15 June 2024

LEGO® Icons review: 10338 Bumblebee

Posted by Alex Campos

I was highly sceptical when the rumours of a LEGO® Optimus Prime first surfaced: two of the largest toy-making rivals cooperating? I'd certainly get hit in the face by a flying pig before that! It turned out set 10302 Optimus Prime was very real and I need to be on the lookout for airborne swine. Now lightning strikes twice and another famous Transformers character gets the LEGO treatment, namely 10338 Bumblebee. This means plenty of yellow elements to play with.

14 June 2024

LEGO® Icons parts review: 10337 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

Posted by Kev Levell
The Lamborghini Countach represents perhaps the pinnacle of 1980s iconic sports car design. Exciting angles, crisp edges and subtle curves all balance perfectly in the epitome of the classic wedge-shaped sports car.

First seen in 1971 and available to buy from 1974, the Countach was designed by Marcello Gandini and had a style that endured in popularity over a 16-year production run that spanned six standard models. Of the six, perhaps the most iconic variant is the 5000QV, and it is that which LEGO® Icons has decided to reimagine in brick form, in set 10337 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole.

10 June 2024

LEGO® DREAMZzz™ January 2024 sets: designer insights and Pick a Brick availability

Posted by Zachary Hill

The first half of LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Season 2 — titled Night of the Never Witch — is out now on streaming services. After a binge watch of this kid-friendly show, New Elementary is revisiting the January 2024 wave of related sets: 71471 Mateo's Off-Road Car, 71472 Izzie's Narwhal Hot-Air Balloon, 71475 Mr. Oz's Space Car, 71476 Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl, and 71477 The Sandman's Tower. If you haven't watched the new season yet, beware of spoilers ahead!

We examined the new parts before their release and many are now available on the LEGO® Pick a Brick (PaB) service, so before the next sets arrive in August, we're giving this earlier wave's most iconic parts a second look. 

06 June 2024

Revealed: LEGO® Icons 10337 Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole

Posted by Admin

The next LEGO® Icons vehicle will be the Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole, coming 1 July 2024. 

05 June 2024

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76919 McLaren Formula 1 Car

Posted by Tom Loftus

With more LEGO® Speed Champions sets having just been released on 1 June 2024, it's about time we take a look at the final entry in the March 2024 wave – 76919 McLaren Formula 1 Car – which comes in 'chrome' livery! 

Sadly, not that kind of chrome. Nevertheless, having most of the new moulds introduced by the March wave, a few recolours and some lovely – yet specialised – printed elements, the set has much to offer. Let's drive in.

03 June 2024

What are the new LEGO® parts in June 2024 sets?

Posted by tobymac

I've created a list showing the more than 1000 new LEGO® elements added in June 2024, with links to which sets they come in so you can check for the ones you might be interested in. For those of you who instead prefer our list of sets showing which contain the most new elements, click here.

31 May 2024

LEGO® The Lord of the Rings review: 40693 Fell Beast

Posted by Ben Davies

To mark the release of LEGO® Icons 10333 The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr on Saturday, those who purchase the set between 1 and 7 June 2024 will also receive the desirable 40693 The Lord of the Rings: Fell Beast as a gift with purchase, while stocks last. We've received an early copy for review.

30 May 2024

LEGO® Friends review: 42638 Castle Bed and Breakfast

Posted by tobymac

When you hear the word castle, most AFOLs will think of fortified walls, towers, drawbridges, moats, knights, archers and trebuchets... and of course grey, grey and grey. But despite having the word castle in its name, today’s set doesn’t fit that description at all.

Snuggle in for a cosy night and delicious morning as we stay at the new LEGO® Friends set 42638 Castle Bed and Breakfast.

29 May 2024

LEGO® Creator set review + MOC: 31148 Retro Roller Skate

Posted by Eero

LEGO® Creator is the odd-one-out of the evergreen themes: you never know what the next wave will entail. It seems that people generally like the sets, but a die-hard LEGO Creator fan is one of the rarest types of LEGO hobbyists. New Elementary features LEGO Creator sets infrequently, as they rarely have any new pieces. However in the esteemed January 2024 wave, set 31148 Retro Roller Skate caught my eye. To find out why, let's roll.

