19 June 2024

LEGO® Friends review: Adventure Camp sets 42622, 42624, 42626 & 42631

Posted by tobymac

Grab your sleeping bag, citronella candle and first aid kit; we're going camping! The June 2024 LEGO® Friends wave includes 4 sets that are situated out in the wild: 42622 Adventure Camp Archery Range42624 Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins, 42626 Adventure Camp Water Sports, and 42631 Adventure Camp Tree House. Will these sets bring us some much needed relaxation, or will the bugs and bears keep us up at night?

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All sets released 1 June 2024

  • 42622 Adventure Camp Archery Range | US$14.99/ £12.99/ 14.99€/ AU$24.99 | 157 pcs
    Set 42622 on LEGO.com
  • 42624 Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins | US$44.99/ £39.99/ 44.99€/ AU$69.99 | 437 pcs
    Set 42624 on LEGO.com
  • 42626 Adventure Camp Water Sports | US$69.99/ £59.99/ 69.99€/ AU$99.99 | 628 pcs
    Set 42626 on LEGO.com
  • 42631 Adventure Camp Tree House | US$129.99/ £114.99/ 129.99€/ AU$199.99 | 1128 pcs
    Set 42631 on LEGO.com


Adventure Camps are not new to the LEGO Friends theme. The concept was first introduced in 2016 with 4 Adventure Camp sets. Other similar sets situated in the forest have been seen through the years, but this is the first time the Adventure Camp returns, welcoming the new generation of LEGO Friends characters. 

The 4 new sets come in various sizes. The smallest, 42622 Adventure Camp Archery Range, has us taking aim; the larger 42624 Adventure Camp Cosy Cabins takes us for a off-road bicycle ride to a cabin in the woods; bring your swimming suit for water fun in 42626 Adventure Camp Water Sports; and the largest set, 42631 Adventure Camp Tree House, features a big treehouse for all kinds of fun.

Despite the overall theme, the sets work individually. While there are no official connection points to join the models, this map from set 42631 Adventure Camp Tree House shows them all located around a lake. 

Before we roll out our sleeping bags, let's first take a look at all the new elements scattered throughout the builds.

New molds

Beaver (part 5553)

We start off with the cutest part across the sets: Animal, Beaver, Sitting with White Teeth, Nougat Nose, Eyes print (6480961 | 5553) is an all-new mold, and just look at this cuddly creature!  It comes in set 42631 Adventure Camp Tree House.

The mold is spot on, but the print on the front teeth is a bit small, leaving a reddish brown border around the white. Aesthetically, a dual-molding process with white ABS for the teeth would look much better, but that would also make the mold more complicated, and with that, more expensive. 

Beaver teeth are actually orange, but that would probably look a bit creepy.

All-Terrain Bike (part 5554)

The adventure camps are set in the forest, far away from paved roads. This calls for a beefed-up bicycle frame, able to handle rough terrain. 

Set 42624 Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins introduces Bicycle Frame, All-Terrain in Orange (6475812 | 5554) and Medium Azure (6495221 | 5554). The frame fits Wheel Centre 15 x 6 City Motorcycle (50862), and Handlebars with Angular Handles (98397) to steer.

It is very similar to the regular Bicycle Frame (36934), seen on the left in Dark Blue, but due to the position of the steering this version is not suitable for mini-dolls.

Flag 2 x 4 Triangle (part 5555)

The most exciting new mold is a new addition to the flag family: Flag 2 x 4 Triangle in Tan (6475813 | 5555) is used in all 4 Adventure Camp sets (1x in 42622, 42624, 42626 and 2x in 42631) as the camp banner. 

The 1:4 ratio means the flag fits perfectly in between wedged elements such as Plate Angled 2 x 4 (41769 and 41770) as seen above in yellow, and Wedge 6 x 2, depicted here in dark blue with the inverted versions (41764 and 41765). 

I couldn’t find sloped bricks to match part 5555. Shown above are the closest matches: Slope 18° 4 x 1 (60477), Brick Sloped 1 x 6 x 1 with 1 x 2 x ⅓ Cutout (4569) and Wedge Sloped 1 x 5 x 1⅓ (3388 and 3389). Let me know if I’ve overlooked any other bricks that might work.

