orange.

That leads us nicely onto other recolours we've spotted!


Aside from the above mentioned mudguard, we have spotted loads of existing elements that have been recoloured in Bright Light Orange! Can you see more?
  • Technic Beam 2 x 3 L-Shape with Quarter Ellipse Thick (71708
  • Technic Panel 3 x 7 x 1 (71709)
  • Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #2 - 180° (32034)
  • Technic Panel Round Corner 5 x 3 x 2 (Right 2442 and Left 2438)
  • Technic Panel Fairing 2 x 3 x 1 (71682)
  • Technic Panel Curved 5 x 7 Parallelogram (Left 80267 and Right 80268)
  • Technic Panel Triangle 5 x 4 (Left 80278 and Right 80274)
  • Technic Panel 3 x 2 x 5 (80285)
  • Technic Panel Fairing #14 Large Short Smooth, Side B (64680)
  • Technic Panel Fairing #13 Large Short Smooth, Side A (64394)
  • Technic Panel Fairing # 4 Small Smooth Long, Side B (64391)
  • Technic Panel Fairing # 3 Small Smooth Long, Side A (64683)
Lego set 42172 McLaren P1 from LEGO Technic
For the complete list of recolours, new moulds and printed pieces, see our review of all the new parts in the LEGO McLaren P1.

About the McLaren P1™ 

From the press release:

"The McLaren P1 redefined automotive high-performance as the most exciting, most capable, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar of its time. The P1™ leveraged McLaren’s advanced motorsport-based engineering, featuring ground-breaking advances in weight reduction, packaging, high-speed performance, powertrain and aerodynamics.

"Created with the intention of being ‘the best driver’s car in the world on both road and track’, the design and technical specifications of the McLaren P1™ provided the ideal foundation to deliver on this ambition. The remarkable hypercar is recognised as a landmark both for McLaren and the development of high-performance hybrid vehicles."

Prototypes of LEGO McLaren P1

We were provided images of a reveal event at McLaren Technology Centre in the UK, where people are shown building the set. Also present on the table are what look like prototype models of the McLaren set, so we thought we would share closeups of these with you – please excuse the quality!

Info about set 42172 McLaren P1

  • Price: £389.99/ €449.99/ US$449.99/ CA$589.99/ AU$699.99/ 181990 HUF/ 10899 MXN/ 3699 CNY
  • Age: 18+
  • 3,893 parts
  • Measures over 5.5 in. (14 cm) high, 23 in. (59 cm) long and 9.5 in. (25 cm) wide
  • 1:8 scale
  • Release Date: 1 August 2024 

Gift with Purchase: McLaren P1™ Logo

LEGO Technic model of the McLaren P1 Logo suspended over a black box
From 1 to 7 August 2024, LEGO Insiders who purchase the McLaren P1 also receive LEGO Technic set McLaren P1 Logo, as a free gift. Set 5008946 features a brick-built “P1” logo design suspended over a hand crank-powered black box that rotates the logo when turned.

Rear view of LEGO Technic set of the McLaren P1 Logo
What's exciting is that this is the first themed GwP to accompany a set in the LEGO Technic 1:8 scale Ultimate Car Concept Series. 

The box of the August Gift with Purchase on Lego.com, LEGO Technic set 5008946 McLaren P1 Logo

READ MORE: Review of all the new parts in the LEGO McLaren P1

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  1. Beware those "unique numbers". None of the past sets containing one have kept the content online for very long :/

  2. is bright orange the same colour as on 42056 Porsche 991 GT3 RS ?

    1. The P1 is Bright Light Orange (Bricklink name) which TLG call Flame Yellowish Orange. That Porsche is Orange (BL) which TLG call Bright Orange. Hope that helps rather than confuses further ;)

    2. Bright Light Orange can be considered an intermediate shade between regular orange and yellow. For reference, it's the main colour used in 42099 4x4 X-Treme Off-Roader.

  3. That wishbone element almost looks like it's a Znap part!

    1. The chunkiness of it reminds me slightly of some of the parts from the outdoor RC "Racers" sets like this one: https://brickset.com/sets/8675-1/Outdoor-Challenger