01 March 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 3)

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Now for the third collection of LEGO® models built by New Elementary readers (see the first here) where we asked you to imagine how LEGO designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off this colour, now it is back in the LEGO palette once more. We reveal the judges' choices next week - but which do you like? Comment below!

Sweeping teal under the rug

By Simon Gebraad

With the help of Ryo, Mark Stafford sweaps teal under the rug. Ryo was very happy he could keep his hear, so helping Mark was no problem.

Red has always been my favourite color

By simon gebraad

In his quest to kill teal, this time Mark has build a giant spray painter to convert teal to the only right color: Red.

Ryo is there to help him again. To be honost, he didn't really feel like helping, but Mark threatend to paint his hair red, so it left him with no choice.

"Good Shot, Mark!" Roared Rex

By Tim Emrick

Slept unTeal it was too late!

By Susan Mulloy

Asleep on the job, Mark Stafford inadvertently allowed a visitor to Kill Teal ... again ...

I want him gone!

By Jordan Jivkov

Mark Stafford meets Don Antonio, asking for a favor:
- "Don Antonio, this is all I've got on him and I want him gone!"
- "Consider it done, my boy."

...later that night Mr. Teal went for a swim near the old fishing store...

You're getting too close Mark...

By Forest Miller

Mark and his comrades travel to a distant world and wrangle the only thing known to eat turquoise bricks...

No More Teal This Time!

By Jordan Jivkov

Mark taking more drastic measures...the whole Teal badge will be...Purple!

The Press!

By Cristiano Grassi

Man of Teal

By Jordan Jivkov

Mark finally found that special piece of crystal, that might help him get rid of this dreaded Man of Teal, once and for all...

Maybe this will remove the yellowing...

By Simon Gebraad

In an attempt to remove the yellowing on teal bricks, Mark 'accidentally' killed teal, with his partner in crime Ryo.

Kill Teal With a Vacuum Cleaner


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