25 August 2014

Surfin' UA

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Our second review of an Ultra Agents set comes from Scott Barnick (Aanchir), who many of you will recognise as an active member of several LEGO® fan forums. Scott has an excellent knowledge of many aspects of LEGO, especially the colour palette.
Hello, readers! Today I will be reviewing set 70162 Infearno Interception from the new Ultra Agents theme! This theme is similar on some levels to one of my favorite themes, the Agents theme from 2008, but its subject matter is more overtly futuristic, taking visual cues from various sci-fi movies. And to create this new and unique aesthetic, the LEGO designers packed the theme with lots of great new elements and recolors. Let’s take a look!

13 August 2014

When LEGO® was never just bricks

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I had a mild argument with a (non-AFOL) friend earlier this year. He swore blind that when he was a kid in the '70s, he only had about seven different types of LEGO® parts; all basic rectilinear bricks. He liked to build windmills. "How did the windmill turn?" I asked. He conceded that he must have also owned wheel parts.

The release of 21050 Architecture Studio in the UK this month seems to have sparked another glut of ill-researched articles spouting the same old lines that bore every AFOL that reads them to tears... or rather, to online ranting. My turn today!

08 August 2014

Ultra intoxicating

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Renowned Neo-Spacer Tim Goddard (Rogue Bantha) takes a look at 70163 Toxikita's Toxic Meltdown today, and creates his own toxic meltdown of sorts...

This is a cracking set from the revised Agents line, now called Agents of Shield. No, sorry, Ultra Agents, not affiliated to Agents of Shield in any way. The set has a nice selection of basic and interesting parts and is minimal on the ugly structural elements that have plagued many sets of late.