09 August 2019

2019 Kockice Convention workshop: part 1

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It's time for another parts festival at New Elementary, where we put LEGO® elements from 2019 in front of LEGO fans and see what techniques, tablescraps and MOCs they come up with.

To kick things off we have the results of our workshop in Croatia earlier this year which was a part of the Kockice Convention in Zagreb. Over 100 AFOLs from 13 countries attended and you can read a report by The LEGO Group about the event here.

About 25 people attended, with our friends Sven Franic and Markus Rollbühler presenting the event, ably assisted by Kevin Gascoigne, Eduard Petrač and Andrew Tipping who kindly took the fantastic photos you see in this article.

Sven and Markus kicked things off by giving a presentation about some recent elements and then introducing the four "seed" parts which were to be the focus of the workshop. There were two Minecraft "BigFig" weapons in Dark Brown: the bow, Accessory W/ Knobs, No. 3 (6249883|41657), and the pickaxe, Accessory W/ Knobs, No. 2 (Element ID 6253410| Design ID 41654) as well as another in Dark Stone Grey [TLG]/ Dark Bluish Gray [BL]: the sword,  Accessory W/ Knobs  No. 1 (6249884|41651).

As if that selection wasn't already weapony enough, we also included the Overwatch blaster, Weapon No. 20, in Dark Stone Grey (6255067|44709).

Would these violent elements produce war-like MOCs from our builders, or would they see some more peaceful uses for them? Read on to see some of the results.

“Spaceship” by Ivan Kozarov

“Mech Bear” by Vanja Suhina

“Scouter” by Igor Ramirez Śaś

“The Crab” by Ivan Kolarov

“Clock” by David Fennell

“Throne” by Bośtjon Svetlićič

“Forest Explorer” by Lorenzo

Come back on Sunday morning when we will show you more builds from the workshop. If you're intending to buy the Minecraft weapons you will find them in these sets – the links take you to our Amazon affiliate links where purchasing will help support New Elementary:

You'll find the Overwatch blaster in the following sets/colours:

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