07 November 2019

Recycle my Bicycle: The entries, part 2

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Here is the second half of entries we received to our recent building competition where we invited you to use the new LEGO® bicycle frame (Design ID 50015) as something different. The five winners will be announced tomorrow, but who is your favourite? If you missed the first half, check them out here.

Double Headed Dragon

Ben Tritschler (modestolus)

Once I went to the flea market and found something for my living room. It was a small model of a "Double Headed Dragon" which now is hanging on the wall in the living room - as you can see on the first picture.

In this breakdown you can see that I used four of the bicycles for the MOC.

Lunar lander

Thomas Jenkins

A lunar landing module inspired by the Apollo 11.

My original idea was to use the seed part as the horse of a carousel, but I couldn't incorporate the mechanical design of the tricycle well enough into the more organic equine silhouette.

So I looked for inspirational within a them I'm more comfortable: space!

I really wanted to take advantage of the part's compatibility with a minifig, but a speeder bike was too close to the intended use of the part.
Looking at the part from different angles and considering different orientations of the part within the build lead me to my entry.

Rcbk micro speeder prototype1


We are the AIMB LAB and we love to invent alternative ways to use bricks and cool lego parts in our prototypes! In order to recycle the bike frame we use it as wings for our ultralight speeder model RCBK!

Project manager: Cherry
Tech team: Kenny and Perry



Seige of a Bridgehead Pagoda

Space Lab Support Robot


This little guy supports the scientists working in a Space Lab developing new Space Suits. The build was inspired by the new City Space Theme, although the Robot does not include the new printed round tile officially used for the robots. I also created a small Vignette, showing the work within the Lab.

Red Airplane

Jaroslaw Walter

Very simple build. Here I used three bicycle parts. Two of them support the wings and I attached the wheels to the third.

Valkyrie: Toa of Lightning

The Secret Walrus

Ride the lightning.

POMA Mark II - (Pedaled-One-Man-Artillery) also called "Red Fox"


The POMA is one of the most versatile artillery in the Empires forces. It can be operated by just one person, is propelled and controlled by pedal and can even walk through rough terrain in walker-mode. In artillery-mode it folds its legs to gain more traction on the ground and is even capable of firing on sand or snow but with the turntable in the front is able to adjust its angle without getting up all the way.

The limitation of only two images sadly makes it impossible to show the two modes, so only walker-mode ist included. More images can be seen in my instagram post.
The bicycle frame is built in backwards and serves as the saddle of the pilot. The frame is mostly hold in place by the clip in the back of the red boat piece.

Taking a little dip

Chris Doyle

Two frames become the basis for a high dive for this swimming pool. Energy effects provide the splash and wake for the swimmer.


Duncan Lindbo

Eva's got a unique mode of transportation: her Stadsbeest, a custom built, eight wheeled, crab-like vehicle. The cockpit's snug, but is well padded, and the articulated legs handle cobblestone streets and rocky beaches with ease. Inspired in equal parts by Theo Jansen's Strandbeest kinetic sculptures and Ghost in the Shell's Tachikoma spider tanks.



Mayan priest studies the night sky. So he noticed a new constellation, which has no name yet. Perhaps it looks like ... A frog?

Micro-scale Bridge

Tim and Josh

As I started brainstorming, I had one desire. I didn't want to make a big MOC where the seed part only plays a small role. No. I wanted to make one where the seed part is more than just a seed, but the center piece of the MOC. I decided to make a small MOC where the seed part plays a big role.

So, here's my creation. The bridge that connects the suburban area to the city.
I fear that there might be 101 other people who had the same idea, but I'm hoping that this is original!!

Thank you for the fun competition!


Geneva D

Imagine your PVC windows during a fire... and then imagine a bicycle frame...

film camera stable suspension arm

Paul Toxopeus

Autumn trees


Inspired by the forests in the mountainous north of Scandinavia. The bike part works good as a squiggly mess of branches.



This is a mobile pizza unit!!

That's the lot – tomorrow the five winners are revealed! In the meantime tell us which one you'd like to win.

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  3. The Bridgehead Pagoda trebuchet is my favorite.

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    (Also, thank you to "Unknown" for the comment above.)

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