24 November 2019

2019 Parts Fest #2: Pierre-E Fieschi's Liebherr Tunnelier

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Today, Pierre-E Fieschi returns to our Parts Festival. Following his sci-fi creations, Pierre burned the midnight oil to make another model using new LEGO® elements from our selection.

I got into the small polybags of Silver Metallic/Flat Silver tools and connectors known officially as Mini Accessory, No. 11 (50018 | 6266977) - and all are incredible! Somehow looking at these parts led to me finally building a Liebherr Tunnelier.

I actually sketched the design for it in 2012 and recently posted that on my Instagram.

The model came together surprisingly fast, between three and six in the morning as the result of insomnia and an outrageous amount of coffee.

The metallic colour looks great for these connectors that look like little gems of engineering.

I even modified the original design's pneumatic drill from using harpoons to a triple head trepanning / drill to use the handsaws and the grenades. I think it works quite well. 

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  1. If you'd of said you were going to make a drilling machine using snowbords, baskets, cameras, a spatula, hockey sticks and hair dryers and at 3. In. The. Morning. I'd of said it'll never work. Yet here I am starring in awe at this bundle of NPU. Bravo sir!!