7 December 2017

Contest: Kill Teal (Volume 2)

After a long absence, in 2018 The LEGO® Group will be reintroducing teal-coloured LEGO elements (Bright Bluish Green [TLG]/ Dark Turquoise [BL]) and the team here at New Elementary are so excited, we're running a competition!

You may recall the 'Mark Stafford Killed Teal' story (if not, it is reproduced below) which inspired Elspeth De Montes to create this LEGO model recently...

When Jeremy Williams saw Elspeth's creation, he began to wonder about other ways that Mark Stafford might have killed teal and suggested this contest to me. And when Mark Stafford saw Elspeth's model on Twitter, and it raised strange anxieties in him:

So that's what we want you to build for this competition:
How might Mark Stafford kill teal again?

How to enter

  • Build us a scene showing an original way of 'killing' teal LEGO pieces
  • You can build with real bricks or digital bricks
  • You can use another colour to represent teal e.g. Medium Azure, we don't expect you to fork out money for this! Also okay to change it to teal in Photoshop 
  • Similarly, Mark does not have to be featured
  • You may only send us ONE image per entry
  • You may enter as many times as you wish
  • Entry will close at the end of the day (in your local timezone) on Monday January 22, 2018
  • Use this form to submit your entry


We are still sorting out the prizes but it's safe to say they will involve teal LEGO pieces somehow! As soon as we have confirmed them we will announce details. In the meantime get thinking and get building!

The story of teal's death (Volume 1)

The ‘Mark Stafford Killed Teal’ legend is a true story. Having graduated from being a mere LEGO fan builder to real LEGO designer in 2006, Mark’s first set was the Exo-Force set 8115 Dark Panther. According to Mark, he was given four colour choices; red, orange, purple or teal. However this was the era of TLG culling their excessive colour palette and so he was told that if he chose teal, then the colour purple would be deleted, and vice versa. Choosing orange or red would have led to both purple and teal being deleted, so in the end Mark chose purple, despite genuinely loving teal. Years later, Mark described his traumatic decision to fellow LEGO fans on an online forum, but the first reply merely said, “So… you basically killed teal?”

Ironically, had he chose to kill purple, it would have been brought back almost immediately as it was needed for the Harry Potter Knight Bus. So Mark's difficult decision was ultimately, utterly pointless.

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  1. WOOHOO Time to dig out my Teal parts! I know EXACTLY how I'm killing Teal this time. Lol

  2. What a great story and great idea for a competition! :) I'm firing up MLCad as i write...

  3. Wonder how many entrants will be Kill Bill parodies...

  4. I LOVE Jeremy's Idea...great competition! I am looking forwards to seeing some fun entries :-)