10 August 2020

LEGO® DOTS: Cole Blaq's Beasts from Below

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Cole Blaq took up our challenge of using some LEGO® DOTS bracelets in his own creations, firstly to create some intriguing abstract sculptures and today we reveal his next collection of creations. Cole is a visual artist and educator based in Germany who is primarily influenced by the mediums of graffiti and LEGO. The Dots products in this article were provided for free by LEGO; the author's opinions are not biased by this.

I received three copies each of 41900 Rainbow, 41902 Sparkly Unicorn, 41901 Funky Animals and 41912 Love Birds to use as seed parts. My limited collection of the newer ‘bubblegum’ colours is rather small for exploring larger builds. I’d love to have also received the black bracelets from 41903 Cosmic Wonder as I consider those more useful due to their neutral colouring.


This build started when I experimented with cross-attaching the bracelets at 90 degrees.

The connection pin fits directly into two bracelet holes, giving this a smooth surface.


This one is pretty much self-explanatory, with the bracelet as the teethridge being the base for organic placement of the teeth.


My final and largest build features a ring of bracelets forming the arms of an underwater beast.

An issue with only having three of each colour of bracelet was a hassle given that the LEGO ‘matrix’ is laid down in multiples of two. This dictated the vibrant colour scheme of this kraken.

In these WIP shots, you can see how the ring is created.

These shots show the model around 75% complete.

You can follow Cole Blaq at cole-blaq.com or on Instagram or Flickr.

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  1. I love the exaggerated jaw of that shark; it reminds me of the Duplo Pirates shark. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?S=7882-1