23 May 2014

LEGO® House competition winners

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We received 30 exciting entries from 21 people in our competition to design your own vision of a museum for The LEGO® Group, and loved examining all of them. But sadly we only have two prizes so now let's cut to the chase. Hearty congratulations, Spencer_R, you are the winner!

First place

18 May 2014

The final competition entries

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New Elementary's contest to design your own vision of LEGO® House closed on Thursday and judging is now well underway! The two winners will be announced on Friday.

I'm glad to say we had 30 entries, from 21 people, and they've all given us judges something to think about! I'd like to thank every one of you for taking the time to build - I wish I could post everyone a prize - but most of all, I hope you had fun building.

An entrant pointed out to me that Stupid Flickr doesn't display all the entries on our Group page if you are not logged into Flickr with an account. So I thought I would put them all here for everyone's enjoyment - click any pic to see the alternate shots on Flickr, plus some contestants write interesting comments about their designs.

14 May 2014

Benny's Neo Classic Space Ship

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Is 2014 just the best year of LEGO® sets ever?? Of course not... that was 1979. But this summer's wave of new sets contains some absolutely thrilling sets. If it weren't for the upcoming LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit, I'd say that my most anticipated set of 2014 was 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

Of course, I'm biased because this set represents the ultimate in nostalgia for me, but that also brought a huge weight of expectation to this build. Could a modern set really evoke the kind of love I felt for my Space sets as a kid? I was really worried it wouldn't capture the intangible magic of Classic Space and just leave me feeling like it was any other modern-day Space set but in blue/grey/trans-yellow. I'm happy to report that this was not the case at all.

10 May 2014

Bustin' makes me feel good

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So the LEGO® CUUSOO platform is out of beta and now lives under The LEGO Group's (TLG) umbrella as LEGO Ideas. The first set with the new branding is 21108 Ghostbusters, featuring their ambulance-turned-ghostfighting vehicle, the ECTO-1.

06 May 2014

House of bricks

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Today I cracked open 4000010 LEGO® House and figured I'd review it - given that the set is not readily available, has a rather interesting inclusion, and of course to shoehorn in a reminder that New Elementary's LEGO House competition closes in 9 days! Fret not - I didn't open the copy sent by the Community and Events Engagement Team which remains safely mint in sealed box for the winner. It's another copy I bought on a recent trip to Billund, which is the only town on Planet Earth where the set has been made available for sale. This limited release is a gesture from The LEGO Group (TLG) to local businesses, in light of the disruption being exacted in the centre of town to construct the real LEGO House which will be a museum, or rather an "interactive experience centre" in modern-day parlance. When I was there, the last of the existing buildings on the site were being torn down.