15 August 2021

(CW: HP) LEGO® Harry Potter parts review: 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition

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Tom Loftus (@inthert.lego) takes a look at the new, recoloured and printed parts you'll get in the recently revealed LEGO® Harry Potter set, 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition. Editorial note: Although views expressed by Harry Potter's creator do not align with that of New Elementary, we continue to cover some sets for their parts. Read about our stance here. Products in this article were provided by LEGO; the author's opinions are their own.

Launching 2 September 2021, LEGO® 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition contains 3010 pieces, 3x 20th anniversary of LEGO Harry Potter minifigures and will cost €249.99/ US$249.99/ £229.99/ 1999 DKK/ AU$399.99/ ¥29980/ NZ$449.99/ CA$349.99. The age mark is 18+.

[EDIT: it will now launch on September 15th in the US, Canada, and Mexico, rather than September 2nd as originally planned due to a shipping delay in the US. The set will be available for online only pre-order at LEGO.com beginning September 2nd. The product will be available in LEGO Retail stores on September 15th. ]

We’ll get to the build in Part 2 of our review but for the moment, it’s all about the parts!

New Elements Exclusive To 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition 

76391 features two exciting new moulds, both of which are circular in nature. Note that with the lack of any official titles, I’ve done my best to come up with appropriate names for each.

LEGO part 79851

Prominently used in the set to create the rounded lenses of Harry’s glasses are 2x 7 Module Wide Ring With 2 Axle holes in Black (6360034 | 79851). It has three connection point types: two axle holes at the ‘north and south pole’ with stud notches and of course the outer ring which is blessedly 3.18mm in diameter - huzzah! This makes it one of the more useful additions to the ‘Rounded parts with bar-sized attachment points’ family:

A 7 module-wide diameter means its closest relative is one that you may not know about (because it stays in its bedroom making no noise and pretending it doesn't exist): the Belville Hula Hoop, which humorously just has ‘hoop01’ by way of an ID on bricklink. It has only appeared in two sets from 1998 and 2003 and isn’t all that easy to acquire, so to have a new part with similar functionality is great. A decidedly less obscure relation would be STEERING WHEEL NO. 1 (Design ID 67811), first seen in 10274 ECTO-1 in 2020. It too features a ring mostly free of obstructions.

However, something that sets 79851 apart from the majority of elements pictured above is its sizable negative space. I can definitely see this being beneficial for builders wanting a sturdy framework running through something cylindrical, with the axle holes providing natural anchor points for Technic construction. Similarly, builders after intricate detailing on the inside of circular structures would have free reign of options without negotiating wheel spokes or cross beams. 

But as alluded to earlier, I suspect the most appealing characteristic to moc builders will be the ample space to affix clips around its circumference. I selected some common types to demonstrate how many of each can fit on each half. Castle turrets, spaceship engines and tree trunks could all make efficient use of these techniques. If nothing else I hope to see folks making their own Spectrespecs or similar extravagantly decorated glasses that even Luna would think twice about wearing.

LEGO part 79850

A switch in background colour is required for the second new mould introduced: SPHERE 4X4x1, W/ SINGLE KNOB in Transparent (6360033 | 79850). It’s definitely more of a decorative item than the last element. The four included in the set are used to create a nice rounded edge at the neck of each potion bottle.

With all this glorious transparency, it's a little tricky to see what's going on here but essentially we’re looking at a 4x4x1 domed brick with a 1 plate-deep 2x2 recess at the top. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before we see this element released in an opaque colour as that will be far easier to photograph!

This element also has something of a family tree. Its 4x4 footprint and central recess puts me in mind of Brick Round 4x4 with Recessed Centre (68325) of minion goggles fame. Similarly, its size and dome-like appearance is reminiscent of SPHERE 4X4, W/ KNOBS (65138) used extensively on the Vidiyo Beatboxes. Unlike either of those elements though, our rounded newcomer does not feature a turntable compatible underside.

Although a large percentage of the element’s surface is dedicated to the curved edge, there is no shortage of connection points elsewhere. The top centre has a single through stud and while the four holes surrounding it look as though they too would fit 3.18 parts, alas they’re a bit too wide in diameter to hold anything securely - hence the askew red bar. As demonstrated by the top-down view above, the underside of the element naturally has anti-studs and notches in the appropriate places so it can be set directly onto a studded surface. Also included is an axle slot akin to those present on 1x1 cones (4589 & 59900). 

