02 March 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 4)

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We asked you to imagine how LEGO® designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off Teal again, now that this colour is back in the LEGO palette once more. We received 79 entries and are publishing a few every day, in the order they were received, and we reveal the winners next week. Missed the previous entries? See them here.

Teal: Into the Phantom Zone

By Daniele Alessandro Combatti

The year is 2024.

LEGO's continuous production of Teal mysteriously caused giving sentience to the newly-reintroduced colour; all bricks combined to form a humanoid, leaving a trail of destruction at the Danish HQ.

The higher-ups at the company tasked Mark Stafford himself to get rid of the monster, while still following their “no-weapons” policy, so there was only one tool suitable for the job: The Phantom Zone Projector. And a squad of purple paintballers for safety.

Mark and the purple (dragon) kill Teal again

By Johannes Liebe

Mark is hammering all of the Teal down and feeds it to the Purple (dragon). So again is Teal been killed in fever of the Purple. Someone should stop Mark and his preference for the Purple , it's really taking on monstrous proportions.

Day of the Teal

By Christian Benito

In retrospect the LBR employees understood why management had sent them to so many firearms camps as 'team-building' exercises.

Pink , Pink , Pink !!!!!!

By Dario Minisini

Transformations of colours

Kill Teal with a Small Donation of Conductive Metal, and Humility

By Patrick Boyle

The Sage is always willing to radio in some divine intervention, but it is the Omnissiah who decides the fate of Teal.

Verdict: KILL!

Cool guys don't look at explosions

By Nicholas Barnes

All the real bricks were piled up and set off with an epic bang along with the classic movie cliché of walking away from the explosion

The color changer!

By Paul Barnes

With no need for teal LEGO parts, the workers of Lego city put their teal pieces into a machine that changes them to purple!

Storage or murder ..?

By Nico Mailhot

Was the color teal put to storage or was it tealled sorry... Killed without mercy and explanation...?

Repainting teal

By Daniel Hillberg

Painting bricks is propably not the most "killing" way to kill teal, but is fast way to save plastic by resycling it.

Attack on the Zombie-teal

By Donavan Asmawidjaja

Model based on Mark's tweet about "Zombie-teal". In this scene he fight the Zombie-teal with his 'Purple gun' (the colour he had chosen instead of teal in 2006) coming out of the LEGO headquarters and making the parts purple.

The Killing Teal Machine


This machine kills teal by transforming it into red.

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  1. I like Dario's. It's a typical Dario and as always he makes me laugh

  2. Yes, Dario's one stands out today.