21 April 2020

LEGO® Reverse-Engineering Challenge: Days 6-17

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We are a little behind with sharing Ryan Howerter's REC puzzles with you (been too busy organising our own building contest!) so here is a bumper crop to give you a challenging LEGO® challenge to fill your days. Want more? They appear on Ryan's Instagram at 11am Mountain Time every day (and we also try to publish them on New Elementary's Twitter at the same time).

Welcome back to the Reverse-Engineering Challenge, or REC for short. Simply look at these small LEGO builds, and try to figure out how they are built. Always assume the hidden side is identical. The colours are irrelevant. No rubber bands and no flex tubing allowed! It's not a contest, there are no prizes – think of it more like a daily crossword puzzle. Solve as many as you like, at your own pace. Solutions are posted every Sunday at https://linktr.ee/rhowerter.

REC17 Halhi141 

Bottom looks like the top.

REC16 by o0ger

That's a half-plate gap. Restriction: No "Travis" bricks (1x1 brick with studs on 4 sides, part 4733).

REC15 by ryan_howerter

REC14 Sandro Tagliaferri

The slopes are inset by 1/2 plate. Jumpers should not be able to be rotated, even forcibly.

REC13 by minilegostarwars

REC12 by o0ger

REC11 q_159

Bottom looks like the top. 2x4 tile is inset by 1/2 plate.

REC10 by danstomocs

REC9 by yogilabonnephoto

REC8 by myko82

REC7 by ryan_howerter

REC6 Brixe63 / No LOTR ring (11010)

Restriction: No LOTR ring (part 11010). Pay close attention to the height... the studs on the two 2x4s should be touching!

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