New Elements For 2021 In 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition 

The next group of elements are all recent additions to the parts inventory that also appear in other 2021 sets.

With the release of its ‘upward’ counterpart earlier this year, in hindsight it was only a matter of time before we’d be seeing PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X2, DOWNWARDS in Medium Stone Grey (6362975 | 79389). As we’ve said previously, it’ll also be coming in 71390 Reznor Knockdown. I’m quietly ecstatic we’re getting it in such a practical colour right off the bat but I’m sure more interesting and vibrant colours will follow in time.

Two useful connector-y bits next:

  • 1x SHAFT 2M DIA. 3.2 W/ STOP in Dark Stone Grey (6350724 | 78258) - At the time of writing this element appears in 6 other sets but that number will no doubt rise rapidly as it seems to be the designers new favourite part to include in sets - but as a lover of any and all tiny connector/greeble bits, I’m not complaining!  
  • 4x PLATE 1X2 W/ HOLDER in Black (6350725 | 78256) - In 2 other sets. A curious new mould, the kind of element I feel like I must’ve really needed for something at some point but was forced to work around the problem with a far from elegant solution. The next time I build myself into a similar corner, I'm sure I’ll be glad this guy is around to come to the rescue.

Debuting in the January LEGO Star Wars wave earlier this year, two Technic-compatible elements that Kev Levell has previously explored in detail:

  • 2x PLATE 6X6, W/4.85 HOLE, NO. 1 in Medium Stone Grey (6326482 | 73110) - In 1 other set
  • 4x BRICK 2X2, W/4.85 HOLE, NO. 1 in Medium Stone Grey (6326478 | 73109) - In 5 other sets, introduced 2021

I wasn’t sure where best to place this last group of elements, ultimately I felt they were just new enough to keep them from being relegated to the realm of recolours. First spotted in Mario sets, PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X2, UPWARDS (73825) is rapidly becoming commonplace across all LEGO themes. It appears in 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition in three colours:

  • 6x PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X2, UPWARDS in Medium Stone Grey (6345639 | 73825) - In 1 other set
  • 2x PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X2, UPWARDS in Dark Stone Grey (6336390 | 73825) - In 9 other sets
  • 2x PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X2, UPWARDS in Reddish Brown (6341553 | 73825) - In 3 other sets

Recoloured Elements In 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition 

As (liquid) luck would have it, 76391 treats us to a handful of glow in the dark elements:

  • 1x BRICK, ROUND 3X3X1 1/3 DOME TOP - OPEN STUD in White Glow (6361171 | 49308) - Exclusive to 76391
  • 1x ROCKET STEP 3X3X2 W. CROSS in White Glow (6361168 | 6233) - Exclusive to 76391
  • 1x NOSE CONE 2X2X2 in White Glow (6361167 | 14918) - Exclusive to 76391
  • 1x ROUND BRICK 1X1 in White Glow (6339147 | 3062) - In 1 other set, introduced 2021 

All four are used to great effect for a tiny vial of Felix Felicis or 'Liquid Luck' as it's otherwise known - but more on that in our future article on the build itself. 

For now we continue on with the recolours, with a small collection of new and notable white elements:

  • 1x PLATE OCTAGONAL 10X10 W. SNAP in White (6362642 | 89523) - Exclusive to 76391. This one surprised me, I felt sure such a common element would have appeared in white before now but evidently not.
  • 4x PLATE 2X6, W/1.5 PLATE 1X6, UPWARDS in White (6288332 | 64570) - In 3 other sets, introduced 2020
  • 4x 1/4 ARCH BRICK 3X3, W/ CUTOUT, NO. 1 in White (6294351 | 65617) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2020. By now this element is probably common enough to overlook in a parts summary but it's just too aesthetically pleasing to omit. 

Aside from the 3 exclusive 20th anniversary golden minifigures, the set plays host to a small shower of golden elements. While I shall leave the minifigures themselves for Part 2 of our article, I figured minifig accessories are fair game to include here.

