15 May 2019

LEGO® Stranger Things parts review: 75810 The Upside Down

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
The LEGO Group has announced its first ever product collaboration with Netflix, LEGO® Stranger Things: 75810 The Upside Down. The set was revealed today in launch events in New York and London with special midnight opening. It has 2287 pieces and RRP is US$199.99 /CA$269.99 / DE€199.99/UK £179.99. It is available now for LEGO VIP members, with a full release coming June 1.

New Elements in LEGO Stranger Things 75810 The Upside Down

There are five new moulds in this set. Firstly we have Bright Orange [TLG]/ Orange [BL] Pumpkin (Element ID 6267125|Design ID 51270); only one is supplied in the set and it has a Bright Green Flower 1X1 (6206150|24866) on top to complete the pumpkin.

The top stud has a 3.18mm hole and the anti-stud at the base is also an axle hole. Interestingly, the rimmed base of the pumpkin is similar in appearance to Mini Hat, No. 46 (33492) as highlighted in our LEGO® Overwatch Review: 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt.

Brick 1X4X3 (Design ID 49311) is a new mould that comes in Sand Yellow [TLG]/ Tan [BL] (Element ID 6272116) and Medium Stone Grey [TLG]/ Light Bluish Gray [BL]. It also appears in two Toy Story 4 sets just released this month: White (6256922) in 10767 Duke Caboom's Stunt Show and Bright Orange (6264130) in 10768 Buzz and Bo Peep's Playground Adventure.

The other three completely new elements all belong to minifigures.

The first is the headwear for the Sand Yellow Demogorgon (Element ID 6270990 | Design ID 54001). The inner circle is black printing with Reddish Brown as the other colour on the open mouth.

The second new mould is the Bright Blue [TLG]/ Blue [BL] hat and Reddish Brown hair combination element for Dustin (6270987|53980). As this thick curly haired character in the show has an ever-present baseball cap on his head, this new element is a great design to represent his character in LEGO form.

Finally we have the best bowl cut on television, belonging to Will (6270953|55532). It is  Dark Brown and a really spot on design. I cannot wait to see this element used as something other than an actual hair piece.


There are no less than 26 elements making their debut in a new colour in this set! I should mention that while I have included a couple of the minifigure body parts, the minifigures will be covered in more detail in part 2.

Olive Green has a nice selection of new elements in this set:

  • Plate 8X16 (6272108|92438)
  • Left Plate 4X6, Deg. 27 (6272103|48208) 
  • Right Plate 4X6, Deg. 27 (6272104|48205) 
  • Corner Plate 6X6X45° (6272101|6106)
4x6 wedge plates are new for 2019, previously available in White and Black versions, now joined in this set by not only the Olive Green but also Dark Stone Grey [TLG]/ Dark Bluish Gray [BL] (Left: 6266299|48208 and Right: 6266298|48205).

There are also two new elements in Medium Nougat:

  • Plate 8X16 (6272111|92438)
  • Angle Plate 1X2/1X4 (6273197|2436)
The new elements in Dark Brown include:

  • Brick 1X2 with Cross Hole ( 6272144|32064) 
  • Tile 1X3, Inverted, W/ 3.2 Hole (6272145|35459)
  • Limb Element, Small (6272141|2423) 
  • Glass Door For Frame 1X4X6 (6272143|35291)

In Earth Blue [TLG]/ Dark Blue [BL] you will find:

  • Limb Element, Large (6272134|2417)
  • Seat 2X2X2 (6273588|4079)
There is a nice addition in Transparent Brown [TLG]/ Trans-Black [BL]:

  • Whip Aerial - Tr (6280166|30064)

There are five elements appearing in Sand Yellow [TLG] /Dark Tan [BL] for the first time:

  • Plate 1x12 (6275088|60479) is one that surprised me as I initially thought that a 1x12 plate would be a common element. Actually the number of different colours of 1x12 plate is relatively small - only 10 different colour for those who want to know.
  • Panel 1x2 with sides (6275132|23969)
  • Mini Lower Part No. 3 "No.975" (6274864) - 'Faun Legs' originally came in Reddish Brown in LEGO Minifigures Series 15, and also in Sand Blue (6187683) in 70917 The Ultimate Bat Mobile from 2017.
  • Claws (6270334|10187) join the other four colours of this element (Nougat, Silver Metallic, Warm Gold, White Glow)
  • Angle Plate 1X2 / 2X2 (6275485|44278) also appears for the first time in this colour.
The two new Sand Blue elements are:

  • Plate 8x16 (6272127|92438) NB. As Erik correctly pointed out in the comments below, this element has actually appeared in one set from 2015, 71016 The Kwik-E-Mart.
  • Tile 1x3 (6262031|63864)

There are also three new Black elements in the set.

  • Plate 1X1X2/3, Outside Bow (6273589|49307) adds to the two other colours of this new-for-2019 element, White and Medium Lavender. Images of the upcoming summer Friends sets show this element in a few more colours.
  • Carrot Top (6272138|33183)
  • See Grass (6272148|30093)
On a personal note,  I was very excited to see that the minifigure telephone receiver appears in a new colour for the first time; Bright Yellow [TLG]/ Yellow [BL] (6272114|6190).

It joins a nice selection of previous colours of this element. There has not been a new colour of this element since the Medium Azure version appeared in 2014.

