22 December 2018

LEGO® MOVIE 2 review: 70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy!

Posted by Elspeth De Montes
THE LEGO® MOVIE 2: The Second Part is assembling in cinemas in February 2019, and we happened to stumble upon a few of the tie-in sets placed on the shelf early in a John Lewis store. We took this opportunity to review some of the sets before their official release starting with 70827 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! This set contains 348 parts and is due for release 26th December 2018 in the UK priced at £24.99/ US$29.99/ €29.99.

Clearly, we have not yet seen THE LEGO® MOVIE 2: The Second Part but from the trailers and the various promotional information we know that it takes place five years after the end of the first movie. We saw some DUPLO characters appear just as the final credits started to roll and it seems those invaders turned awesome Bricksburg into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, now known as Apocalypseburg.

In the Box

The box contains three numbered bags and a loose single instruction booklet with a small sticker sheet inside.

There are only four stickers used in the set and these are all placed onto areas depicting Ultrakatty's armoured outfit.

New Elements

There is a completely new element in an unusual size for the LEGO System: Bright Red Brick 1x5x2 (Design ID 39268). Three are supplied.

Okay... these are actually printed on the other side with three different Ultrakatty facial expressions rather than just being a plain Bright Red Brick, but doesn't it look pretty? The three printed expressions are ‘Ultrakatty Smile’ (Element ID 6254659), ‘Ultrakatty Fierce’ (6251084) and ‘Ultrakatty Rage’ (6251085).

Lucy has a fun White octagonal shield ‘Never Stop’ (6250870) which has a handle on the rear with a bar rather than the clip often seen with road sign elements.

She also sports the other new mould in this set, Reddish Brown minifigure 'Shemagh' scarf (Element ID 6248730|Design ID 34685). The element has a square cut-out on the underside to allow a minifigure neck bracket element to fit snugly underneath.

For Lucy, this means her minifigure can wear her Black Quiver (6268961|4498) and then the shemagh on top, to depict her Warrior Lucy status.

There are also six other elements appearing in Reddish Brown for the first time. Reddish Brown is a very useful colour when trying to capture natural, organic things in LEGO form,  so all of these are welcome new elements, especially the immensely useful Plate 1x2 Rounded No.1 (6248944|35480).

Pictured clockwise from top:
  • Reddish Brown Plate 1x2 w/ 2 Vertical Teeth (6248940|15209)
  • Reddish Brown 'Shemagh' scarf (6248730|34685)
  • Reddish Brown Scythe Blade (6224780|59229)
  • Reddish Brown Horn w. shaft ø 3.2 (6249582|53451)
  • Reddish Brown Plate 1x1 w Tooth (6248946|49668)
  • Reddish Brown Tooth Ø3.2 Shaft (6248943|87747)
  • Reddish Brown Plate 1x2 Rounded No.1 (6248944|35480)
Bright Red Plate 1x2 w/ 2 Vertical Teeth (6248950 |15209) is seen for the first time in person but we noted that would be present in one of the limited release Chinese New Year sets, 80102 Dragon Dance, a few days ago following a cryptic post form a LEGO designer. There are four supplied in the set.

As both Bright Red and Reddish Brown version of Plate 1x2 w/ 2 Vertical Teeth (Design ID 15209) come in this set, there are now six colours of this interesting element. Sadly I seem to be missing Black from my collection.

Another new recolour is Bright Blue Plate 1X2 W. Hor. Hole Ø 4.8 (6248822|11458); surprisingly it has not appeared in this colour before despite the element appearing in over 380 sets.

Dark Orange Plate 1x1 w/ 1.5 Plate 1x1 Downwards (6248949 |36841) is a new colour of a relatively new element.  We spotted these 1x1 brackets for the first time in the second half of 2018 and so far they have only been in about 11 or so sets.  These incredibly useful parts can also be found in other sets in Medium Stone Grey [TLG]/Light Bluish Grey [BL], Medium Blue and Bright Bluish Green [TLG]/Dark Turquoise [BL] but 70827 only contains the Dark Orange version.

The final recolour is Dark Stone Grey [TLG]/ Dark Bluish Grey [BL] Claw 1x4x1 w/ Ø3.2 Shaft (6248951|11089). I was sure I had seen this element before but I imagine it was actually the Black or Medium Stone Grey versions as I have found no previous use of this colour in sets.