  • 2x DECO. SHELL 12M W. Ø3,2 HOLDER in Warm Gold (6366167 | 18969) - Exclusive to 76391. 
  • 19x PLATE 3X4 WITH 4 KNOBS in Warm Gold (6350055 | 17836) - In 6 other sets, introduced 2021
  • 1x UMBRELLA NO. 1 in Warm Gold (6357947 | 27150) - Exclusive to 76391
  • 1x MAGIC WAND, NO. 1 in Warm Gold (6342086 | 36752) - In 7 other sets, introduced 2021

Given the ever expanding range of elements coming out in shiny metallic gold, I was initially disappointed to find these balloon segments were moulded in plain old pearl gold. I must learn not to jump to conclusions though as it turns out they're truly gratifying elements to behold.

Next up a veritable army of reddish brown elements, beginning with three recolours exclusive to 76391:

  • 4x PLATE 1X2 W.Ø3.2 SHAFT 22.5 D. in Reddish Brown (6361174 | 92692).
  • 1x 1/2 CIRCLE PLATE 2X6 in Reddish Brown (6357946 | 18980) 
  • 2x VOODOO BALL Ø10,2 in Reddish Brown (6361175 | 32474)

More Reddish Brown, this time parts that have only made limited appearances elsewhere:

  • 7x PLATE 1X8 WITH RAIL in Reddish Brown (6313736 | 4510) - In 1 other set, 10277 Crocodile Locomotive from 2020
  • 2x BRICK W/ BOW 2X2X1 1/3 in Reddish Brown (6316450 | 67810) - In 1 other set, 43179 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from 2020.
  • 13x PLATE 2X4, W/ 2 KNOBS in Reddish Brown (6307618 | 65509) - In 2 other sets, introduced 2020
  • 2x BEARING ELEMENT 2X2 W.D. SNAP in Reddish Brown (6318114  | 65514) - In 2 other sets, introduced 2020
  • 4x BRICK 1X4X1 INV. BOW in Reddish Brown (6092566 | 13547) - In 2 other sets, introduced 2020
  • 7x WALL 1X3X1 in Reddish Brown (6316282 | 23950) - In 3 other sets, introduced 2020
  • 2x HINGE PLATE 1X2 in Reddish Brown (6327804 | 19954) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2021
  • 2x WALL 2X2X5, 1/4 CIRCLE, W/ CUTOUT in Reddish Brown (6301356 | 30987) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2018
  • 4x BRICK W/BOW 1/3 in Reddish Brown (6325975 | 50950) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2020
  • 3x TILE 2X6 in Reddish Brown (6326103 | 69729) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2020

Dark Red and Dark Blue also receive some exclusive and rarely seen recolours:

  • 4x CORNER PLATE 6X6X45° in Dark Red (6038212 | 6106) - Exclusive to 76391
  • 4x PLATE 1X12 in Dark Red (6253142 | 60479) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2014
  • 13x PLATE 2X4, W/ 2 KNOBS in Earth Blue (6357956 | 65509) - Exclusive to 76391
  •  3x CORNER PLATE 45 DEG. 8X8 in Earth Blue (6351760 | 30504) Not seen since 2012 in 6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout where it went by a different element ID
  • 10x PLATE 2X12 in Earth Blue (6218082 | 2445) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2018

Tan (Brick Yellow) seems to be ever-present in the LEGO Harry Potter sets. Hogwarts Icons is no exception:

  • 22x 2x8 bow in Brick Yellow (6357953 | 42918) - Exclusive to 76391 and making its first appearance in an impressive quantity.
  • 16x WALL 1X3X1 in Brick Yellow (6300325 | 23950) - I had thought this was an equally impressive amount for an element's second outing but it turns out the only other set in which they appear was 10276 Colosseum which included x69 which rather puts 76391's x16 into perspective. 
  • 2x Slope 45° 2x1 Triple with Inside Stud Holder in Brick Yellow (6312460 | 15571) - In 1 other set, introduced 2020
  • 24x BRICK 1X3X2 W/INS AND OUTS.BOW in Brick Yellow (6252199 | 92903) - In 3 other sets, introduced 2019