28 May 2024

Revealed: LEGO® The Legend of Zelda: 77092 Great Deku Tree 2-in-1

Posted by Admin

We've been waiting a long time, and at last The LEGO Group have just announced an upcoming set based upon The Legend of Zelda video game series! 

77092 The Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 will be available on 1 September 2024, but you can secure your copy right now because pre-orders from LEGO.com are already available

LEGO® Pick a Brick: new elements added in June 2024

Posted by Admin

We've been advised that starting from today, Tuesday 28 May 2024, LEGO® Pick a Brick are adding new elements from February 2024 sets to the service. They may take some time to appear in all territories, and some might appear as being out of stock.

New Pick a Brick pieces for June 2024

You can view the list by category or colour.

If you need it, here's the list from last month – elements added in May 2024.

All text © New Elementary, element images ©2024 The LEGO Group.

26 May 2024

LEGO® Friends: new parts for June 2024

Posted by tobymac

Summer is coming (for the northern hemisphere); often a time for vacation. The June 2024 LEGO® Friends wave offers several forms of relaxation, with sets taking us to an adventure camp, the beach, a water park and a Bed and Breakfast in an old castle. If you don't have time off though, you can still grab a pastry at the café. 

LEGO has sent us most of the wave for an early peek. Before I take a closer look at the sets themselves, I’ve gathered all new elements found across the whole wave in this overview for you.

24 May 2024

Moko's MOCs with set 76414 Expecto Patronum

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

Parts wizard Moko is back with some more MOCs for New Elementary. This time he has been working his magic with the elements found in the 2023 LEGO® Harry Potter™ set 76414 Expecto Patronum.

21 May 2024

LEGO® Icons review: 10332 Medieval Town Square

Posted by Ben Davies

Hear ye, hear ye! The fan-favorite LEGO® Castle System has returned once again in the form of LEGO® Icons 10332 Medieval Town Square. The set was released at the start of March, and marketed as a reimagining of 2009's 10193 Medieval Market Village, and a companion set to 10305 Lion Knights' Castle.

Considering the excellence of these previous sets, we were eager to examine 10332 Medieval Town Square to see how it compares!

18 May 2024

LEGO® Jurassic World Chaos Theory reviews: sets 76962, 76965 & 76966

Posted by Kev Levell

Three new LEGO® Jurassic World sets are coming on 1 June 2024, produced to tie-in with the upcoming Jurassic World: Chaos Theory series that debuts on Netflix on 24 May: 76966 Dinosaur Missions: Allosaurus Transport Truck, 76965 Dinosaur Missions: Stegosaurus Discovery and 76962 Baby Bumpy: Ankylosaurus

The main focus of two of the sets are new moulded dinosaurs that are sure to excite the LEGO palaeontology fans out there, young and old.

15 May 2024

LEGO® Icons review: 10333 The Lord of the Rings: Barad-dûr

Posted by Jonas Kramm

Today we cast our fiery eye over the new elements in the massive LEGO® Barad-dûr. The 83cm-tall tower of Mordor is the next LEGO Icons Lord of the Rings set, and features not only detailed minifigures, but also some precious recolours and prints. As a huge LOTR fan I will try my luck to simply walk into Mordor.

14 May 2024

Revealed: LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ Barad-dûr and Fell Beast Gift with Purchase

Posted by Admin

Here's one we Sauron the internet... another LEGO® Icons The Lord of the Rings™ set! This 5,471-piece model will retail on 1 June for US$459.99. Mordor? Sounds like more-dollar to me!

13 May 2024

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76920 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Sports Car

Posted by Tom Loftus

Today we take a look at 76920 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Sports Car. It may only have a few new moulds, but it remains the literal dark horse of the March 2024 LEGO® Speed Champions wave.

11 May 2024

LEGO® Icons review: 10334 Retro Radio

Posted by tobymac

Long ago, in an era lost in time, before podcasts, Spotify and MP3s, people used magical boxes called "radios" to listen to music, the news and plays. 

Let's take a trip back in time as we build LEGO® Icons set 10334 Retro Radio. Stay tuned – as this is a time before the pause button or replay!

