22 November 2018

2018 Parts Fest #1: Luc Byard's Walker

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We sent a varied selection of new LEGO® parts to some expert fan builders for them to explore techniques and models to share with you. Here's one from Luc Byard (Flickr).

I love Tim; no-one can give you some really awkward LEGO® parts and say ‘build something with those’ quite like he can. The latest bunch included that new minifigure neck bracket with 4 bars (Element ID 6215458 | Design ID 36452) which looks cool… then you try and build with it!

My finished build is a micro Robotech-style walker. And with all that black, I just had to pair it with trans-yellow to give it a Blacktron scheme.

The first thing you realise when you start trying to attach pieces to this one is that the neck piece that would attach it to the minifigure is, intentionally I suppose, quite loose. But doesn’t help me much so job one is to figure out some ways of getting that neck-loop to connect in a more solid way.

Using a shaft through the middle to keep them secure, I half-clutched two 1x1 round plates with hole on either side of the neck-hole.

I played around with attaching legs to the four bars but in the end, decided to upturn it and use two for arms.

The build expanded from there using several ‘shaft with clamp’ robot hand pieces to construct the legs.

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  1. Nice! Looking forward to more of these.

    Plenty of new parts to report on all the new sets that are coming out - including the blue antislipper I was looking for! (Spider-Man sets and the blue ninjago flyer) just want the large macaroni tile in blue and I’ll be happy,

    I also noticed the return of a fantastic part which won’t gave been seen in 20 years -6044 slope with studs. In friends set in dark tan. I think I’m right about this.

    1. Oh really? That is interesting indeed, will have to check it out. Such an odd part, but I've always liked it.

    2. Which set? The only one I can think would have it (41369) I can't see it on at all —the sloped roof on that appears to be achieved with hinges.

    3. I also had a look through and like Anonymous, I wonder if you are referring to the Medium Dark Flesh/Medium Nougat roof area which is actually not 6044 (not criticising as I can see why you might think that).

    4. Ah yes, seen a much higher definition picture and see I was wrong. How sad! On the grainy one I saw I was pretty convinced!