More earth tone recolours in the form of Dark Brown, Sand Yellow/Dark Tan and Dark Orange:

  • 32x ROOF TILE 1X2, DEG. 45, W/O KNOBS in Dark Brown (6360779 | 28192) - Exclusive to 76391 and debuting in decent quantity too.
  • 6x DESIGN, PLATE 2X3, ROCK, NO. 1 in Dark Brown (6353396 | 27261) - Currently only found in 1 Other Harry Potter Set, 76387 Hogwarts: Fluffy Encounter.
  • 4x SLIDE SHOE ROUND 2X2 in Sand Yellow (6353064 | 2654) - In 2 other sets, introduced 2021
  • 4x 2X2 ROUND, SLOPE BRICK W. KNOB in Sand Yellow (6257533 | 98100) - In 5 other sets, introduced 2019
  • 4x BRICK 1X2X1 2/3 W/4 KNOBS in Dark Orange (6361813 | 22885) - Exclusive to 76391
  • 4x ROOF TILE CORN. INVERT.2X2/45° in Dark Orange (6325922 | 3676) - Only found in 1 other set, Super Mario’s 71362 Guarded Fortress from 2020
  • 1x CONE 1X1 INVERTED W. SHAFT in Dark Orange (6134251 | 11610) - In 5 other sets, introduced 2020

Now for some colourful odds and ends - or perhaps that should be every-flavour beans? None are unique to 76391 but all are rare or recent enough that they warrant a mention:

  • 6x PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X1, DOWNWARDS in Medium Lilac (6336391 | 36841) - Currently only in 1 other set, 76904 Mopar Dodge//SRT Top Fuel Dragster and 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A from 2021.
  • 1x PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X1, UPWARDS in Bright Yellow (6329867 | 36840) - In 2 other sets, introduced 2021
  • 2x 2M FRIC. SNAP W/CROSS HOLE in Bright Orange (6143033 | 32054) - In 2 other sets, introduced 2021
  • 2x PLATE 1X1, W/ 1.5 PLATE 1X1, UPWARDS in Medium Nougat (6324205 | 36840) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2021
  • 2x Brick 2X2 w. angle 45 degrees in Light Purple (6204509 | 87620) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2018
  • 2x FRAME PLATE 4X4 in Sand Green (6249804 | 64799) - In 4 other sets, introduced 2019 
  • 2x NOSE CONE 2X2X2 in Bright Green (6182664 | 14918) - In 5 other sets, introduced 2021

From odds and ends to an outright oddity. Whilst scouring the rear of the instruction manual for new and noteworthy parts, I spotted a duplicated Mixel joint, PLATE 1X2 W/5.9 BALL END (22890) in Dark Stone Grey with two different Element IDs: The ‘old’ version is 6123814, while the ‘new’ is 6338168. 

Usually this kind of thing only happens when an especially noticeable mould update is phased into use. However, I couldn't detect any differences between the total x18 included in the set so I'm leaning towards this being an error in the instructions and nothing more.

In any case, it's time we move onto the next best thing to new elements: new prints!

Printed Elements In 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition  

Despite relying on stickers for a handful of details, the set does treat us to several printed elements - all but two of which are exclusive:

  • 1x TILE 2X4, CIRCLE, NO. 1 with ‘LEGO Harry Potter’ print in Warm Gold (6362540 | 66857)
  • 1x WALL ELEMENT 1X4X2 with ‘H.G.’ Emblem in Black (6115117 | 14718)
  • 1x PLATE W. BOW 1X4X2/3 with ‘Albus Dumbledore’ print in Brick Yellow (6365453 | 93273) 
  • 2x SLIDE SHOE ROUND 2X2, NO. 17 in Black (6301336 | 68011) - Only found in 1 other set, the previous brick-built 75979 Hedwig as her amber eyes - no prizes for guessing what they're used for in this set! 

A nice detail with the HG emblem print is how it matches the 9x IRON FENCE 1X4X2 W. 4 STUDS in Black (6138726 | 19121) used alongside it. 

