11 December 2017

New 2018 LEGO® flower and leaf elements

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Chris McVeigh got his hands on some 2018 LEGO® sets already and gives us a quick look at two exciting new pieces of foliage inside them.

LEGO has introduced a new flower element and matching leaf element, and it looks as though they’ll be quickly rolled into many 2018 sets (including 10260 Downtown Diner). Happily, they’re now hitting shelves in the newest Juniors Friends sets, which I picked up so that I could examine the parts in detail.

Flower 1X1

(Design ID 24866)

The plainly named Flower 1X1 is clearly meant to replace Bracelet Upper Part [TLG] / Plate, Round 1x1 with Flower Edge [BL] (Design ID 33291/28573), first introduced in Scala sets in 2000. Like its predecessor, Flower 1X1 has an indented stud with a small hole in it, allowing it to be used with the Stalk [TLG] / Plant Flower Stem [BL] (Design ID 3741).

That said, Flower 1x1’s five tiny petals encircling the plate make it look much more like a flower. The plate is also perfectly round and the same diameter as Plate, Round 1X1 (6141).

So why the change, aside from the improved aesthetics? I suspect the square footprint of the Bracelet Upper Part has always been its Achilles’ Heel. If you place two next to each other against a wall or window, they must be parallel. Even without a bordering wall you can’t place two together at significantly offset angles; as you approach 45°, they collide. In contrast, Flower 1x1 has a circular footprint and will be unburdened by the jutting petals that have constrained its predecessor.

Flower 1X1 is currently available in White (Element ID 6206149), Bright Orange [TLG] / Orange [BL] (Element ID 6214234), and Bright Red [TLG] / Red [BL] (Element ID 6206148). Other colours, including Bright Yellow [TLG[ / Yellow [BL], Bright Green, and Light Royal Blue [TLG] / Bright Light Blue [BL] are expected in 10260 Downtown Diner.

Plant, W/Plate 1X1, No. 1

(Element ID 618226 | Design ID 32607)

Accompanying the new flower element is a three-leaf stud in Bright Green. It has a footprint that’s slightly less than 2x2 and, accordingly, the leaf elements do not extend beyond 90°.

The leaf cluster is wonderfully designed, flowing up and over neighbouring studs.

As well, stacking multiple leaf studs gives the flower structure a fuller, more lush look.

Also worth noting is that Plant, W/Plate 1X1, No. 1 has a hole through the stud that will accommodate any 3.18mm bar/shaft. This lets you to place the leaf element on a bar to both solidify the connection and place flower clusters in places where there’s no available stud.

Planting for the Future

It’s exciting to see that Flower 1X1 is being released in so many colours so quickly; hopefully we’ll also see the leaf cluster in other greens by the year’s end!

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  1. Great review of some awesome new parts!

    I'm very excited for the opportunities the leaf element presents for the Elves theme. We've gotten all sorts of awesome lightning, fire, crystal and ice parts from various themes, but when it comes to plantlife a lot of the available parts are surprisingly large or cumbersome to use. I think this would be a great ornamentation for Quartzine's staff (as seen in this year's Netflix series).

    The flower also looks like a great part. It's decidedly more flower-like than the previous part, which for MOCing might be a blessing and a curse (less useful for other applications, though I suppose I could still see it as some sort of handle or valve). I wish you had included comparisons with the classic six-petal flower (the kind that comes on a sprue)—particularly since I haven't seen it in any of the new sets, making me wonder if this part is meant to replace that as well...

    I also can't wait to see a review of the new flower stem piece, which seems to combine the secure 3.2mm connection of the three-stem flower stem from the CMFs (or the six-stem flower stem seen in Elves) with the stackability of the classic three-stem flower stem with a stud and anti-stud!

  2. Both parts are a great addition to the LEGO garden parts

  3. Also the new flower pettle will be in the Mrs. Clause Brickhead, thought that was a new piece when I saw it on there. It's showing up in light bley.

    1. Ohhh thanks for mentioning! You mean the Mrs Claus one looks LBG? It looks white to me

    2. You're right, was looking at a lower res one earlier, now it's clearly white which will be useful.

  4. I hope they don’t retire the older 4-knob flower, which had the interesting SNOT property of being inserted upside down into an axle hole in a Technic plate to form a simple 180° inversion.

    1. Interesting usage, will have to try that out.

  5. I will always be missing the original stud flower still. The new one reminds me too much of the normal round 1x1 plate. Happy that I do have lots of the original one. :)

  6. It might partially be the color, but the part looks suspiciously like a cloudberry.


  7. I really like the foliage piece!

    Is there any news on the London AFOL parts festival post?

    1. It should be posted in a couple of weeks. I'm afraid December was a complete washout for me!