07 February 2019

2018 Parts Fest #2: Sarah's Furniture and Robot

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
Our next builder is Sarah Beyer from Sweden. We have been admiring her creations for some time as she builds beautiful homes with LEGO® bricks, complete with detailed interiors. We sent Sarah a parcel containing new parts to see what should would build.

My first reaction when I saw the parts sent to me, was that they would constitute great furniture material. I mostly build modern furniture for my MOCs, but these elements fit in both retro and contemporary surroundings.

I started experimenting with the new 'lantern', Black Lamp, No. 1 (Element ID 6227901 | Design ID 37776). Due to its few connection points it proved to be more difficult than I had thought. The lamp function is pretty obvious so I warmed-up creating a modern spot-light and a street lamp that may work in steam punk city scenes.

If you turn the lantern upside-down it may also be used as a flower pot. Here I have used a Round Brick 1X1 (Design ID 3062b) and a Plate Round 1X1 W. Hole 'aka apollo stud' (85861) to attach the plants.

I moved on and created a stylish side table and a more traditional dinner table using the White Tile 1X3, Inverted, W/ 3.2 Hole (Element ID 6223491 | Design ID 35459.

The Black 3.2 Shaft Element, No. 1 (Element ID 6226706 | Design ID 37494) or Train Pantograph Shoe element as it is called at BrickLink and Black Wand on Sprue (6232209|36752) are used as table legs.

If you would like a more evil table look for your castle Metallic Silver [TLG]/ Flat Silver [BL] Hub Cap, dia. 24, NO. 1 (Element ID 6227156 | Design ID 37195) may serve you better.

Once you have a table, you will need somewhere to sit. Here are two seating solutions to accompany the side tables. The holes in the Tile 1X3, Inverted, W/ 3.2 Hole add dynamics to the sleek design and serve as holders for interior details, such as a lamp using White Candle No.1 (Element ID 6234807 | Design ID 37762) as its base.

After all this experimenting it may be time to rest. You can choose between taking a nap in a reclining chair with back support from the Black Fender, Front, No.1 (6207258|35654).

Perhaps you prefer a good night´s sleep in a bed crowned with the BrickHeadz glasses element Black Lattice 2X6, W/ 3.2 Shaft, No. 1 (6208551|35366), a luxurious bed is more your style.


While experimenting with the new parts I found that the Candle No.1 (Design ID 37762) fits perfectly together with the Plate 1X1 Round W/ Horizontal 3.2 Shaft "coffee machine bar" (32828).

I realised the combination makes great legs and arms and then this storm-trooper-like robot came alive.

The hair and epaulettes are made of Unikitty ears (Design ID 35463) and the legs and hips are connected by using the inverted 1 x 3 tile with a hole (Design ID 35459).

Our thanks to Sarah for taking part in our Parts Fest and sharing some of these inspiring ideas.  If you haven't seen her work before then please take a look on Flickr to see some fantastic architecture and interior design.

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  1. Wonderful stuff!! These builder features are a joy :)

    1. Thanks Lee, glad you are enjoying the parts fest posts :-)

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