13 September 2019

Contest: Recycle my Bicycle

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
This contest is now closed. See the amazing entries here!
Time to see what you readers can build; yes it's time for a new contest! (You must be 18 or over.) We're asking you to make an amazing LEGO® creation using a new piece; we want you to recycle the bicycle element to build something completely different with it. Impress us with your imagination and ingenuity!

LEGO prizes to be won!

There will be five equal first prizes, sent to the builders who we judge to have made the best builds.

The five winners will each receive one copy of LEGO Creator Expert 10269 Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® (Read our review here).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the prizes will not arrive until January or February 2020. Apologies for this delay.

    How to enter this competition

    • Sorry, you must be over 18
    • Sorry, we cannot ship prizes to mainland China and we cannot ship prizes to PO Boxes anywhere in the world
    • You must build a model using LEGO parts containing at least one of the seed part (see below) in an imaginative way. Don't make a bicycle!
    • You can build with real LEGO bricks or digital LEGO bricks
    • You may only send us a maximum of TWO images per entry. We recommend that one picture shows the best angle for the model, and the other shows the best angle for how the seed part was used.
    • You may enter as many times as you wish
    • Read the full Terms and Conditions here
    Closing date is 11:59pm GMT on Sunday 27 October 2019

    The Seed Part

    You can build with real LEGO bricks or digital LEGO bricks, but the part which you must include is called "Bicycle Frame, No 2" by TLG / Brickset / Brick Owl, and on BrickLink it is called "Tricycle Frame". You can use more than one in your build.

    Its Design ID is 50015 and it only comes in White (Element ID 6263884) so far, but if you are building digitally you're welcome to choose a different colour.

    Note, you CANNOT use the old bicycle frame (Design ID 4719) that has been around since 2007,  nor the mountain bike frame (36934) introduced last year – only the new style pictured here.

    We realise that this is a new element that only appears in two sets at present, so here are a range of options for getting your hands on this part.

    Should you already own or be planning to purchase 60234 People Pack - Fun Fair ($39.99, £34.99, 39.99€) or 60233 Donut shop opening ($89.99, £79.99, 79.99€), both contain one of these elements. (If you're buying from Amazon, consider helping New Elementary by using our affiliate links - USA: Amazon.com Canada: Amazon.ca UK: Amazon.co.uk Deutschland: Amazon.de. Thanks!)

    It is also available from The LEGO Group's Bricks and Pieces Service for £1.31/ US$1.43/ 1.44€ if you reside within the range of countries that can utilise this service, which now seems to be back up after some downtime recently. Note however, it can take them some time to deliver it to you, and we cannot extend the competition deadline.

    It is also available on BrickLink and Brick Owl as a single part for sale on the secondary market.

    You don't have to own or buy the part though, it is already available for you to build with on Mecabricks, the online LEGO CAD and rendering software. (It doesn't seem to be available on LDraw or Studio yet. A reader has pointed out though, "You can actually add custom parts to Studio, the path on Windows is at ... /AppData/Local/Stud.io/CustomParts – if the directory doesn’t exit, create it. The files, 50015s01.dat and 50015.dat, can be found at https://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?f=parts/50015.dat. Downside: no connectivity, so you need to position parts manually, which is rather tedious.")

    Closing date is 11:59pm GMT on Sunday 27 October 2019

    The contest is run by New Elementary with support from The LEGO Group. New Elementary is not associated with The LEGO Group. LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. 

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    1. Tragic mistake: I entered a creation using the new mountain bike piece, not this one. Oh well. Happy building everyone else!

      1. Oh dear! Well, still plenty of time. If it is any consolation, a few people are confused about which bike frame is allowed!

    2. Just wondering if collaborations are allowed? Ty.

      1. Sure I don't see why not, you'll just have to fight over the prize!

    3. Bricks & Pices is not working in many countries. And we do not know when it will be working again.

    4. You can actually add custom parts to Stud.io, the path on Windows is at ... /AppData/Local/Stud.io/CustomParts (if the directory doesn’t exit, create it).

      The files (50015s01.dat and 50015.dat) can be found at https://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?f=parts/50015.dat

      Downside: no connectivity, so you need to position parts manually, which is rather tedious.

    5. is there a way to view the entries?

      1. Not yet, we don't show them until the end of the contest to avoid plagiarism. All entries will be shown at that point.. hopefully next week, if not the week after.

    6. When do entry’s get shown, very excited!!

      1. Great! We still need a few more days to judge and prepare the posts showing all entries, it will definitely be this week though!