13 January 2020

Jonas Kramm's alternate build of LEGO® Overwatch 75976 Wrecking Ball

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Last time, LEGO® Overwatch 75976 Wrecking Ball was reviewed by both Jonas Kramm and Inthert but we had a further task for these two champion builders: create an alternate model using only the 227 pieces in the set! Here is Jonas' creation, and come back tomorrow for Inthert's. The set is priced £17.99 / US$19.99 / 19.99€ although perhaps you may now be seeing it on sale.

For my alternative creation with the pieces from the Wrecking Ball I started with the most prominent pieces: the dishes. I wanted to find a good and creative use for these. First thought was to build a motorcycle, but I couldn't find complimentary pieces to build the wheels. However the thought of building something to ride was still in my mind and so the idea of a hoverbike was born.

I started with the inner frame, connecting the hover pads at an angle to create a dynamic shape. Then I designed the seat with the limited selection of orange pieces available.

The 1x4 SNOT bricks in the frame helped a lot with covering the vehicle in sand green pieces. I tried my best to use the unique-shaped elements in the set to my advantage.

Like the designer of the original set, I couldn't resist combining the vehicle front/mudguard piece with 2x2 round pieces. It just fits too good.

The part selection of the set turned out pretty well for my purpose of building something technological and futuristic. I didn't use everything, but did include pretty much all the sand green elements.

For the purpose of MOCing I missed more flimsy parts to build an antenna or the like, but 'flimsy' probably didn't fit the Wrecking Ball concept very well.


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  1. hew i realy like this alternate build and i would realy like it if you did a video about how to build it. plese