[EDIT: it matches Slope 18° 2 x 1 x 2/3, with 4 Slots (61409) and without (5404). Also, the new Slope 1 x 4 with 1 x 2 Cutout (5654) from the upcoming Countach. See comparison pictures on our Instagram or Facebook.)

Open the pod bay door please, HAL

The first thing that came to mind upon seeing this new mold were circular spaceship doors! So let's see how they line up.

The measurements of the flag result in an angle at the tip of 28°, making it impossible to create a fully closed circle from them, as 360° divided by 28 doesn’t result in an integer. If you can accept a small gap of 2° between the parts, it is possible to use 12 to form a dodecagon. Of course, I only have 5 flags from these 4 sets.

I’ve tested 2 methods to create this circle. Due to the rounded flag tips, both methods leave us with a small gap in the center that snugly fits a Brick Round 1 x 1:

The first uses a rigid hose to click the flags onto, where the middle 2 black plates ‘float’, while the horizontal and vertical black plates are attached to the baseplate. Attaching the flags directly to the hose proved tricky, as the tight circle puts the hose under a lot of strain.

The second method uses D-SNOTs (3386) and T-bars (4697). With a bit of fiddling and 2 jumper plates (seen above right in Lime), I was able to place all D-SNOTs onto the baseplate grid. 

I then realised that pulling the T-bar on the horizontal and vertical flags out to near the maximum available distance, you can leave out the jumper plates, making it easier to build on top. Now I want a 5x5 round quarter brick that is only 1 module wide!

For a sturdier connection, you can also use hinges. If you leave no gap between the flags (above left), the fourth flag – which preferably should sit vertically – is just a bit off, due to the angle of the flag being 2° smaller than the 30° needed to fit 4 flags in a quarter-circle.

Of course, you can go with other numbers. Using 13 flags will leave the smallest gaps, but the prime number also makes it cumbersome to line up all corners on a baseplate. I found using 16 flags (above right) gives a great fit in the grid, mostly covering a hole with a 10-stud diameter. It does leave a big star-shaped gap in the center though.

The triangular flags can also be used to create spires. In the top right image I’ve added a Slope 75° 2 x 2 x 2 Quadruple Convex (3688) for size comparison. The rounded tip leaves room for a thin antenna as seen in the top left photo. In the bottom photos I’ve used a New Elementary favourite, the "Nexogon plate" (27255), to line up the flags for a heaxagonal spire.

All in all, a great addition to the flat flag family! 


The LEGO Friends theme is always a generous provider of recolors, and the Adventure Camp sets are no exception.

  • Plate 6 x 10 in Medium Nougat (6482273 | 3033), found in 42626
  • Boat / Kayak 2 x 15 in Lavender (6483121 | 29110), found in 42626
  • Hose Rigid 3mm D. 38L / 30.4cm in White (6486374 | 75c38), found in 42631
  • Equipment Net 8 x 14 Lattice in Dark Turquoise (6481121 | 30923), found in 42631

  • Brick Curved 2 x 1 with Inverted Cutout in Dark Orange (6482692 | 78666), 16x in 42624 and 6x in 42631 (yes, 1 is missing in the photo)
  • Plate Special 1 x 2 Rounded with 2 Open Studs in Dark Turquoise (6482693 | 35480), 14x in 42624

  • Brick Round 2 x 2 with Pin Holes in Dark Orange (6483393 | 17485), 3x in 42631
  • Launcher, Weapon Bow in Dark Turquoise (6471922 | 80436), 1x in 42622
  • Projectile, Arrow in Yellow (6471923 | 80437), 2x in 42622
  • Equipment Radio [Extended Handle, Expanded Speaker Grille] in Red (6484625 | 19220), 2x in 42631
  • Bar 1L with Clip in Lavender should not be in this image, as it already appeared in some versions of 10313 Wildflower Bouquet
  • Plate Round Corner 5 x 5 with 4 x 4 Round Cutout in Yellow (6483122 | 80015), 2x in 42622 and 1x in 42631

  • Plant, Fern 3 x 4 x 2 in Dark Green (6507852 | 5151), 7x in 42626, 8x in 42631 (again, 1 missing in the photo)
  • Plant, Leaves Stacked 4 x 5 x 1 2/3 in Green (6507840 | 5058), 7x in 42631

Decorated elements


For all activities in the Adventure Camp sets, the participants can collect orange tiles, similar to merit patches or badges seen at organizations like the Scouts. The tiles are stored in books. It’s a great idea, but I wish there was a way to store more badges in a small space, as 2 in a book is a bit limited.

