04 December 2023

LEGO® Spring Festival review: 80113 Family Reunion Celebration

Posted by Caz Mockett

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Niels Mølgård Frederiksen, Associate Creative Lead for LEGO® Monkie Kid and designer of this LEGO® Spring Festival release, 80113 Family Reunion Celebration. So it's great that I also have the chance to have a proper look at the set to review for you, and there's a lot to enjoy.

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LEGO® Spring Festival 80113 Family Reunion Celebration
US$129.99/ £89.99/ 99.99€/ AU$199.99
1823 parts
1 January 2024
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New moulds

The designers of this set also worked on LEGO® Monkie Kid™ 80054 Megapolis City 5th Anniversary, which is why there are some elements common to both sets. We get a new peach mould, and another Asian-style fence. It's also a great parts pack, with 19 of these new fences included! And, as is becoming the custom with the LEGO Spring Festival releases, we also get a new minifigure headwear mould; this time for the Year of the Dragon. It looks striking in pearl gold here.

  • 19x 1x4 Fence Ornamental Asian Lattice with Circular Openings in Pearl Gold (6458679 | 5103) - also in 80054 Megapolis City 5th Anniversary
  • 3x Peach Fruit in Bright Pink (6489399) - also in Megapolis
  • 1x Dragon Mask (6466767 | 5195) - unique here
Unlike its square cousin Fence 1 x 4 x 2 Ornamental Asian Lattice with 4 Studs (32932) which is based more upon Japanese styles, this new fence was given a more Chinese aesthetic. It does not have any bars in the infill, so legal connections to the fretwork will be a challenge. However, it does share another neat similarity with the square version...

When you join two fences side-by-side, another circular aperture is created which is slightly smaller than the full circle. This smaller hole loosely fits a 1 module-wide round element, such as the noodles above. (The square fence, similarly, fits a 1 module-wide square element sideways.) 

I'm yet to find a match for the larger hole. It is just a little bit larger than the diameter of the new peach element, and smaller than the minifigure noodle bowl accessory which also comes in the set. 


A modest number of elements have been recoloured in this set:

  • 13x Bracket 1x1 - 1x2 in Reddish Brown (6472546 | 79389) - unique to this set so far
  • 2x Tile Round 3x3 in Pearl Gold (6327553 | 67095) - first time unprinted in this colour - also in 80054 Megapolis City 5th Anniversary and 21344 The Orient Express Train
  • 4x Plate Special 2x2 x 2/3 with Two Studs On Side and Two Raised - Updated Version in Reddish Brown (6470170 | 4304) - also seen in 10326 Natural History Museum and 10329 Tiny Plants
  • 1x Animal, Fish in Red [Hollow Stud Mouth] (6469955 | 64648) - unique to this set so far
  • 3x Plate 1x12 in Medium Nougat (6474197 | 60479) - unique to this set so far

Rare elements

These elements have been seen in one other set:


These elements have been seen in two other sets:

  • 2x Equipment Cup/Teacup Saucer with Recessed Stud on Top [PLAIN] in Black (6445055 | 38799)
  • 1x Plant, Flower Stem with Bar and 6 Stems in Dark Red (6394946 | 19119)
  • 1x Plate Round 2x2 with Axle Hole Type 1 (+ Opening) in Dark Red (6448317 | 4032)
  • 1x Brick 1x2x2 with Inside Stud Holder in Bright Yellowish Green/Lime (6448163 | 3245)
  • 2x Plate 6x12 in Dark Orange (6310667 | 3028) 


The following have been seen in three other sets: 

  • 2x Wave/Flame Small with Pin in Black (6426595 | 37775)
  • 2x Plate Special 1x1 with Clip Vertical [Thick Open O Clip] in Dark Orange (6340735 | 44860) 
  • 3x Plate Round 1sx1 with Solid Stud in Nougat (6391270 | 6141)
  • 4x Plate Special 1x3 Rounded with 3 Open Studs in Sand Yellow/Dark Tan (6449564 | 77850)
  • 1x Door Frame 1x6x6 in Dark Brown (6430932 | 42205)

Printed elements

We get two new printed elements:

  • 7x Tile Round 1 x 1 with ramen print in Medium Nougat (6466331 | 98138) - also in 80054 Megapolis City 5th Anniversary
  • 2x Tile 1x2 with Chinese New Year Dragon and Bright Orange Flowers Print in Bright Red/ Red (6430676 | 102455) - seen in just two other sets
  • 4x Minifigure Head with Gold Dragon Print in Transparent Red (6465548 | 28621) - a new "lantern" for the Year of the Dragon which I forgot to include in the photograph, oops.

Sticker sheet

The remainder of the decorative elements employed in the set come from the stickers. There are 20 different designs on one white-backed sheet.


The set includes nine restaurant patrons, three members of staff and the Year of the Dragon minifigure mascot. I've listed their new or uncommon components below.

  • Father - exclusive new head (6465547)
  • Girl - shares a new torso (6474322) with Grandma

  • Grandma - head (6305730) in 4 other sets, shares a new torso (6474322) with the girl
  • Young Man & Young Woman - share a new torso (6474587) 
I'm loving that dragon snaking around a golden orb on the backs of the young couple - it bears a striking resemblance to a certain Space swoosh logo!
There are even more lovely dragon prints on backs to enjoy:

  • Waiters - new exclusive torso with silver dragon (6474413)
  • Chef - new exclusive torso with golden dragon (6474370)

  • Woman - no noteworthy parts
  • Dragon Mascot - exclusive new torso (6474368) as well as the exclusive new headgear previously mentioned

The completed model

Each of the two storeys are built from instructions in a separate booklet, so you could share the build with a friend without any trouble. 

The upstairs floor and roof are both removable, making access to the interior for play or arranging your minifigures really easy. Outside at the front there is a flower stall, a peach stall and a lucky money tree, as well as two food carts so that the restaurant can sell their tasty food on the street if they wish.

The new fence pieces are used as stylish windows on both storeys; mostly placed sideways with some easy SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques.

Downstairs there is a reception desk which can be accessed from behind by means of a removable panel. The hallway leads to an impressive staircase and the kitchen, where the chef is busy preparing roast duck.

Meanwhile, upstairs there is a small restroom and the main dining area with a table set for six - the family's reunion party is in full swing! There might even be some karaoke later!

On the roof terrace, a young couple are enjoying a romantic dinner before letting off some fireworks to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a bang.


The build is interesting and engaging and the design of the finished model is very stylish. There is access from the rear for play, but it would make an equally good display piece. I also see it as a prime candidate for turning into a full modular-style build which would look very nice in any AFOL's LEGO city, perhaps the centrepiece for a new Chinatown area. 
With 1823 parts and a price of £89.99 / $129.99 / €99.99, 80113 Family Reunion Celebration offers great value for money at 4.9p / 7.1c / 5.5c per piece. It's available 1 January 2024, and if you enjoyed this review please consider using our affiliate link to get set 80113 on LEGO.com.

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  1. Does a minifig head fit in the larger fence hole? I hope so; it could look really good with a transparent head.

    1. according to the digital data, it should fit, the large circle is slightly larger than a head, no practical test so far...

  2. Woman - no noteworthy parts

  3. The red fish is comming in the new CMF series.