25 August 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Jarekwally's Space Base, candle and summer break

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Following his first creation for our Parts Festival, LEGO® builder Jaroslaw Walter (jarekwally on Flickr, Facebook & Instagram) returns today with three more varied builds all using our seed parts.

Base in Space

The base corridors were created using the strange new stud shooter (Shooter w/ Cross Axle, No. 1 in White – 6248534|41812), and the small turntable (Turntable 2x2 Female in White – 6238334| 27448) were used in the base rooms as a window.

I just had to add in some of the small purple gears (Medium Lilac/ Purple Gear Wheel 2X2, Z6 – 6238330 | 35442) as something strange on the planet.

Also I used the arm with Technic pin (Arm, No. 1 in White – 6224518|28660) connecting with 41812 to connect with a dish to create a radio antenna.

Summer Time

I miss summer, or holidays precisely. Days off somewhere with a nice weather, away from everyday life… so I made small vignette for everyone who misses their holidays, like me.

I realised I can use crown (Warm Gold/ Pearl Gold Crown, No. 1 – 6257048|39262 to do a palm tree. I think this is great part for it, it looks really natural.

For the sun I used the large gear (Gear Wheel 6x6, Z14 in Vibrant Coral – 6258385|35446) for the base.


I used the Ninjago spinner turntable (Turntable 2X2X1, w/ Function in Black – 6252373| 40145) which you can easily fit a bar 3L into. Next I added a crown (36262) and at the end, round bricks and a flame (64647).

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  1. No way haha! I was toying with the crown/palm tree technique too! Such a nice texture!

  2. I love this palm tree technique! I have been looking for a part that would be effective for this purpose — most cone and dome pieces released previously struck me as either too small or too large for the job, but this seems perfect! Hopefully the crown piece might be released in some more neutral earth tones in the future.

    That said, sparkly Warm Gold will work just fine for Elves MOCs which were one of my main personal reasons for wanting to build a new type of palm tree myself — after all, the theme concluded without the Desertlands region of Elvendale being explored!