20 May 2019

2018 Bricks in Florence workshop: the pantograph, candle and puppy ear

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Last November we attended Bricks in Florence Festival (BiFF), hosted by ToscanaBricks in Italy. We ran workshops with fan builders using new LEGO® parts from 2018 – the same seed parts we used at Skærbæk Fan weekend a few weeks prior. 

Candle No.1 (Element ID 6234807 | Design ID 37762)

Here are a couple of microscale ideas using the candle introduced in Harry Potter sets.

Cristiano Grassi 'Future City'

Matteo Casartelli 'Microscale Vestas Wind Turbine'

Design Plate 1X1, No. 1 (6231382 | 35463) aka Floppy puppy ear

A couple of builders created pretty patterns using Prince Puppycorn's black ear piece from Unikitty!

Franco Spagnolo

Tony Tocaci

3.2 Shaft Element, No. 1 (Element ID 6226706 | Design ID 37494) aka Pantograph shoe

As at Skærbæk, some builders were interested in utilising the angles of this part to create roofs.

Enrico Varrucchi 'Studio roofs'

Sandro D. 'Sloping roof structure'

Stefano Biagi 'Launch rockets'

Stefano added square BrickHeadz glasses and inverted 1x3 tiles to create a rather complex triangular frame.

The angles of the pantograph inspired other builders to create interesting shapes:

Desi Milani 'Disco Ragno' (Spider Disco)

Simone Bissi 

Tomorrow we will look at the interesting connections our BiFF builders found while using new elements.

Our thanks goes to the New Elementary helpers Francesco Spreafico, Kevin Gascoigne and Melanie Finelli as well as the BiFF organisers including Fabio Broggi who took pictures of all the creations.

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