28 October 2022

LEGO® NINJAGO® review & MOC: 71770 Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet

Posted by Caz Mockett

In this review, I take a look at one of the smaller sized sets from the most recent LEGO® NINJAGO® wave, 71770 Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet. It comprises the eponymous jet along with minifigures of Zane, Golden Dragon Cole and their foe, General Vangelis. 

24 October 2022

Old Elementary: LEGO® Clikits – colourful icons

Posted by Elspeth De Montes

Remember LEGO® Clikits? Well if it passed you by you weren't the only one as it's not a theme that dominates 'vintage' collections. Clikits launched in 2003 and generated in excess of 90 sets before retiring in 2006. It was primarily aimed at girls, with lots of accessories like hair clips, combs, pencil cases, notelets, decorative containers and all the other paraphernalia a young girl apparently needed.  

For this article, I couldn't resist examining the complex world of Clikits colours. While we have no official LEGO colour charts from this time, we used the work of Ryan Howerter and their fantastic Colorstream resource to create this overview.

19 October 2022

LEGO® Ideas review: 21337 Table Football

Posted by tobymac

In February and March 2021, the LEGO® Ideas website ran a “We Love Sports'' contest. Table Football, designed by fan designer Donát Fehévári, was selected as winner, and will be released an official set on 1 November 2022. For those of you aware of the original submission, there is one massive change. The original was 11-a-side, and this is only 5-a-side! Why didn’t LEGO deliver on this? The short answer is, if they had to stick to 11-a-side, the set would not have been released at all.

17 October 2022

LEGO® Ideas review + MOC: 21333 Vincent van Gogh - The Starry Night

Posted by Eero

Vincent van Gogh is undeniably one of the most beloved painters in history. His paintings are adored by both the art professionals and the greater public, and the tragic aspects of his life affect the way they are perceived. Nonetheless, due to huge popularity his paintings adorn a mass of memorabilia from fridge magnets to calendars and lunch boxes, and via LEGO® Ideas program, a buildable miniature set.

13 October 2022

Space Tools Parts Fest: Kev Levell

Posted by Kev Levell

We're challenging our team of astro-engineers to create original LEGO® models using 'Space Tools' - the minifigure accessories found in Classic Space sets - and today is the final instalment!

As the Chief Flight Director of this exploration it falls to me to bring our mission to an end. The team has safely returned home, I've completed their debriefing, and once I present my findings I'll round out these proceedings with a few words of thanks.

From the selected tools I chose the Metal Detectors 4479 & 93106 and Radios 3962a, 3962b and 19220 as well as the 'T' Bar 84868.

10 October 2022

LEGO® City review: 60353 Wild Animal Rescue Missions

Posted by tobymac

LEGO® City introduced something quite original this year with the Missions series: there are no instructions, instead giving the builder a series of building challenges. Is this the thing I need to inspire me to finally start MOCing?

02 October 2022

What are the new LEGO® parts for October 2022 and which sets contain the most?

Posted by tobymac

I've created a list showing all 192 new LEGO® elements added in October 2022, with links to which sets they come in so you can check for the ones you might be interested in. And for those of you who instead prefer our list of sets showing which contain the most new elements, click here.

01 October 2022

LEGO® Star Wars™ set review: 75331 The Razor Crest

Posted by Thomas Jenkins

In part 1 of our review, we took a look at the parts contained in LEGOⓇ Star Wars 75331 The Razor Crest and at 6187 pieces, there was a lot to unpack. Today our attention turns to the build of this Ultimate Collector Series model, and we even have some insight from the designers for you.