  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Bow and Arrow print (Archery Merit Badge) in Orange (6482998), found 2x in 42626
  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Kayak print (Kayaking Merit Badge) in Orange (6478263), found 1x in 42626
  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Beetle, Magnifying Glass print (Entomology Merit Badge) in Orange (648096), found 1x in 42631
  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Rope print (Climbing Merit Badge) in Orange (6480964), found 1x in 42631
  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Campfire print (Fire Merit Badge) in Orange (6484357), found 2x in 42624
  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Beetle print in Trans-Clear (6490892), found 2x in 42631
  • Tile 1 x 2 with Granola Bar print in Green (6476620), found 1x in 42626, 2x in 42631
  • Tile 1 x 2 with Letter print in White (6466380), found 1x in 42626
  • Tile Round 2 x 2 with Hole with Red Life Preserver print in White (6476635), found 1x in 42626


Being out in nature, there is a high chance we’ll run into some animals, and these come with new prints.

  • Animal, Raccoon Sitting (77110) is new in Light Bluish Gray (6483136), found 1x in 42622
  • Animal, Bear, Small (14732) is new in Black (6478262), found 1x in 42626
  • Animal, Fox (19532) has received multiple recolors before, but this version in Reddish Orange (647825) is surely the best one; found 1x in 42624
  • Animal, Bird, Owl, Baby (3753) also comes with a new print and recolor in Dark Tan (6480962), found 1x in 42631
  • The final new animal print, found in 42631, is a minifigure head in Trans-Clear showing two fireflies in a glass jar along with leaves and a stick (6490996). Or is that a stick insect?

Sticker sheets

All other decorations are handled by sticker sheets. Click/tap to enlarge.

As usual, the graphic designers added some fun little details. For instance, the tree stumps could have just been tree stumps; instead, each one gets additional details like flowers or a pair of insect eyes. 

Note the large map I mentioned earlier in the sheet for 42631, which shows the location of all 4 sets sitting around a central lake. It would be wonderful to see a fan creation of the whole thing!


The campers all wear a new outfit with the Adventure Camp logo. I love the customized prints; The designers could have easily copy-pasted the logo onto all torsos and be done with it, but instead each character has some variation, making each torso unique.

42631 Tree House

The largest set has the most mini-dolls.

  • Jonathan comes with a new torso in Light Nougat (6491632) and legs in Olive Green (6510349).
  • Aliaya has a new torso in Medium Brown (6491692) and legs in Bright Light Blue (6491603).
  • Jamila is the only character so far using the new LEGO color Sienna Brown. Her head is a repeat, but her torso (6491847) and legs in Dark Purple (6492531) are all new.
  • The standard version of Leo only comes with a new torso in Medium Nougat (6494357), but we do get a new alternate head print in Medium Nougat (6478261) for when he goes down the zipline or his kayak goes over the waterfall.
  • Olly also only has a new torso in Warm Tan (6491222) in his standard version, but he looks surprised in his alternate head (6480959).

His Beanie with Short Hair in Coral (6471952 | 5492) is a new mold.

42626 Adventure Camp Water Sports

Three campers are taking on the currents in 42626.

  • Liann has a new torso in Warm Tan (6487897), and her legs have appeared in 1 set prior.
  • Autumn receives a new torso as well in Light Nougat (6483133).
  • Zac has a new torso in Reddish Brown (6484671).

42624 Cozy Cabins

We're hitting the trails with 3 characters in 42624.

  • Paisley sports a new torso in Light Nougat (6484662) and new legs in Medium Lavender (6484627).
  • Zac is identical to the version coming in 42626.
  • Candi is a new character with a new head in Warm Tan (6478255), a new torso in Warm Tan (6486016) and new legs in Dark Turquoise (6483118). Her hair has been used in a single set in 2022.

42622 Archery Range

Finally, we have 2 campers taking aim in 42622.

  • Autumn comes with the same torso found in 42626, and focuses her aim with an additional head in Light Nougat (6476612).
  • Nova receives a new torso in Nougat (6483115), and her legs are the same as Candi uses in 42626.

Rare elements

There are many more elements worth mentioning. I’ll limit the list to those that have appeared in a single other set, at time of writing.

