29 September 2022

LEGO® Winter Village review: 10308 Holiday Main Street

Posted by tobymac

September has almost gone, summer has definitely passed, and it's almost time to set up the Winter Village display. Since 2009, LEGO® has released new additions to the village annually and today I’ll have a closer look at the 14th instalment of the series: 10308 Holiday Main Street.

28 September 2022

LEGO® Star Wars™ parts review: 75331 The Razor Crest

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

LEGO® Star Wars™ 75331 The Razor Crest is the latest addition to the Ultimate Collector Series line and the first UCS set to be based on a Star Wars TV show. It comprises 6187 pieces, making it the third-largest LEGO Star Wars set, narrowly beaten by last year’s 75313 AT-AT which contained 6749 parts and 75192 Millennium Falcon which still reigns supreme at a whopping 7513 pieces.  In this first of two articles reviewing the set, we will look at all the new and interesting parts it contains.

22 September 2022

Space Tools Parts Fest: Ryan Harkin

Posted by Kev Levell

The second of our two Glorious Galactic Guests joins our Parts Festival today to present some wonderful MOCs using a selection of the minifigure accessories found in Classic Space sets. Ryan Harkin is @brickmasterryan on Instagram.

New Elementary asked me to build something “not space” using a couple of the Classic Space tools from their seed selection. I chose the Axe (3835) and the Robot Arm (4735). Like Benny, my instant reaction was, “Spaceship?”. My next reaction was… well, I’m guessing you’ve seen the movie so you know how this ends.

20 September 2022

LEGO® Minifigures review: 71034 Series 23

Posted by tobymac

The LEGO® Minifigure theme keeps on bringing great new ideas. At the start of the year, 71032 Series 22 was released (reviewed by Kev Levell) and then in May I reviewed my favorite series to date, 71033 The Muppets. Today, I’ll examine the third series of 2022. 

Aside from the new minifig parts I’m happy to notice some interesting new elements, so let’s dive in.

15 September 2022

LEGO® Avatar new parts review: 75571, 75572, 75573, 75574 and BrickHeadz 40554

Posted by Jonas Kramm

We're pausing the Space Tools Parts Festival for a week as we have a thrilling look at the new range of LEGO® Avatar sets, coming 1 October 2022.

Today we land on the moon Pandora to explore the unique new recolours that grow here, and maybe even spot some wild moulds that have never been seen before!

Thirteen years after the first movie came into the cinemas, LEGO have decided to make four sets and one BrickHeadz depicting the second movie, Avatar - The Way of Water that is planned to be released in December this year.

08 September 2022

Space Tools Parts Fest: Dana Knudson

Posted by Kev Levell

The first of two Glorious Galactic Guests joins our Parts Festival today to present some wonderful MOCs using a selection of the minifigure accessories found in Classic Space sets. Dana Knudson is @Troublesbricking on Instagram.

Dana chose to utilise 3835 Axe from 1978 which has been made available in 3 colours, 3959 Space Gun/ Torch from 1979 which has been available in 11 colours, 4735 Robot Arm from 1985 which has been available in 9 colours, and 4349 Megaphone from 1982 which has been available in 10 colours. 

05 September 2022

Our contest winners: Make a Wishbrick

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

It's time to announce the winners of our Make a Wishbrick contest, where we asked readers to dream up  ideas for a new LEGO® element - and then build it out of existing LEGO parts. We received an astonishing 276 entries, making this a tough one for our judges to decide as there could only be three recipients of a 10497 Galaxy Explorer and one winner of the top prize - 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum!

03 September 2022

What are the new LEGO® parts for September 2022 and which sets contain the most?

Posted by tobymac

I've created a list showing all 172 new LEGO® elements added in September 2022, with links to which sets they come in so you can check for the ones you might be interested in. And for those of you who instead prefer our list of sets showing which contain the most new elements, click here

But first, an update on changes to Pick a Brick, which saw new elements disappear from the service this year.

01 September 2022

Space Tools Parts Fest: Thomas Jenkins

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

We're challenging our team of astro-engineers to create original LEGO® models using 'Space Tools' - the minifigure accessories found in Classic Space sets. 

Our parts festival continues this week as I examine two elements: 3838 Air Tanks and 3837 Shovel, both released in 1978, although it seems space shovels were only required for very large ships like 6929 Starfleet Voyager from 1981 and 6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager from 1986.