I've already mentioned Ultrakatty's facial bricks and Lucy's stop sign so I'll move on to the other new printed elements.

I love the Bright Red Slope 1x2 w. 'Flames' (Element ID 6250977) and I can see these being used in a variety of MOCs including vehicles and character builds, as four are supplied in this set.

Finally, DUPLO Invader gets a new Black Flat Tile 2x2 large eye print (6250671).


The first part of the build is to make the DUPLO character out of System bricks. The new Bright Blue Plate 1X2 W. Hor. Hole Ø 4.8 (6248822|11458) is used to allow the opening and closing of the characters 'mouth'.

There is a simple axle mechanism that allows the eye to be rotated to give your DUPLO invader a suspicious eye.


Ultrakatty's main body is the first portion to be built and we can see some of the new elements being put to good use. The liberal use of 'Mixel' ball and cup joints give an early indication that she is going to be a highly posable character.

By the time her smaller rear end is in position, there's already plenty of katty spikes in position with some nice aggressive shaping - this is not the Unikitty we came to know and love!

I just wanted to mention the clever use of Reddish Brown Horn w. shaft ø 3.2 (6249582|53451) and Reddish Brown Plate 1x2 Rounded No.1 (6248944|35480) within Ultrakatty's limbs. The hollow stud allows the horns to be inserted into the underside of the element and attached to the back of Ultrakatty's limbs like aggressive spurs.

Ulttrakatty's very mobile tail makes good use of Reddish Brown Plate 1x2 w/ 2 Vertical Teeth (6248940|15209) and Dark Stone Grey Claw 1x4x1 w/ Ø3.2 Shaft (6248951 |11089). I'm going to guess this has weapon potential in the movie with some Ultrakatty tail swipes.

The final part to be built is Ultrakatty's helmet-adorned head which of course is five studs wide. This is an interesting size to work with and maintaining the centre of her head has taken a bit of thought to achieve including good use of Plate 1x3 w. 2 Knobs aka '1x3 jumper' and the hollow studs on Mixel joint plates.


There are two minifigures included in the set, Emmett and Warrior Lucy.  Both are recognisable as the same characters from The LEGO Movie but are showing some signs of five years of hardship, in terms of wear and tear on clothing.  Lucy is definitely looking a little more Mad Max with her cleverly moulded Reddish Brown shemagh, 'goggled' hair piece and nicely designed cargo pants that include printing on the side of her leg.


Ultrakatty is very posable and, even better, nothing 'pings off' when you are moving her around into new positions! Unikitty was a great character but I love the ride-on style of Ultrakatty with her lean, mean, fighting machine look. She is definitely a fun character who will have an important role in the upcoming movie I am sure.

Final Thoughts

While it is impossible to relate the set directly to a movie that has not been released, it is a fun set that is good value in terms of new useful parts.  Other than Ultrakatty's facial expressions, I think the printed elements have potentially useful applications in other MOCs. The two minifigures will be central characters in the movie and I can see that Reddish Brown shemagh being popular amongst builders for use in military, post-apocalyptic, futuristic and Middle Eastern minifigures.

Ultrakatty can be posed into a playful kitty or a predatory, raging psycho-cat making this a fun set with lots of posing play potential and a nice supply of new elements for those MOC builders amongst us.

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  1. I have been waiting for the 1x2 rounded plate to come out in reddish brown, I didn't realize it was in this set. It is also in an upcoming Batman set as well.

  2. Does the stop sign shield have a notch in the handle so that you can stick a 3.2mm bar in between, like some older shields? I'm curious if that mold may be designed to be able to be attached to a bar like a typical stop sign as well, since I don't remember how long it's been since the octagonal sign with clip has been in use.

    1. Yes Andrew, there is a notch to allow a bar to be slipped in between the handle and the shield!

    2. Ah, very nice! That's actually even better than a clip, since it allows the sign to lie flush against the pole, like a real stop sign.

  3. necroposting but i wish they had actually used actual DUPLO blocks for these sets, seeing as how DUPLO and System mixing was kind of the whole gimmick with the movie