05 April 2020

LEGO® Creator Expert review: 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United

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Today Ben Davies plays with a set the size of a football field! LEGO® Creator Expert 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United clearly has a target audience of certain football fans, but will certain LEGO fans appreciate it for its techniques and many parts, including new moulds? The set is priced £249.99 / $299.99 / 269.99€.

With the exception of the occasional LEGO® Friends set, the last time LEGO tackled the subject of football (or for our American readers, soccer) was in 2006 for the LEGO Sports theme. That changes with 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United, introduced in February to the LEGO Creator Expert line.

Old Trafford stadium was first opened in 1910 in Greater Manchester, England, and since then has served as the home stadium of the famous Manchester United Football Club. It is currently celebrating its 110th anniversary, which LEGO is capitalizing on with the release of this set.

The set features 3898 elements, and is divided into 21 different bags. Collectively, these bags are used to build the pitch, East Stand, Stratford End, Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, and Sir Bobby Charlton Stand as separate model sections.

Like with recent large sets, the first half of the set and instructions/sticker bag are packed in a plain white box inside the set box. The other half of the set is left loose in bags inside of the outer box.

Speaking of stickers, virtually all decorations are handled using a massive sticker sheet. 55 different stickers are used for adding extra detail to the model.

New Moulds in 10272 Old Trafford

6288587|65734: Brick 1x4x3, Outside Half Bow (Transparent) (x2)

The first, and arguably most exciting new mould in the set is Brick 1x4x3, Outside Half Bow which debuts in Transparent (6288587|65734).

Curiously, although LEGO lists the dimensions as 1x4x3, the actual part measures 1x4x2 2/3 bricks, which is necessary for it to fit snugly inside of 1x6x3 1/3 Arch Brick with Curved Top (30935).

The inside of the brick features a single raised wall, meaning that the bottom does not need to adhere strictly to the stud grid along the Y axis.

6288588|65735: Windscreen 1x10x4 (Transparent) (x8)

A second new element has been introduced in the form of the 1x10x4 Windscreen (6288588|65735), which also appears in Transparent. The element takes after others in the windscreen family, with a full row of recessed studs on top, and the antistud bottom broken up by pins.


6289866|4697: T-Piece (White) (x12)
6290268|23443: 3.2 Shaft W/3.2 Hole (White) (x72)

Two elements have been introduced in White for the first time here, though both simultaneously appear in LEGO Ideas 21321 International Space Station. These take the form of the T-Piece (6289866|4697) and 3.2 Shaft W/3.2 Hole (6290268|23443). The latter element is notable also for its ubiquity in the set, with 72 copies of the element included in 10272.

6251410|34103: Plate 1x3 w/ 2 Knobs (Bright Red) (x25)

An exciting new recolour is Plate 1x3 W/ 2 Knobs (6251410|34103) in Bright Red/Red. This marks the thirteenth recolour of this design since its introduction at the end of 2017. 25 copies of this element are included in the set.

6223183|3010: Brick 1x4 (Medium Nougat) (x21)
6295464|3666: Plate 1x6 (Medium Nougat) (x6)
6295465|30236: Brick 1x2 With Stick (Medium Nougat) (x6)

Three new Medium Nougat parts appear in this set, and are arguably some of the most exciting recolours in 10272.

The most notable part is Brick 1x4 (6223183|3010). Though the Medium Nougat color has been around since 2010 and has been used for over 500 parts, this marks the first time the 1x4 brick has appeared in this color.

Also new in Medium Nougat is Plate 1x6 (6295464|3666), which can be expected to receive a similarly warm reception from builders.

Lastly, Brick 1x2 with Handle (6295465|30236) features here in Medium Nougat for the first time.

6289869|35787: Tile 2x2, w/ 45° Cut (Bright Green) (x4)

For the first time, Tile 2x2, W/ Deg. 45 Cut appears in Bright Green (6289869|35787). With the part design proving immensely popular in the two years since its debut, it’s wonderful to see its color availability increase.

6295458|92280: Plate 1x2 w/ Vertical Grip (Dark Stone Grey) (x12)

Rather surprisingly, appearing for the first time in Dark Stone Grey /Dark Bluish Gray is Plate 1x2 w/ Vertical Grip (6295458|92280). Despite its numerous appearances (over 800!) in different sets, this is only the eighth recolour of the design, which has previously appeared in Black, Medium Stone Grey/Light Bluish Gray, Medium Nougat, Red, Sand Green, White, and Bright Yellow/Yellow.

