06 May 2020

Articles about specialised LEGO® parts

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Recently we published a great article by Victor Pruvost examining the highly specialised new LEGO® piece, the 'arcade pod'. However, many of you were soon frustrated as Google had some dumb bug resulting in all the images disappearing. I've now replaced them all, so check it out if you missed it:

Maybe you did see it already? So here's another couple of suggestions from the archives of New Elementary...
Back in 2014 I got cross with people moaning that The LEGO Group started introducing "specialised parts that you can only use for one thing"... so I researched the BrickLink catalogue to unearth specialised parts from the 1970s, '60s, '50s... arguably even 1949!

Okay this one is only from the 'archive' of last week! But if you missed out seeing what Jonas Kramm did with the parts from the new LEGO Trolls World Tour sets, you really need to check this out.

And then there was that time in 2018 when Elspeth started using a bit that is so specialised, it is not even used in the LEGO sets it comes in!

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  1. Studio Brickton here. Thanks for the compilation! Just a suggestion, but would you consider making a table of contents of sorts to organize all New Elementary articles by type? That would make then easier to find. Thanks, and happy building!

    1. Thanks SB... great idea. I'll consider it as part of the site redesign (that I'm STILL struggling to find time for!). For the time being, there are the Labels which help a bit, but they're by no means thorough. Regrettably they don't appear on mobile version, one of the many rubbish things about Blogger. On desktop they appear in a righthand column.