09 May 2024

Revealed: LEGO® Icons 10334 Retro Radio

Posted by Admin

Well, many people thought it would be a gramophone, but no, it's slightly newer than that – LEGO® Icons set 10334 is a Retro Radio! Coming on 1 June, this vintage recreation has some neat LEGO® Technic functions inside, as well as another version of the new sound brick that premiered recently in the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.

LEGO® Pick a Brick: element removal June 2024

Posted by Admin

Advance notice to help you plan your shopping! LEGO® Pick a Brick (PaB) are going to remove more than 150 elements from the service in late June / early July 2024.

View the list of Last Chance PaB here, which can be sorted by colour or category.

Should you buy now?

Now is a good time to be buying because earlier this month, the new elements from January 2024 LEGO sets were added to PaB. You may prefer to wait until early June though, when many new elements from February sets are expected to be added. Mind you, now this has been announced, these parts might sell out!

We hope the list is helpful for you to catch things you want before they leave.

08 May 2024

LEGO® Architecture review: 21061 Notre-Dame de Paris

Posted by Eero

In 1957, a LEGO® set numbered 1309 was released, depicting a white church built in 1762. 56 years later, in 2013, a set named 21015 The Leaning Tower of Pisa joined it, depicting the belfry of the Pisa Cathedral – more well-known than the cathedral itself. Two years later, St. Mark's Basilica was featured in set 21026 Venice. The LEGO Group has shown in recent times that religious buildings are not "banned" in its products, as is commonly thought. They are only very rare.

It is not hard to understand why real-world religious themes are uncommon in LEGO products. Firstly, there is banality of making commerce from religion, and it can lead to protest by interest groups. Secondly, there is the argument of equality: is presenting only certain religions unfair, shouldn't they all be equally cherished... and monetised? Religion often intervenes with politics and human rights, and is a sensitive and personal subject in its own right, too.

LEGO® Architecture 21061 Notre-Dame de Paris is a set that depicts a Catholic church building; undoubtedly the set and its subject have strong religious aspects. On the other hand, the existence of the cathedral itself is not in question and, aside from its main function, it has high value in terms of architectural history, cityscape, arts & crafts... and monetary value in global tourism and souvenirs such as scale models, magnets, puzzles and everything imaginable. The cathedral fell into decay until Victor Hugo's 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame raised it to a new level of awareness. A comprehensive restoration and redesign followed. Monetisation and depictions in non-religious contexts are nothing new to Notre-Dame de Paris.

06 May 2024

LEGO® NINJAGO® review & MOC: 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo

Posted by Caz Mockett

71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo is one of the larger sets in the March 2024 LEGO® NINJAGO® wave; part of Dragons Rising Season 2. The striking structure has some appealing colours, plenty of play features and 8 minifigures. Let's take a closer look at all the details.

04 May 2024

03 May 2024

LEGO® Speed Champions review: 76921 Audi S1 e-tron quattro Race Car

Posted by Tom Loftus

Today we return to the March 2024 wave of LEGO® Speed Champions sets with a look at 76921 Audi S1 e-tron quattro Race Car.

In its tracks are a multitude of prints and a modest selection of new elements. We'll take a closer look at them first, before catching up with the finished car. 

02 May 2024

Revealed: LEGO® NINJAGO® 71814 Tournament Temple City and 71822 Source Dragon of Motion

Posted by Admin

Three upcoming LEGO® NINJAGO® sets coming in June 2024 have been added to the LEGO website, and they're stunning.

The largest of all is the 14+ set 71814 Tournament Temple City, but  another, 71822 Source Dragon of Motion, is the largest LEGO dragon to date.

01 May 2024

LEGO® Pick a Brick: new elements added in May 2024

Posted by Admin

Starting from Friday 3 May 2024, LEGO® Pick a Brick added new elements from January 2024 sets to the service.

You can view the parts by category or colour.

30 April 2024

LEGO® Star Wars™ Gifts with Purchase: May the 4th 2024

Posted by Admin

May means one thing: LEGO® Star Wars™! A battalion of new sets are available from midnight Wednesday 1 May 2024: 75380 Mos Espa Podrace™ Diorama, 75381 Droideka™, 75378 BARC Speeder™ Escape, and of course the Ultimate Collector Series 75382 TIE Interceptor™.

LEGO Star Wars purchases count towards not one but three Gifts with Purchase, depending on how much you spend. We have all of the GwPs in hand, so read on for our analysis.