Decorated Parts in 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United

6295461|35391: Wall Double Corner 1x2x1 w/ Net Printing (Transparent)

While the Panel 1x2 with sides has appeared previously in Transparent (under the Design ID 23969), it appears here with a printed net pattern (6295461|35391).

6296810|3010: Brick 1x4 w/ Partial Red Stripes Printing (Medium Nougat) (x12)

In addition to undecorated versions, the new Medium Nougat 1x4 Brick appears with partial red stripe printing (6296810|3010), intended to represent utility doors.

6289441|10202: Flat Tile 6x6 with Field Halfway Line Printing (Bright Green) (x2)
6289431|10202: Flat Tile 6x6 with Field Center Circle Printing (Bright Green) (x1)
6289448|90498: Flat Tile 8x16 with Field Penalty/Goal Box Printing (Bright Green) (x2)

Fitting into both the recolour and new decorations category are three Bright Green tiles that are used to build the Old Trafford playing field. The first of these elements is a Tile 8x16 with Field Penalty/Goal Box printing (6289448|90498). A set of Bright Green Tile 6x6 have also been introduced, comprising of Tile 6x6 with Field Halfway Line printing (6289441|10202) and Tile 6x6 with Field Center Circle printing (6289431|10202).

Honorable Mentions

So far, the 1x8x3 Slope in White (6262530|49618) has only appeared in a single set (10767 Duke Caboom’s Stunt Show). Here, it appears again, with eight copies of the element included.

While the Plate 1x1x2/3, Outside Bow in White (6258135|49307) has appeared in a total of 13 sets since its 2019 introduction, 30 copies of the elements are included here, far exceeding the previous record of 14 in a single set (in 2019’s 70828 Pop-Up Party Bus).

A total of 32 Tile 2x2, W/ Deg. 45 Cut in Medium Stone Grey (6217876|35787) appear in 10272. The previous record for most copies of this element in a set was 8, which was held by 2019’s 10264 Corner Garage.

The inclusion of twelve Medium Nougat Plate 1x2 w/ Vertical Grip (6295466|92280) marks the second appearance of the part-colour combination, after its introduction in the 80104 Lion Dance.

Building Process

The model building process starts with the pitch. 

Construction of this section is quite simple, taking only eight steps, and consisting of a basic Technic-System frame layered with tiles on top. Despite the brevity of the building process for this first section, it still offers some clever techniques. To create the goals, 1x2x1 Double Corner Wall elements printed with a net pattern are stuck snugly in-between rows of studs at either end of the pitch.

The next three bags are used for the construction of the East Stand. The first of these bags is used for constructing the underlying structure of the stand.

During this stage, the recessed entrance to the stadium is also created, through a combination of connected brackets which are anchored underneath the exterior pavement.

Next, the detailing is added. The outside of the building is covered by Transparent Light Blue 1x2 Tiles to simulate the massive windows over the East Stand entrance. At the same time, a basic skeleton for the upper stands is also created, which serves as an anchor for the start of the exterior supporting lattice.

Finally, the multi-level stands and roof are added. The stands are created using Bright Red 1x2 Grooved Bricks. The roof prominently features two Transparent 1x10x4 Windscreens embedded into a stack of bricks and plates. This substructure is then attached horizontally to the upper stands using clips on the back. Lastly, an additional portion of support lattice is built to connect the newly-mounted roof to the existing supports on the outside of the stadium.

As may be expected, construction of the Stretford End stands follows a process nearly identical to that of the East Stands. The most notable difference comes while building the exterior of the stadium. Rather than a bank of windows like the East Stand, the exterior wall features several white supporting pillars marking the entryway.

The construction of these pillars is actually interesting in and of itself. Each entrance features two 6-long bars which are connected by a droid arm. The exposed ends of the bars are then covered with a 1x2 plate with a single knob, and mounted upright to the building. A 2x4 tile attached to the building with a 1x4 SNOT brick is then used to lock the pillar assembly into place.

The next portion of Old Trafford to be constructed is the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, named for the longtime Manchester United manager. The stand is the largest section of the set, and takes nine numbered bags of parts.

The actual assembly of the stand is broken into several separate stages. The first of these stages centers around LEGO System and Technic System bricks, which are used to form a stable base for the rest of the build.

The angled walls of the pitch are also added, using a plate mounted on top of angled, and locked in place between two 1x1 round bricks.

The next couple of  bags are used for construction of the pavement, lower level of the building, and the stadium facade.

