17 April 2019

Build & Fix contest entries: Part 4

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We chose a difficult, controversial seed part for our latest LEGO® contest: 'Ship Front 12X12X1 1/3' (Design ID 43979). The idea was to BUILD using the seed part in an inventive way to FIX those negative opinions that this is merely a Big Ugly Ship Hull.

Once again, New Elementary readers blew us away with their superb ideas. Our judges, Sven Franic and Jonas Kramm, have made the tough decisions but before we reveal the five winners tomorrow, we are showing you all 53 entries received – here is the final bunch. Missed part 1? Start here.

Electric rock guitar

Csaba Toth

This model is based on the electric guitar that LEGO made which came with the Punk/Rocker guy from Collectible Minifigures Series 4.

Alien Stingray


The seed part was used as the base for the design of a spaceship with bizarre but captivating lines.

The final result is a fairly sharp mixing of new and old pieces that encounter in the smooth silhouette of an alien Stingray-like ship.

The photographs were taken with a Pixel 2 XL.

Put. The candle. Back.


A rotating fireplace for all your secret passage needs. (Not spaceworthy.)

Elephant Wall Hanging


An elephant sculpture intended to be used as a decorative wall hanging. It utilizes the holes in the base of the seed part in order to create a sturdy way to hang it with 2 nails.



The Dimetrodon is a creature that lived before the dinosaurs, in the early Permian. I thought that the seed part could form the base of it’s large, rigid sail.

Paulville Art Museum


I designed the atrium as it would be just one wing of a much larger museum. The architecture and shape was inspired not only by the seed part, but also many other art museums and opera houses from around the world, with large windows to let as much natural light in as possible. Although the walls are vertical and the ground is flat, there is hardly any other right angles to find within the building.

Inground Pool


A microscale pool scene, with the seed part allowing the pool to be easily inset into the ground.

Natural History Museum


This microscale history museum was inspired by the Chicago Field Museum’s entrance. Nearly the entire model is built upside down to allow for the seed part to be used as staircases.

Watermelon Minifigure Case


I guess the best use of this part should be making a spaceship, which there will be too many aircrafts /spaceships in this contest...

Therefore, my initial thought was a slide of pizza with full of the same colour of parts on top... however, it seems to be quite boring.

Finally, I built a watermelon, containing the Watermelon Man inside to become a minifigure case.

GangStannis Baratheon

Big Stannis

Stannis Baratheon - the character Song of Ice and Fire book series and Game of Thrones. The middle brother of king Robert, the rightful king of the Andals, Roynars, the First Men and the Seven Kingdoms. And gangsta rapper.

Guarding The Door To Legotihuacan


It's late and dark but some brave soul has to guard the gate....

After years of searching Professor Vasiliev had finally found the gate to the lost city of Legotihuacan, it had been a his life long obsession to find it. Not only had cost him his marriage, but he'd spend much of his vast fortune to find what many believed was only a AFOL myth spoken about only at LUG meet up's and in dark corners of LEGO shows. But has it's all been worth it ? , will he find a full box of Series 10 containing only Mr Gold ? or a sealed Could City Set ? As he sleeps, his faithful sidekick Elem guards the door which could open on a fortune.....

S7 Research Base

Darth Dee

Classic space research facility with landing platform.

3811S Shuttle

Darth Dee

Classic Space research shuttle.


Mark Anderson

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  1. Despite that comfy, cozy towel, it looks like the 3811S Shuttle hasn't had time to dry properly after its perilous voyage to the water planet...