15 December 2023

Bug Fest: Tary's MOCs

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

Our latest Parts Festival, Bug Fest – where we've sent LEGO® Ideas 21342 The Insect Collection to five amazing builders and asked them to create original models – continues today! 

Tary (@nobu_tary on Twitter and Instagram) is famed for his LEGO food and robot builds, and his Bug Fest builds do not disappoint! Let's see what he has to offer.

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LEGO® Ideas 21342 The Insect Collection
US$79.99/ £69.99/ 79.99€/ AU$124.99
1111 parts
4 September 2023
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My own MOCs are often inspired by single unique elements. 

Working with a limited selection of parts and thinking up different ways to use them was a new experience for me, and one which I very much enjoyed. 

LEGO cherries

The first part that inspired me was Plant Plate, Round 1 x 2 with Leaf (3565). 

It's an element that was released earlier this year in the Donkey Kong sets, but since I hadn't picked any of those up, this was a brand-new part to me.


The new leaves are unique in their shape: we've never had large rounded LEGO leaves before. The old palm tree leaves (eg. Plant, Palm Leaf Small, ID 6148) have a rough, jagged shape. Thanks to this new element I was able to create these cute cherries without needing to construct a leaf from multiple pieces.

I also used Minifigure, Utensil Candle (37762) which was recoloured in Lime for The Insect Collection set. It's a great part for making plants, as multiple elements can be used to create a variety of lengths of stalks, stems etc.

 Lego pineapple

Flipping the palm leaf elements around made me think of the leaves of a pineapple. Laying the leaves in a random fashion made quick and easy leaves for this fruit. 

I think that this is a useful element for creating LEGO plants and fruits as the generic shape doesn't represent any particular leaf.

Sci-Fi effects

I noticed that The Insect Collection contained lots of Tile, Modified 2 x 3 Pentagonal (22385) in Medium Azure and Trans-Orange.

I used the elements in pairs to create a hexagon which, in a tessellated arrangement, looked like an effect from some Sci-Fi video game. By attaching a transparent support behind the assembly, you can create a magical shield that repels enemy beams.

Bug Mech

Finally; whenever I buy a new LEGO set, after building it I love to reuse the parts to make a robot. That's exactly what I did here. I find that by playing around and finding new uses for the parts in a set, you can discover new connections and techniques that will improve your building skills and MOCs. 

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If you're inspired by Tary, why not get hold of set 21342 on LEGO.com yourself?

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  1. I love the iconic simplicity of the cherries—feels like it could be larger-than-life signage for some sort of bar or lounge.