27 April 2024

LEGO® City review: 60432 Command Rover and Crane Loader

Posted by Kevin J. Walter

Space, the final frontier… wait, wrong context.

2024 is the year of the Space "supertheme" – the superior theme across many lines this year. My New E colleagues already featured some of the Space sets from the LEGO® Friends line, 42602 Space Research Rover and 42605 Mars Space Base and Rocket, and today brings our first review from the LEGO® City Space January wave.

25 April 2024

Revealed: 10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System and 31212 The Milky Way Galaxy

Posted by Admin

The universe is expanding! The 2024 Space "supertheme" spanning multiple LEGO® lines grows on 15 May to include another two sets: 10341 NASA Artemis Space Launch System from LEGO® Icons, and 31212 The Milky Way Galaxy from LEGO® Art – the first space set in that line.

23 April 2024

LEGO® part 5404: Grateless Cheese Grater

Posted by Tom Loftus
Some call it cursed, others say it was overdue. Either way, the 2 x 1 x ⅔ 18° Slope (part 5404) is finally here, and we think it looks great! Or should that be grate-less?... 

... Because, of course, we have had the 'cheese grater' (61409) since 2008! So, does that make the new slope a grate-less cheese grater? 

18 April 2024

LEGO® Speed Champions review and MOC: 76922 BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

LEGO® Speed Champions returned in March 2024 with a trunkful of new elements. 76922 BMW M4 GT3 & BMW M Hybrid V8 Race Cars is the largest of the 4 new sets, and contains a total of 9 new moulds!

LEGO Speed Champions have a proven track record for impressive vehicles built with plenty of clever parts usage. Let's take this new set for a spin and see how it compares.

15 April 2024

Revealed: LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS 75382 TIE Interceptor

Posted by Admin

The Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) LEGO® Star Wars™ set for May the Fourth 2024 is 75382 TIE Interceptor!

13 April 2024

Tamara Dadswell's MOCs with LEGO® Art 31211 Macaw Parrots

Posted by Admin

The final contributor to our week of guest builders is Tamara Dadswell from Canberra, Australia. Seeing Tamara's creations at Melbourne's Brickvention show is always thrilling, and her range of LEGO high heels for 2024's event was certainly original!  

11 April 2024

Moko's MOC with LEGO® DREAMZzz™ 71457 Flying Pegasus Horse

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

Moko is no stranger to New Elementary or indeed the LEGO building community, so for this week of showcasing MOCs, we just had to invite him back! 

We sent Moko a copy of one of last year's LEGO® DREAMZzz™ sets, 71457 Pegasus Flying Horse to see what he could dream up for us.

10 April 2024

Jason Cichon's MOC with LEGO® Marvel™ set 76282 Rocket & Baby Groot

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

We're having a week of showcasing MOCs at New Elementary, and today we're pleased to welcome a new guest builder, Jason Cichon. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, this year Jason wowed us at Melbourne's annual mega-event Brickvention with his folding model, The Boxed Arcadia

We sent Jason a copy of LEGO® Marvel™ 76282 Rocket & Baby Groot, but invited him to create his own model. Keep reading to see how he went!

08 April 2024

Eero's MOCs using parts from New Elementary review sets

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

What happens to all the sets that New Elementary contributors receive after they are done reviewing them? 

Well, often the elements they contain inspire new MOCs! Today, Eero Okkonen shares his projects inspired by some of the elements he received over the past year in New E. review sets.

02 April 2024

31 March 2024

LEGO® Pick a Brick: new elements added in April 2024

Posted by Admin

Starting from Wednesday 3 April, LEGO® Pick a Brick are adding new elements from December 2023 sets to the service. 

28 March 2024

LEGO® Friends review: 42602 Space Research Rover

Posted by tobymac

To boldly go where no mini-doll has gone before! Olivia has set out for the stars, as her next space-themed set has her exploring alien life beyond our solar system. Buckle up and join the ride with LEGO® Friends 42602 Space Research Rover.

14 March 2024

LEGO® Friends review: 42620 Olly and Paisley's Family Houses

Posted by Eero

Houses of the main characters have always been prominent in the LEGO® Friends line. The theme was rebooted last year, and the new style has been generally acclaimed. 42620 Olly and Paisley's Family Houses is the first LEGO Friends main cast set to feature two different houses, both in unusual colour schemes, yet feeling architecturally coherent.

