14 October 2019

2019 Parts Fest #1: Ben Tritschler's Bone Fish

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There's been a surprise rebirth of the LEGO® Parts Festival we ran in August and September! Two more models have just surfaced so we will bring them to you today and tomorrow, in advance of the next Parts Festival which kicks off very soon. Ben Tritschler (modestolus on Instagram and Flickr) was unfortunately unable to participate but has recently had time to create something. Ben is a member of the German online community RogueBricks and likes building all themes but recently has preferred Castle.

The first time I saw the shoulder pad, I knew I had to build a fish. The result is a a little scene in a museum and it shows the exhibit of the New Elementary Bone Fish – or to give it its Latin name: Nova Elementum Ossa Piscis.

From the Parts Festival selection, I used two shoulder pads (Design Element 5x5x3 in Medium Stone Grey/ Light Bluish Gray – 6254171|49523) for the head of the fish, the hearts (Tile 1X1, Heart, No. 1 in Bright Orange/ Orange  – 6258993|39739) for the coral, one of the Technic arms (Arm, No. 1 in White – 6224518|28660) and also Technic elements as seats. I also used unlikely parts such as a Scala spoon!

Here is a step-by-step breakdown.

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  2. Haha! That's great! I was thinking of making those into a fish head too but I wasn't happy with my efforts for the rest of the body! But for the record I would've called him 'grey scales' :D Seeing this though I'm glad my attempt failed as it wouldn't have been nearly this good! Love the use of parts in the skeleton!

  3. That really is quite brilliant!

  4. A brilliant build but the highlight for me is the step by step pictures. Great work and well explained

  5. I don't know, that Latin name looks a bit fishy to me. I love the use of Spiderman web for the body structure Ben, lots of NPU in there and it really does look like a fish! Pauldrons become Fish head = LEGO parts fest. Well done :-)

  6. Does this qualify for the Recycle my Bicycle contest, or is it ineligible because it's part of the Parts Fest?

    1. Ineligible as it uses the old bike frame :)

    2. I feel like this has come up before, and that I missed that it was the old bike frame then, too. Only this time I distinctly remember noticing it when I looked at the fish skeleton the first time, and I apparently forgot.