27 February 2018

"Kill Teal" models (Vol. 1)

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The time has come at last! We asked you to imagine how LEGO® designer and AFOL Mark Stafford might kill off Teal again, now that this colour is back in the LEGO palette once more. We received 79 entries! We will publish a few every day, in the order they were received, and reveal the winners next week. Enjoy, and be sure to tell us your favourites in the comments.

I wanna kill you... again!

By Devid VII

In a secret room in LEGO factory Mark is trying to color the last teal pieces... I wanna kill you again!

This is the end, Black is the new Teal.

By Devid VII

A Mecha can kill all you want, Teal is finally dead.

Adios and good journey!

By Devid VII

A container full of teal is ready for shipping without return... adios Teal!


By Devid VII

It's the end for Teal... dynamite can solve this problem.

First Try, Dark Purple Paint!

By Cristiano Grassi

I don't know ifit's good for the contest, but I think it's funny!

Press it, film it, then share it on the internet!

By Louis (Loysnuva) Barbedor

How to go viral AND kill teal at the same time.

Or Did He?

By Jack Daubney

Everyone thought Mark Stafford killed teal, but it’s return might mean he just hid it.

The Story Mark Tells...

By Jack Daubney

Did Mark Stafford ever tell you how he escaped the desert island he was marooned on?

The way he tells it, he caught the attention of a passing whale which he befriended by feeding it all the teal LEGO. He then threw a lasso around it and rode it to safety. Where did he get the rope? Weaved it from the hair on his chest.

Or maybe he just sat around drinking rum until he was found by smugglers ;-)

The Teal Throne

By Jack Daubney

As a warning to all the other colours, Mark has all the teal pieces melted down into a great teal throne from which to rule his brickdom. It is said that when you play the game of bricks, you build or you die.

An alternate reality

By Andrew Mollmann

A model of a real life locomotive from a Brazilian rail line called Vale. Unfortunately in the Lego universe, it was purple that won, not teal.

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  1. those are fun to look at. I am looking forward to checking those out throughout the week. So 79 entires, yes? Shared between how many builders though? =)I already see multiple entries by individual builders.

  2. These are suberb. Looking forward to the rest...

  3. Wow some of these are really adorable and fun to look at. I think my favorite one is the Whale.

  4. I didn’t know it was allowed to have multiple entries.
    Nice to see what the competition has done.