02 November 2023

LEGO® Pick a Brick: element removal November 2023

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Today we offer you a different kind of element list: it shows which parts LEGO® Pick a Brick are going to remove from the service on 17 November! We're calling it Last Chance PaB. Check it out in case there's something you want.

Among them are some fantastic Space pieces, such as the printed tiles from Galaxy Explorer and the purple helmet and air tanks. There is a wide array of animals (both LEGO Friends-style and regular) as well as minifigures and minidolls. Colours in the process of being discontinued, like Trans-Brown, are present as well.

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Text and image are © New Elementary; element images courtesy The LEGO Group and Rebrickable.


  1. I believe the last remaining parts in trans-fluro-orange are on this retirement list so this is your last chance to snag that color.

  2. I notice the amount of teal part in retirement: Does this mean that the wave of teal is now over?

    1. Apparently, leaked images for the Monkie Kid set 80054 Megapolis City indicates we will see a new Reddish Orange color in 2023. Last time we had an actual Reddish Orange color was 2003 in the Duplo set 3513 Funny Lion (listed on BrickLink as Dark Salmon), so a more useful part selection would be nice, and finally completing a tertiary color circle.

      A new color might indicate an older color would have to be replaced, though.

      But I remember it being quite a deal when Teal came back, and it still seems to be a pretty popular color. I don't really know about kids, but my impression was that AFOL:s mostly liked either basic "watercolor paint set" colors, or more subdued, muted colors.

      Coral and Neon Yellow on the other hand seem to be generally despised, as they're quite garish and difficult to combine with other colors. (Unless you're interested in building disco divas or glamourous space opera vehicles or similar stuff...)

      Also, it might be a bit hard to discern from images, but leaked images of 2024 Friends, Minecraft and Monkie Kid sets seem to indicate that Teal's immediate demise might have been grossly overstated.

      (As for missing colors, I'd like a return of Medium Green, as it would be useful for Paradisa Moc:s, and for doing gradients between Light Green and Bright Green...)

    2. Yup, the Reddish Orange is real, and the Monkie Kid pics are no longer leaks :) We've touched on it on our Insta.

    3. So, the question is then which of Lego's current colors that could be replaced for Reddish Orange. There's a fixed number for all "solid" colors, including opaque, transparent and metallic colors, I believe, but not "additive varant colors", such as glitter colors, which are just transparent colors with added glitter .

      Looking up Bricklink, I see that Chrome Gold still seems to be in use, although lately, it doesn't appear to have been used for anything else than rings. It should also be a color that is expensive to produce, and ages poorly. It looks shiny and sparkling when new, but when it's thrown into a Lego bin, it tends to look old with black-brownish scratches showing the underlying color after a while, and I guess Lego might possibly consider that reflecting poorly on their brand image.

      Lego has two other Gold colors, anyway; Pearl Gold and Metallic Gold. It seems to be of little use outside of LOTR, but now I realized that Lego has another LOTR release planned for 2024; 'LEGO Icons 10333 The Lord of the Rings - Barad-dûr'.

      Anyway, I guess my bet is for Chrome Gold, unlike someone would have a better proposal.