The set contains one new Brick Yellow [TLG]/ Tan [BL] piece: Flat Tile 6x6 (6272112|10202) which joins Medium Stone Grey, Dark Stone Grey, Earth Green and Bright Red as the colours available for this element.

And finally, a Medium Stone Grey upgrade in this set:

Weapon No. 8 "No. 1" aka Slingshot (6275294|20546), which has a Bright Yellow central band. It is the same element as the Reddish Brown version with Sand Yellow band (6106853) that was supplied with various Bart Simpson minifigures, and more recently with Dewey from LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 2.

Of Interest

Black Mini Bicycle Frame (6272100|4719) is not new but the Black frame portion of the bicycle last appeared in 2005 in an Education set, 9247 Community Workers.  From 1985 until 2011,  wheels for the bicycles were in 2-parts with a Trans Clear Wheel (4720) and a Black Bicycle Tyre (2807)  rather than Wheel For Bicycle W/Tyre (4622574|92851) which replaced the other elements in sets from 2011 onward.

While these four other elements are not new, they are interesting enough to warrant a quick mention.

  • Dark Stone Grey Corner Plate 6X6X45° (6262023|6106) makes a comeback after only ever appearing in 7680 The Twilight, a LEGO Star Wars set with limited release from 2008. There are four in this set.
  • Black Palisade Brick 1x4 (6232228|30137) reappeared last year in 10262 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 after being out of use since 1999. There are two in this set.
  • Olive Green Plate 2x8 (6273296|3034) makes a comeback after last being seen in a 2014 set, 79121 Turtle Sub Undersea Chase. There are eight in this set.
  • Olive Green Round Plate 1x1 (6258990|6141) has only appeared in one other set from earlier this year, 80102 Dragon Dance. Since this set was a regional exclusive, it is good to see this element appearing in a set on worldwide release. There are 18 in this set.

Printed Elements

There are six new printed elements.

Seen above are White Tile 2x2 'drawing' (6274904) and Brick Yellow Tile 1x1 Round 'waffle' (6275511), but let's take a closer look at the other four.

Brick Yellow Glass For Frame 1X2X2 'newspaper' (6275973) and Transparent Brown Glass For Frame 1X2X2 'worn newspaper' (6278255) both have a similar print of newspaper but the Trans Brown version is torn and weathered.

Medium Lilac [TLG]/ Dark Purple [BL] Mini Hat 'Silver Stars' (6275518|17349) is both a new colour for a existing mould and a new print.  The Bright Blue version was worn by the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 12 Wizard.

Transparent [TLG]/ Trans-Clear [BL] Panel 1x2 (6277089|4865) has a solid Silver Metallic print with small circles devoid of print.  If I were to show you this positioning of the panel within the model and to turn on the light brick behind it, the purpose of this printed element may become more obvious...

Sticker Sheets

Yes you read that correctly, sheets... as there is not one but two.  To be fair it is actually a sensible decision to separate the instruction booklets and have accompanying separate sticker sheets for each half of the set.  I can imagine friends or family members building each Byers house, Hawkins, Indiana and the Upside Down simultaneously.

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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I think that (minifigs excluded) LEGO is producing too many new parts. It's not that I don't like new parts, I don't like the enormous selection that is further expanding. In a sense, it rids LEGO of its character -- brick toys. It's about creativity, not having the right piece or buying one online. Maybe I'm just sentimental... :)
    Good post! The amount of information in each is amazing. Keep it up.

    1. What "new parts" in this post are you bothered by? Just the minifigure stuff and pumpkins?

      Most of what I'm seeing here is either basic parts — bricks, plates, wedge plates, tiles, and brackets — or more specialized parts that are either from decades ago or analogous to parts from decades ago, like window panes, seaweed, chairs, carrot stems, bicycles, palisade bricks, telephone handsets, and tree branches.

      I also think a lot of people severely underestimate how many new molds LEGO introduced per year back in the day. In 1979, LEGO introduced at least 98 new molds, even though they only had 91 sets that year. At least 25 of those new molds appeared in that year's 23 Space sets!

      By comparison, as of right now, BrickLink lists only 153 new molds introduced in 2019, despite having fully inventoried at least 218 of this year's sets. The number of new molds per year has increased considerably in the past 40 years, but largely due to LEGO having more sets and themes, not due to having more new molds per set or theme.

  2. I have never seen the TV show (and have no real desire to) but the more I see this set the more I want it just for all the neat parts.
    Of course it will probably have a hefty "license tax" added to it here in Australia like most licensed product.

  3. The plate 8x16 is not new in Sand Blue. It has appeared one time before, in the Kwik-E-Mart (set 71016). Nice to see it back, as I think it's a wonderful color for making North Sea water.

    1. Ah yes Erik, you are correct of course. A 4 year absence made me forget ;-)

    2. You also say in the review that the Kwik-E Mart is from 2005, and not 2015.

    3. I think your eyes deceive you Invisible Timmy ;-)

  4. That wizard hat is also coincidentally just now available in earth blue. In the Build a Minifigure in the middle of lego stores. same print pattern as bright blue minifigures series I think - and a torso to match.

  5. Will the second part of this review ever be published, or am I simply not finding it?

    1. I don't think it will unfortunately. I must update this post! Check out our sister LEGO fan sites for their awesome reviews.

  6. Fair enough! This site brings something to the discussion far beyond a typical review, which is what this portion was dedicated to. The next segment would've naturally resembled a more standard review, so another review elsewhere will surely suffice. I just like reading here :) Thanks, Tim!