10 November 2016

The New Black - Tom Poulsom

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Our parts festival, which consists of experiments with some new Black and Transparent [TLG]/Trans-Clear [BL] LEGO® parts (as well as some Black recolours) continues today. I'm glad to welcome British builder Tom Poulsom (detomaso77) who is best-known for designing LEGO Ideas 21301 Birds but likes to turn his attention to all manner of things including cars, trains and all manner of animals, as you are about to discover...

I was very kindly supplied with some brand new LEGO elements by Tim and was really excited when I received them, as I am regularly on Brickset to keep an eye on what fancy new pieces and colours LEGO have to offer. I was sent all sorts of exciting new elements, and you can see what I used some of them for below.

Animal parts

Plate 1X1 Round W/3.2 Shaft (Element ID 6157554 | Design ID 26047) is a piece I’ve been waiting a long time for LEGO to release! I’m sure I will find many uses for this in the future, but for the moment I found that the interesting curved shape of its underside made for a great gorilla ear - see detail on the right.

This was not the only piece that I found a novel decorative use for: the tassel (6156679 | 25375) made a perfect furry tip of a warthog tail.

Stick figure

Another use I found for Plate 1X1 Round W/3.2 Shaft is for the feet and hands for this little flexible figure. One of the recoloured parts Tim supplied, Plate 1X2 W. 2 Shafts Ø 3.2 (6099483 | 18649) was perfect for creating limbs.

Spy car

I love building cars and for a long time I have been wanting to build one in the same scale as the Speed Champions sets. I also picked up the spy from recent LEGO Minifigures Series 16 and though he could do with a stealthy ride.
I used several of the recoloured pieces in this model - see if you can spot them - and the two new pieces I used were the Transparent 3.2 Shaft W/ Knob (6153264 | 25893) as headlights, and the Black  Brick W/Half Bow 2X3 W/Cut (6147790 | 24309) which I attached upside down at the front underside of the model. This part is basically a two stud-wide version of the 1x3 curved slope.


Finally I created a small crazy-haired robot using some of the other pieces including Mini Pony Tail (6129476 | 22411) for hair, Cross Holes W/ Double Ø 3.2 Shaft Hole (6155068 | 24122) as shoulders, Bar Ø3.2 W/Tube Ø3.2 Hole (6143318 | 23443) for forearms and thighs and Skeleton, Leg No.2 (6124849 | 23769) as calves.

This was a really fun mission and I’m really happy with what I managed to use these awesome new pieces for. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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