26 October 2019

LEGO® House videos: fans and their models in the Masterpiece Gallery

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Following on from our interview with fan builder Simon Hundsbichler & LEGO® Senior Experience Designer Stuart Harris, here are some videos that LEGO made on the day that AFOLs installed their models in the Masterpiece Gallery, which we have been given permission to publish.

They feature many of the builders chosen to display in LEGO House and the fabulous models. Even if you have been lucky enough to see these models in the Masterpiece Gallery already, you will enjoy this as many models are out of their cases and there are some 360° spins in there too.

Some of the world's best LEGO builders install their models in LEGO House

Clearly the footage is just the edit and is yet to have music and the names of the speakers added, so presumably a slicker completed version is to follow at some point but we hope you enjoy this version.

Speakers in order of appearance:
  • Ryan van Duzor, USA
  • Timofey Tkachev, Russia
  • Stuart Harris, LEGO House Senior Experience Designer
  • Jason Allemann (with Kristal Dubois), Canada
  • Tormod Askildsen, LEGO Senior Director for Community Development
  • Sven Franic, Croatia... whatever happened to that guy?
  • Zio Chao, Taiwan
  • Stephen Gofers, Netherlands

The other exhibitors in the Masterpiece Gallery are:

  • Eero Okkonen, Finland
  • Marion Weintraut, Germany
  • Matthew Goldberg, USA
  • Milan Sekiz, Serbia
  • Paul Hetherington, Canada
  • Simon Hundsbichler, Austria
  • Sven Franic, Croatia... remember that guy?
  • Caroline Mockett, United Kingdom
  • Hsinwei Chi, Taiwan

2 minutes of close-up footage of the models in the Masterpiece Gallery

This seems to be unused model footage so perhaps will never be used elsewhere?

The models are on display inside LEGO House in Billund until September 2020. Our thanks to LEGO for providing these videos and organising the interview.

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  1. The guy with the boat is Zio Chao. Didn’t realise he had this boat with him as well, I only saw his models being set up in the gallery itself :-)

    1. Ah, thanks Caz! I did wonder that but it was so different to his other work I didn't bother to check! Will update :)

  2. It's great to see an article on this and see the process that goes into the model selection. I follow one of these guys on flickr and was excited to see his stuff going in. It's also great to discover 'new' builders and see those models that really push the limits of the possibilities of lego.