09 October 2020

LEGO® Trolls World Tour: Grantmasters' MOCs

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We sent trolls to New Zealand! The incredible Grantmasters (on Flickr) agreed to take a bunch of LEGO® Trolls World Tour sets to use as ‘seed parts’ for original creations using his own collection. The products in this article were provided for free by LEGO; the author's opinions are not biased by this.

The sets arrived and my kids said to me, "Good luck with that!" – so figured perhaps I had my work cut out for me? Indeed they proved to be a bit of a test of my creativity. Included were 41251 Poppy’s Pod, 41255 Pop Village Celebration and two copies of both 41252 Poppy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure and 41253 Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure.

I started by emptying all of the sets out and seeing which parts I thought were interesting.

Not all of these parts are new but many I hadn't seen before, didn’t already own or owned only a few. Since my building style is very much ‘grazing’, I tend to leave pieces out on my desk and, when I get a chance, throw some combinations together to see what I get.

Grantmasters original creations using Trolls pieces

I hadn't touched LEGO for over a month so as a bit of a warm-up, I tried to use the dark grey arms and the plant piece. Nothing particularly new, and certainly some ‘illegal’ techniques going on here.
Next, I tried to use the green leaf pins along with other pieces of a similar colour. The troll hair pieces are very interesting. They are larger than I had anticipated.

I thought they could make a volcano, a pipe or maybe a cool engine for a plane (think G1 Transformers seekers)? I'd need to amass a few more to make that work, so I started small.

Then I set my mind to how to attach something to the inside of the hair. I have no idea what that light blue part is but it fits snugly into the hairpiece! This is what I came up with:

The light blue part allowed the neck attachment for the dino beast. Those spacemen are ‘highly illegal’ but that has never stopped me before. 

They are based on the MaK-style hardsuit.

Surprisingly (to me), the lavender tree-trunk piece was the seed for this next build:

This was definitely a more satisfying build. The whale took about a day to problem-solve, through trial and error. The main obstacle was that I didn't have many lavender bricks. Once I had the whale, it needed a stand. This one attaches securely to the right fin and allows the whale and school of fish to ‘float’.

Alien xenomorph

This is based on a NECA Mantis Alien figure that I own. The round hollow studs and inverted curves that came with the Trolls sets were helpful. 

Transformers Jet

The Trolls hair was used to make this jet based on the Blitzwing character from the Transformers: Titans Return series. I leant towards the hairpieces more than anything else that comes with these Trolls sets. There were a bunch of other Trolls parts used here too, but the hairpieces were the main 'seed' parts.

Diablo 3 potion bottle

This is based on the Mana potion from the game Diablo III. The stopper is a LEGO Dimensions base. I lit this picture with a small LED from behind, which made a big difference.

Conan the Barbarian statue

The statue contains a bunch of Tan pieces from 41253 Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure including the 1x4x3 panels, although they are hidden at the centre, and the small minifigure legs. I tried to get the tall cowboy hats in there too but they looked ridiculous!

Bad Egg

The idea here was to have a small princess take an egg from a giant swan. Here's a breakdown of the parts used for the bird:

It uses that big cowboy hat, the new cupcake piece, the white hairpiece, the new minifigure skirt piece… and Belville shoes!

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