  • Boat / Kayak 2 x 15 in Flame Yellowish Orange/ Bright Light Orange (6473185 | 29110), found in 42631
  • Treasure Chest Lid, Flat with 2 Studs in White (6437723 | 80835), found in 42631
  • Plate 10 x 10 with Rounded End in Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan (6463586 | 80031), found in 42631
  • Door Frame 1 x 4 x 6 Type 2 in Medium Nougat (6422085 | 40289), found in 42631
  • 40066 Panel 1 x 6 x 7 with 2 Columns and Arch in Reddish Brown (6330233 | 40066), found in 42631
  • Equipment Oar / Paddle [Reinforced] in Lavender (6213441 | 87585), found in 42626 and 42631

  • Prosthetic Hand with Bar Holder in Dark Azure (6467587 | 5059), found in 42622 and 42626. It’s great to see this part pop up in relatively cheap sets
  • Tile Round 1 x 1 with Sunflower Seeds print in Brick Yellow/ Tan (6466742 | 106069)
  • Brick Round 1.5 x 1.5 Dome Top [Plain] in Reddish Orange (6482272 | 20952) appears in all 4 sets
  • Technic Panel Fairing 2 x 1 x 1 in Medium Nougat (6450558 | 89679), found in 42631
  • Plate Round Corner 5 x 5 with 4 x 4 Round Cutout in Medium Nougat (6430582 | 80015), found in 42631
  • Brick Round, Half 1 x 2 in Reddish Brown (6478179 | 68013), found in 42626 and 42631
  • Brick Special 1 x 2 with 1 Center Stud on 1 Side in Brick Yellow/ Tan (6478176 | 86876)
  • Helmet, Sports, with Vent Holes [Plain] in Bright Bluish Green/ Dark Turquoise (6469022 | 46303), found in 42624 and 42631
  • Slope Inverted 45° 2 x 1 in Dark Orange (4267987 | 3665) was used in a single UCS set in 2005. Found in 42624 and 42631
  • Wedge 2 x 2 Facet in Medium Nougat (6469952 | 87620), found in 42631
  • Plate Special 1 x 3 with 2 Studs with Groove and Inside Stud Holder (Jumper) in Bright Orange/ Orange (6441100 | 34103), found in 42631
  • Equipment Candlestick in Dark Brown (6473752 | 37762), found in 42631
  • Brick Arch 1 x 3 x 2 Inverted [Inside Bow] in Dark Orange (6391346 | 18653), found in 42631
  • Weapon Chakram / Hoop Blade / Ring in Medium Azure (6431338 | 35485), found in 42631
  • Weapon Hilt Symmetric in Sand Yellow/ Dark Tan (6431549 | 66909), found in 42622
  • Weapon Gun / Blaster with Studs on Side in Bright Purple/ Dark Pink (6469251 | 44709), found in 42626
  • Plant, Palm Tree Top, 4 Top Bars, 1 Bottom Bar in Reddish Brown (6483392 | 2566), found in 42622, 42624 and 42631

The finished models

42622 Archery Range

Despite having the lowest piece count, this archery range aims to please, resulting in a lovely build. This is the first time I've had the bow in hand, and being able to actually shoot an arrow is great fun. 

The target can be moved along the color-coded range for difficulty. I love the inclusion of Autumn's prosthetic, both for inclusivity, as well as this being a relatively cheap set – and we get 1 and 1 spare.

There are some nice details, including these peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches, and a small lantern that flips the round brick upside-down so it can be held by the bar on top. 

I'm not a marksman myself, so forgive me if I put the bow into the wrong hand, but it seemed logical to choose the eye that is furthest away from the arrow. 

42622 Adventure Camp Archery Range
US$14.99/ £12.99/ 14.99€/ AU$24.99
157 parts

Set 42622 on LEGO.com

 42624 Cozy Cabins 

These cabins are located across the lake, and make a great resting place during a bike ride. 

Despite the set's name, I'm struggling to call the cabins cozy though: there doesn't seem to be a fourth wall, electricity, or a Wi-Fi modem. What kind of nature camp is this? 

On a more serious note, this is an entertaining set, with the new bikes being the biggest attraction. And any excuse to roast marshmallows sounds good to me.

