28 May 2024

Revealed: LEGO® The Legend of Zelda: 77092 Great Deku Tree 2-in-1

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We've been waiting a long time, and at last The LEGO Group have just announced an upcoming set based upon The Legend of Zelda video game series! 

77092 The Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 will be available on 1 September 2024, but you can secure your copy right now because pre-orders from LEGO.com are already available

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77092 The Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree 2-in-1
299,99 €/ £259.99/ US$299.99
2,500 parts
Released 1 September 2024, pre-order available now:

Set 77092 on LEGO.com

Perhaps your first question is, how is this a 2-in-1 model? That's because you can choose to build the Great Deku Tree as seen in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as an alternate build.

The Great Deku Tree was chosen precisely because it is one of a few recurring characters/locations in the ever-evolving world of Hyrule.

– Design Master Wes Talbott, via metro.co.uk 

Both versions have matching side-builds, but you can build both of these to display with whichever version of the tree you choose. There are also brick-built characters: Hestu the Korok, smaller Koroks, Deku Babas, Navi the Fairy, the Deku Sprout and a Skulltula.

Also, both trees have interactive functions! Let's check out each version in turn.

LEGO Breath of the Wild

This version of the Great Deku Tree is easily identified by its pink blossoms made of Plant, Plate 1 x 1 Round with 3 Leaves (32607) in Bright Pink, which are interspersed with a few in Light Nougat – that's a recolour for this set. Read our list of more recolours further on.

The function with this version animates the eyebrows and mouth with the press of a lever!

The side-build is the Master Sword pedestal.

The hardest part was trying to nail the facial features of both versions, not only because building a human-like face out of LEGO bricks is difficult but also because I was limited to using mostly the same bricks across both versions.

 – Design Master Wes Talbott, via metro.co.uk


Princess Zelda and Link are dressed in their blue attire.

LEGO Ocarina of Time 

This version of the Great Deku Tree is covered in luscious green foliage.

When you press the lever on this version, its mouth opens revealing the spider-like enemy Skulltula, which descends into the depths of the mouth!
The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time remains one of the most beloved titles of the franchise and set the blueprint for the many that followed, marking a significant moment in gaming history.

– Design Master Wes Talbott, via metro.co.uk 

The side-build is Link’s House.


Young Link and Link are provided here. Note the new moulds for the Master Sword and Hylian shield!

Of course, there has to be an ocarina! A new mould, naturally.


  • Plant, Plate 1 x 1 Round with 3 Leaves (32607) in Light Nougat
  • Brick Round Corner 5 x 5 x 1 with Bottom Cut Outs [No Studs Flat Top][1/4 Arch] (76795) in Dark Tan – the 7th colour of this piece introduced in 2021
  • Brick Round 1 x 1 diameter Tube with 90 Degree Elbow [2 x 2 x 1] and Axle Holes at each end (25214) in Dark Tan
  • Technic Pin Connector Round 1L (18654) in Dark Tan
  • Brick Round Corner, Curved 3 x 3 x 1 Quarter Circle (76797) in Dark Tan
  • Tile 4 x 4 Curved, Macaroni (27507) in Dark Tan
  • Slope Curved 3 x 2 with Stud Notch (Left 80177 and Right 80178) in Olive Green

Can you see more?


It's great to see the set has an alternate build, each with an alternate function! It's a great way to include more of the Zelda universe in this one set. Will more LEGO Zelda sets follow? We don't know! But fans being able to get these figures at a more affordable price would be ideal.

Even if you're not a fan of the game, it's a beautiful model that looks fun to build and contains many wonderful recolours. Fantasy fans will surely be re-purposing those new minifigure elements.

I think it's safe to say that despite the hefty price tag of 299,99 €/ £259.99/ US$299.99, this is going to be a popular set. So if it is something you definitely want to get hold of in September, pre-order from LEGO.com now!

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