1x1 Quarter Circle tiles are used to mask the gaps that result from the use of hinge plates to form the outer wall.

It is at this point that the mounting points for the different levels of stands are also created. To attach the elevated stands which lie at 45º angles along the stadium corners, two 1x1 Plates with Clips are added to the base, providing the initial angle. Two Technic axles are then fed through the wall, through 2x2 Round Bricks which act as a buffer, and are pressed firmly into the back of the stand construction to lock it in place.

At this point, construction switches back to completion of the stadium exterior, including visible support structure and detailing. This lasts for approximately two bags.

After this, focus shifts to the red stands of Old Trafford, which use 1x2 lined bricks to simulate the staggered seating rows.

With the core of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand now complete, the roof of the stand is constructed in two parts.

The basic roof construction is draped across the stand, with the center portion attached using plates with clips.

Additional detailing is handled afterwards, to create the illusion of the supporting structure.

The last portion of the stadium to be constructed is the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand. Like the other sections of the set, construction begins with a Technic frame, which is then masked by System bricks and tiles.

Construction continues with the outer wall of the stand, which includes some very cleverly constructed Bright Red and Medium Nougat walls wrapping around it. To accommodate for the curve of the stadium, the walls are constructed by mounting tiles to a 2x4 plate coupled with 1x1 round plates next to it. The recess at the base of the 1x1 round plates provides enough space to hide the edge of the next wall section.

Next, the interior of the stadium is filled with stands, as well as the players' tunnel and dugouts.

The last part of the model to be constructed is the roof of the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand. The building process of the roof is fairly straightforward, though it incorporates the all-new Brick 1x4x3, Outside Half Bow (6288587|65734).

Final Thoughts

10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United represents a departure from previous Creator Expert sets in its depiction of a sporting venue (full disclosure: I am not a football/soccer fan). Subsequently, I initially wasn’t particularly interested in the set when pictures first came out. That said, after getting to build the set, I was pleasantly surprised by the details in the model and the novel techniques which are used to construct the stadium.

While certain portions of the building process do feel monotonous (namely, building the red seating and the white supporting structure), the designer has nevertheless managed to keep construction engaging by using new unconventional techniques to get the correct angling on the stands, roofing, and exterior of the stadium.

From a parts perspective, 10272 also brings a lot to the table. A number of parts have been recoloured for the set, with most also debuting in large quantities. The introduction of two new moulds also brings value to the set, not to mention several new printed parts which are used for the playing field.

Overall, while 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United is a set I would first and foremost suggest for football/soccer fans and followers of Manchester United, even casual LEGO fans are likely to enjoy the building process and parts offered by the set.

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    2. Ah, haha! Yeah, it might make it harder to judge on penalty kick rulings...

  2. Lots of angles indeed, guess quite a bit of Lego math was used in the design process. Now that's something I'd love to read more about, the intricate world of Lego angles maths.

  3. Well, shoot. 65735 comes pretty close to matching the size of my own picture window design, which takes a pile of parts and has to be done in pairs. My LEGO Store has two pairs of windows that each measure ten studs wide and five bricks tall, and use over 200pcs per pair. Given the option of using these, I probably would have skipped my design and stacked these two high to make the windows even bigger.

  4. While we are talking about large amounts of the 1x1 plate with curved top (49307), the wonderful 10270 Bookshop has no less than 60 in light grey, a number you might think would be enough to have the overall record. That honor actually belongs to 80105 Chinese New Year Temple Fair, which includes 112 in various colors: this adds up to 7% of the total parts in the set.


  5. I'm so happy they finally made a curved brick that fits underneath that larger rounded element. I was working on building a door for a Bionicle scale diorama, and lamented that angle didn't have a way to "convert back to brick" as I was saying. And I tried some really convoluted techniques to and ultimately gave up on the curved part. I eventually got more obscure with my solution by resulting to the large curved brick elements that came in a bunch Belville sets. Now that this part exists, I might have to revisit that design.

    The other part I'm really happy to see here is the diagonal tile in green. I wish lego would make these kinds of parts more available in basic colors more. Green seems like a no brainer for a part like that. I hope they include that color of that part more in cheaper sets in the future.

    The real main attraction for me with this set was all the white bar pieces used. The T bars prove immensely useful for Bionicle figures, especially when making hands and fingers as do the other new part in white. I'm glad the space station makes them a little more available, but neither of these sets are widely available in your typical big box stores, which will still make these hard to find and expensive.

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