05 March 2024

LEGO® Pick a Brick: new elements added in March 2024

Posted by Admin

We've received notice that LEGO® Pick a Brick are adding new elements from November 2023 sets to the service beginning today, 5 March 2024. See the full list below.

Or, if you're still wanting the list of elements added in February 2024, you can find that here.

Happy element hunting!

04 March 2024

LEGO® House Exclusive set review and interview: 40505 LEGO Building Systems

Posted by Caz Mockett

Recently I was lucky enough to attend an online reveal of the latest LEGO® House exclusive set, 40505 LEGO Building Systems, with the opportunity to ask some questions to the set's designers, Stuart Harris (LEGO House Master Builder) and Markus Rollbüller (Senior Designer at The LEGO Group). 

02 March 2024

29 February 2024

LEGO® Icons review: 10330 McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna

Posted by Zachary Hill

Few Formula 1 cars have ever come close to the dominance displayed by the McLaren MP4/4. In the 1988 season, teammates Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost drove the cars to win the World Constructors' Championship with more than triple the points of their closest competitor; a feat never again seen in F1.

This legendary car and its drivers have been immortalized in many forms, but 10330 McLaren MP4/4 & Ayrton Senna is its first time as a LEGO® set. It's also the first LEGO® Icons car to include a minifigure. Their scales don't match but display stands are included for both and nothing's stopping you from putting tiny Senna in the larger car. Several new moulds and printed elements form the wheels, suspension, bodywork and iconic helmet. Even in a bare-bones F1 car, some areas such as the engine bay still pack in the detail expected of LEGO Icons vehicles.

27 February 2024

LEGO® Disney™ review: 43249 Stitch

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

Say 'Aloha!' to LEGO® Disney™43248 Stitch, a brick-built version of the mischievous extra-terrestrial. Today we take a look at all the recoloured elements and techniques used to build the little critter.

24 February 2024

LEGO® Disney™ review: 43239 Mirabel's Photo Frame and Jewelry Box & 43237 Isabela's Flowerpot

Posted by Eero

The Walt Disney Animation Studios film Encanto was featured in three LEGO® sets – one large house and two small storybooks – in 2021. It is therefore surprising that two more sets are soon to be released; 43239 Mirabel's Photo Frame and Jewelry Box and 43237 Isabela's Flowerpot. Furthermore, these sets borrow their idea and style from the LEGO® Botanical Collection and the discontinued LEGO® DOTS theme. This double-feature article takes a look at both sets.

22 February 2024

LEGO® Disney™ set review: 43242 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage

Posted by tobymac

"Heigh-ho, heigh-ho! It’s home from work we go!"

The cozy house from that memorable song to is now featured in LEGO® Disney™ 43242 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' Cottage. Based on the revolutionary movie from 1937, this set depicts the little house in the woods Snow White stumbles upon after being chased away by the huntsman. So grab your pickaxe and join me in song as we march home to explore all the new elements.

19 February 2024

LEGO® Pick a Brick: new elements added in February 2024

Posted by Admin
The long-awaited first parts update to LEGO® Pick a Brick of the year happened from 19 February 2024.

The list of 252 elements includes new pieces from September and October 2023 LEGO sets, many of which were supposed to be added in January, but a warehouse upgrade delayed the update. 

Browse the images of the 252 new elements below, each with a handy link direct to the element on Pick a Brick. Availability may vary over time and from country to country.

16 February 2024

LEGO® Friends review: 42604 Heartlake City Shopping Mall

Posted by Eero

The LEGO® Friends theme was rebooted last year and in addition to brand new set concepts like 42605 Mars Space Base and Rocket it has brought many new takes on sets from earlier years. During its 12 year run, LEGO Friends has given us 41058 Heartlake Shopping Mall in 2014 – remembered for its Pearl Gold palm leaves, and 41450 Heartlake City Shopping Mall in 2021 – a surprisingly recent model that shares the same name, layout and escalator system as the new mall I'm reviewing today: 42604 Heartlake City Shopping Mall.


All of the rebooted LEGO Friends sets seem to be large improvements over their predecessors; so how does this mall fare?