22 May 2019

2018 Bricks in Florence workshop: clockwork creations and moustachioed animals

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Last November we attended Bricks in Florence Festival (BiFF), hosted by ToscanaBricks in Italy. We ran workshops with fan builders using new LEGO® parts from 2018 – the same seed parts we used at Skærbæk Fan weekend a few weeks prior. 

Robert Gigli "Mechanical Mechanic"

Mel Finelli "Clock face with Roman numerals"

(Unfortunately the model is slightly rotated in the pic - the big hand is pointing to the 12, so tip your head to the right!)

Mel Finelli "Moustached Mole"

Laura Epiphani "Snail with moustache"

Paolo "Alien Weapons"

A shooting robot, Interstellar Cannon and Mini Insect Gun, to be precise.

Teazza "Ferris Wheel"

Cristiano Grassi "Blacktron Spaceship and Space Tank"

That's the end of our Florence workshop posts, and the long overdue end of our 2018 parts festival! Soon we will present you with the Zagreb workshop using elements from 2019.

Our thanks goes to the New Elementary helpers Francesco Spreafico, Kevin Gascoigne as well as the BiFF organisers including Fabio Broggi who took pictures of all the creations.

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