29 June 2013

Exclusive element in UK newsagents

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Tr. Floure. Green Flat Tile 1X4 - Tr.

Flat Tile 1X4 - Tr.

Element ID 6030742 | Design ID 91143
Colour Trans-Neon Green [BL] / Tr. Floure. Green [TLG]

A quick 'new element alert' for UK readers if you're not already aware; high street branches of WHSmith's are selling several LEGO® polybags for £2.99 each and of interest to me is 30231 Space Insectoid (which was a Toys R Us promotion during February in the US). It's the only set so far to contain these tiles in Trans-Neon Green [BL] / Tr. Floure. Green [TLG], and there's two in there, to make the space bug's little wings. It's the fifth transparent colour that part 91143 has appeared in since 2010.

24 June 2013

A high of 45 degrees

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45° roof slopes have been present in LEGO® sets for a very, very long time. Nearly the full array of pieces we know today were introduced in roof tile supplementary boxes in 1958. So for a new 2X2 45° slope to appear 55 years later is kind of surprising, and most welcome. 

Roof Tile 2X2X1 45 Degr. - Bot. 45 Degr.

Element ID 6034676 | Design ID 13548

17 June 2013

Bow Selector

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LEGO®'s summer release sets are beginning to appear and I've been inspecting what new elements will be amongst them. What first struck me is the number of curved slopes or bows as LEGO call them. So to begin my first ever proper post, we have an amazing new element! I get pretty darned excited when there is a new part that could really add something different to your MOCs.

Brick 1x4x1 Inverted Bow

Element ID 6034043 | Design ID 13547
Colour Olive Green

This completely new part is essentially the reflection of an existing part. Previously AFOLs have had to use SNOT techniques to create the effects that inverted parts like this offer with ease. (Now of course, we can use this new element with SNOT for even more crazy effects!)

10 June 2013

Things that make you go ooooooh.

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Post #1... another LEGO® blog, I hear you cry? Well, yup. I decided to put my 'money' where my mouth is recently, after complaining for years that it's not easy finding out about the new elements LEGO release or what sets I'll find them in. I use BrickLink and more recently Brickset's interesting parts database to find out about them, but it involves wading through lists and various cross-referencing to find out all I want to know.
Baby + umbrella + dog = vet bills. 3121 Summer Day Out
Things like; is this the first set to contain that element or have I just not been paying attention? Is that a new colour or a resurrection from a long-forgotten and slightly spooky girls' theme... and if it is the latter, what other pieces might I find to build with? Does it come in bley yet?

So I'll still be wading and cross-referencing as always - but hey, let me do it for you! I'll be showing you elements that you can expect to be getting your hands on soon, and when I get my pet and smoke-free hands on them I'll be showing you what I come up with. I'll also take the occasional diversion and maybe talk about things like long-forgotten parts or interesting facts about element production.