Now onto what is undoubtedly the main event so far as prints go:

 3x  8x16 Tiles in Brick Yellow each form a third of the infamous Hogwarts acceptance letter:

  • (6362537) Hogwarts crest print
  • (6362538) Hogwarts acceptance letter text print
  • (6362539) Hogwarts acceptance letter signature print

I’ve got thoughts about the decision to have the recipient's name blank but I’ll wait until part two of our review before getting into all that. For now I'm content in marvelling at how deluxe it feels to have all three as prints rather than stickers.


I feel it would be hard to justify purchasing this set purely as a means of acquiring elements. As the name suggests, it’s intended as a collectors display item first and foremost (not to mention with a price to match) so I’m hesitant to call this a good parts pack in the traditional sense. But focusing purely on all these recolours, sumptuous prints and fantastic new elements, 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition really delivers. Just looking at the loose parts got me itching to start building some mocs/table scraps even before starting on the official build which is always a good sign.

Don't be alarmed though, fending off the temptation to go off-piste, I did indeed build and review the official model... which you will read about in Part 2 tomorrow! However, our Medium Azure and Vibrant Coral supporters on Patreon can enjoy Part 2 immediately.

Launching 2 September 2021, LEGO® 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition will cost €249.99/ US$249.99/ £229.99/ 1999 DKK/ AU$399.99/ ¥29980/ NZ$449.99/ CA$349.99. 

[EDIT: it will now launch on September 15th in the US, Canada, and Mexico, rather than September 2nd as originally planned due to a shipping delay in the US. The set will be available for online only pre-order at LEGO.com beginning September 2nd. The product will be available in LEGO Retail stores on September 15th. ]

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  1. Actually, 6361813 was in the recent Sailboat GWP!

    1. Ah good to know! These parts summaries often become outdated sooner or later - usually not quite this soon though haha!

  2. Good review! Despite my obvious distaste for Harry Potter, I do like the concept of this set, with an assortment of life-size "props". And that unique concept has allowed for quite an impressive selection of parts.

    The new transparent dome piece used for the potion bottles is certainly interesting. From the initial pics I didn't realize that it only had one central stud, which is probably a boon for disassembly but also could potentially lend itself to some interesting applications (such as using a part like a 2x2 radar dish in the central cavity).

    The 1x2 plate with vertical clip remedies an issue that has caused me minor vexation for some time. Most parts with a vertical clip are only one stud deep, which means that if you're using them for something like a thin door or rudder, there's an inherent potential for the clip to hinge slightly along the stud instead of along the clip. It's not a huge issue, but this new part, in addition to opening up a few new building opportunities from using the farther of the two studs, allows a hinged build using these clips to be slightly more rigid.

    Some of the recolors in this set are quite interesting to me as well. The parts for the Felix Felicis bottle offer even more Glow White parts in a year that has greatly revived the use of them. And the warm gold hot air balloon shells (used for the wings of the golden Snitch) are one of those parts that are dying to be used in an Elves MOC, if I can ever get around to actually finishing any MOCs at least.

    1. Looking over this article, it occurred to me that that dome piece plus a 2x2 tile with center hole and a 2x2 slide shoe/boat stud would make a great gelatinous-looking eyeball for some sort of monster or sea creature!

  3. Nice breakdown. I'm not sure why you've got 32054 as only appearing in 2 sets in orange. My 2018 42082 Rough Terrain Crane has 72. Rebrickable has it listed in that colour in 25 sets. Even the mold variation, 65304 8s in 5 sets, although all from this year.

    1. Oh no! My lack of knowledge when it comes to technic is really showing. Yes you're quite right, its appeared in a bunch of sets, first appearance being in 2000!! Not sure how I managed to include it here either.

  4. Maybe I’ve missed it in a previous article but what does the CW stand for in the (CW: HP)?

    1. CW is commonly used as an abbreviation for “Content Warning”.

    2. Rick, the link in the intro about our stance will explain more. (Thanks, SideSwept)

  5. Am I understanding that the clear dome uses only the single stud as the connection point? What I mean is that any 2x2 round plate or cylinder which is placed in it could be rotated to something other than 90°, correct? If so that is very cool.

    I understand why they made the recess 1 plate deep, as that will help with clutch and resist pieces getting knocked apart.

    1. Yep, just a single stud in the middle so 360 degrees of opportunity for anything 2x2 or smaller with a central anti-stud :)