14 April 2019

Build & Fix contest entries: Part 1

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We chose a difficult, controversial seed part for our latest LEGO® contest: 'Ship Front 12X12X1 1/3' (Design ID 43979). The idea was to BUILD using the seed part in an inventive way to FIX those negative opinions that this is merely a Big Ugly Ship Hull.

Once again, New Elementary readers blew us away with their superb ideas. Our judges, Sven Franic and Jonas Kramm, have made the tough decisions but before we reveal the five winners, we will show you all 53 entries received over the course of the next few days.

Anatomical Mouth Model


A model of the mouth and teeth like you would find at the dentist.

Classic Space Cruiser


It's a classic space cruiser. Admittedly the single most obvious use of Ship Front 12X12X1 1/3, but what can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants. Just like the original set from 1979, it has movable rear engine nozzles and a deployable buggy. And a lil' blue spaceman pilot.

Portal of the Snake Temple

Jackie Britton

Follow the well-trodden path through the jungle to the legendary Snake Temple. The snakes know a way in, but do you? And dare you?

LL 924 Space Transporter

John Madsen

I built modern versions of 918 and 928 a few months ago, but had no ideas for how to complete the set with a modern version of 924 until the 70821/75247 base came out. It's perfect for an updated 924. This uses only existing parts and colors, and I hope to build it in real life soon. The cockpit seats two astronauts and the cargo bay holds two 3x4 crates on a 4x6 pallet. The accompanying forklift is not shown in this image, rendered using the POV-Ray plugin for Studio. 

Killer Plant

Ben Rollman

I tried to do something as different as possible from the intended use of this part, so completely organic came to mind. The shape lent itself both to giant leaves as well as at least half a big mouth. In the end it gave decent enough structure, but I ended up trying to hide all the gray.



Benny's emergency spaceship

Country Drive


When trying to think of ideas for this contest, I thought the best chance for success is to create models that go beyond the initial purpose of the element. Anyone can make a spaceship with that piece. At first I thought it would be a good piece to create the basis for a pharaoh's chin extension thingy but then I experimented a bit more and found placing several of the elements behind/in front of each other looked like mountains. From there, things progressed naturally.

Imperial Star Destroyer Hangar Bay


The seed part is the main base of the build. The 8x4 central slot is the hangar 'corridor', with the bottom wall as the control bridge. The arrow shape of the side plates works as the main body of the star destroyer, and as support for the top cover and the front hangar greeble and gate.
Turbolaser cannons are movable in rotation and inclination.

Portal to a other world

Csaba Toth 

This is my entry for the Build and Fix contest. It is about a ancient portal in the jungle. If you enter it takes you to a other world.The seed part is used as the base structure for the portal itself.

Kara's Karaoke - a NINJAGO City Docks extension


This MOC is a bit special, because it's not made to be on its own, but rather to be added to the NINJAGO City Docks, as an extra module.
This one goes between the map room and the tea room (the ladder is slightly visible on the second picture, where the model is upside down). The seed part is used as the base of the room, and one of the walls is angled to follow its shape. Since it holds a karaoke, there's a big SING! billboard on a side.

Not visible on these renders, there's a microphone above the opposite door (on the ladder side), and inside there are microphones, a loudspeaker, a screen, as well as a couch and a table with soda cans."

The Cheese Slicer

Bas van Houwelingen

This LEGO element (43979) has the perfect shape for a typical Dutch product: the cheese slicer. To create some smoothness at the cheese slicer I've used some tiles at the front. The scale of this model is about 1:1, although the cheese slicer is actually a bit too big.
I made the cheese slicer with a nice piece of cheese on a board and a bowl of lamb's lettuce to make a tasty sandwich.
A nice fact is that I had to break down my LEGO Wall-E set for the Bright Light Orange parts to create the cheese. :) I hope you like it.

Emmet’s Super Rescue Spaceship


Emmet master-builds on a whole other level, so he too his Buggy, a couple of Benny’s ships, and his Dream House to create this monster!

Use of the “BUSH” (Big Ugly Space Hull) part is integral to the structure of the ship. The build is so solid, you can swoosh it around just holding a single wing! These are great for big builds.

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  1. Dang, the cheese slicer... that's good.

    1. My favorites are the Skyglider and the Cheese Slicer.

      Although I must add that the cheese slicer is a proudly 'Norwegian' invention.