The outhouse is a nice addition, and the roofs of the cabins are hinged for better access. 

I love being out in nature, but on the ceiling we find the main reason why I prefer 4 walls when I'm sleeping.

42624 Adventure Camp Cozy Cabins
US$44.99/ £39.99/ 44.99€/ AU$69.99
437 parts

Set 42624 on LEGO.com

42626 Water Sports

We head out on the lake with the second largest set in the series. It features a well-sized building with boat rental and a recreation room above. I like the incorporation of the tree in the building, immediately giving the set just the right adventurous camp feel.

The kayaks are stored using train pantographs. On the other side of the building we find a bear trying to catch a fish swimming upstream.

Next to the building we find a slide to launch our kayak into the water. It's a nice play feature, but the kayak gets stuck on the cloth of my photo booth. 

Underneath the dock is a mechanism to shoot tiles. I suppose this represents skipping rocks over the water?

42626 Adventure Camp Water Sports
US$69.99/ £59.99/ 69.99€/ AU$99.99
628 parts

Set 42626 on LEGO.com

42631 Tree House

The largest set in the series gives us a treehouse. Or rather, 3 treehouses!

The trees are connected by an obstacle course. And I'm all in for it. 

Looking at this set brings back childhood memories of the playgrounds in my hometown, and I would love to have the chance to visit this place and try out all routes through the tree.

The zipline is probably the most fun to get around. In these photos, the line goes from tree to tree, but it is also possible to attach the line to the entrance. This way you'll have a quick way out when the homesickness kicks in too hard. 

There are too many details to name here. Make sure you turn over every rock, because you might find hidden treasure, or some crawly creatures. These creatures can then be studied in the entomology treehouse, where you can earn a merit badge.

The beavers are just too cute. The tree in front of their dam has can be 'cut down' to provide more building materials.

It looks like the bikers took all the S'mores, leaving the campers without a snack at the campfire:

I really like the spiral stairs. The angle is achieved by placing a round jumper plate between the round bricks, allowing them to be rotated.

42631 Adventure Camp Tree House
US$129.99/ £114.99/ 129.99€/ AU$199.99
1128 parts

Set 42631 on LEGO.com

All in all, yes, these sets are indeed a great adventure, and a welcome diversion from the regular Heartlake City sets. The Adventure Camp sets are a great reboot of the original range from 2016, providing a new way to enjoy nature for the next generation of LEGO Friends fans.

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  1. Nice review! These sets are really nice. Despite my ADHD/autism making some of my camp experiences from childhood less than ideal, I still have fond memories of camping, and many of the activities featured here feel very nostalgic to me.

    The archery range is a great opportunity to include Autumn's new prosthetic, since pulling a bowstring is one of those things that'd be challenging to do with only one functional hand! The water sports set is also cute, and I love the rock-skipping feature (though I sort of wonder whether mounting one of the 1x1 round tile shooters sideways could've worked to have some slightly more proportional rocks). And the treehouse set is flat-out gorgeous, with so many cute features. A lot of the accessories in the sets are very cute—both printed ones like the firefly jar and camp scrapbooks with merit badges, and some of the clever brick-built ones like the PB&J sandwiches and s'mores!

    Regarding the new flag piece and your difficulty finding a slope to match it, you probably haven't gotten a chance yet but based on the wedge plates it matches, I bet the new 1x4 slope without stud from the Countach set would be a perfect match for the angle!

    1. The new slope didn't make it into the blog unfortunately, but it will be discussed in tomorrow's socials post. The angled plate 2x4 matches both the flag and the new slope (as seen here https://www.newelementary.com/2024/06/lego-icons-parts-review-10337.html), so logically the flag should match the slope.

    2. "Nice review! These sets are really nice. Despite my ADHD/autism making some of my camp experiences from childhood less than ideal, I still have fond memories of camping, and many of the activities featured here feel very nostalgic to me." Now that's a familiar sentiment. I have much better memories working as a camp counsellor than going to camp. I think my less-than-ideal experiences helped make me a better counsellor.

  2. I would assume a disabled archer would hold the bow still in one's prosthetic, and draw the string with one's working hand, but I'm no professional archer.

    Anyway, the new bicycle parts is what I find the most interesting. And the lute (which I guess might be a stand-in for a banjo).

  3. Her name is Sky candi is the girl with Leo in the new jetSki sets