30 August 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Jaap Bijl - week 2

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Time for another update of what's been going through Jaap Bijl's (jaapxaap, found on Flickr and Instagram) head as he is faced with the various LEGO® parts in our Parts Festival.

There was one piece in the parts selection that was just weird to me. It's a white piece with some strange holes and details that didn't feel like LEGO to me. I was wondering why it even existed and why they would make such a part. But hey, if I think a piece doesn't deserve the name LEGO, I feel like that's enough reason to use it.

While looking at the piece, it suddenly came to me that it looked exactly like a security camera. So I took some bricks together and made a little scene to prove that even this piece is useful.

When a LEGO friend saw this little build, he told me that the weird white piece is a shooter (Shooter w/ Cross Axle, No. 1 – 6248534|41812) used in new City sets. So that explained the weird shape of it and gave reason as to why LEGO would make it! Maybe I should study the new sets more carefully…

Also in the scene I also used the Technic connection with 2x2 turntable (6238334|27448) that I showed you last time. And for the security fence on the wall at the back, I used some of the grey claw-shaped pieces (Turntable Holder W/ Cross Axle – 6252372|40144).

This week I gave another look at the yellow star piece. I don't know why, but I just like the piece. It seems too big and bulky, but it's still useful in my opinion. I first started laying them down in a circle.

It fits exactly 10 stars in a circle. And I think the result is pretty fun. [Editors note: if this looks familiar it is because great minds think alike – concurrently to Jaap, Inthert discovered the same thing!]

You might make some Christmas wreath or something similar but to get a really nice result, I think you should wait until maybe the day LEGO make this piece in green! This circle of stars was actually my initial inspiration for the final build I will make, using various parts of the Parts Festival. I want to go for something that's in my comfort zone and what I enjoy the most: Colourful Fantasy! Colourful stars are perfect for that, right?

So I thought it would be fun to try to connect the stars and make an arch above the door of a lovely cute house. To do so, I had to determine what the distance should be to connect them together. It turned out to be pretty simple actually, as the photo shows.

A lovely cute house needs more than just a 3-star arch, so I added more to my work-in-progress.

I made a door in beautiful purple (my signature colour, so if you know my builds that shouldn't surprise you). By using plates in two colours, I gave the door a 'wooden' texture, as if each layer of plates is a row of planks.

The yellow tiles next to the door might look like a less important detail, but it actually is key to make the arch fit in. The problem with the stars is that they stick out forwards quite a lot. So bringing the yellow tiles in connects the arch with the rest of the build.

For the walls I used the new white 3x3 slope bricks (Left Roof Tile 3X3, Deg. 45/18/45 – 625460|42862 and its partner Right Roof Tile 3X3, Deg. 45/18/45 – 6248671|48165). I like them as a part, and I think they work really well for a mushroom-like house. Or, a mushroom house with a small tower on the side to be specific.

Again, I used the white 2x2 turntable connected with a Technic pin technique and you can see it clearly in the picture above. So for covering the side wall of the house, I will use tiles so it matches. Inside I will place some hinges to angle the wall perfectly to the angle of the slopes on the front. On top there will be some cone-shaped roofs. A small stair at the front and some surrounding nature around is how I am thinking about completing this build right now. Maybe I will totally switch plans... time will tell, and you will see the result soon! Stay tuned and until then,


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