24 January 2018

2017 Skærbæk Parts Festival: Techniques

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Welcome back to our Parts Festival where we gave 60 LEGO® fans an hour to make whatever they liked using a range of new LEGO elements as 'seed' parts for their constructions.

For our parts festivals we also encourage builders to make 'tablescraps' - little things that aren't models, but might have an interesting technique or use a new part in a clever way. For the final visit to our Denmark workshop, we present some of these tablescraps.

This roof uses two pentagonal pieces in Reddish Brown, Plate 2X2, W/ Design (Element ID 6163991|Design ID 27928) and Flat Tile2X3 W/Angle (6163184|22385), which appears only in the rather beautiful LEGO Dimensions Story Pack 71253 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Play the Complete Movie.)

Here's a great studless roof technique using Plate 2X2 W/ Reduced Knobs in Reddish Brown (Element ID 6196221 | Design ID 33909). I've seen similar roofs using other 'reduced knobs' pieces like the 4x4 with 4 studs or the 2x3 CMF plate, but this new 2x2 makes it much simpler and smaller.

In previous posts you may have noticed builders utilising the square hole in the Ninjago Fence 1X4X2 W/ Shaft No 1 in Black (Element ID 6195092 | Design ID 32932). It is designed to comfortably fit a 1x1 piece placed sideways, as you can see above. (And yes... those tiles are Bright Green! Thanks to the new 21037 LEGO House set, we now have a fantastic array of Bright Green tiles available for our models.)

The picture below shows how each of the above tablescraps uses a different method to put the 1x1 pieces sideways. The one on the right makes use of the fact that the Ninjago fence has 3.18mm bars on either side of the square window, so you can clip parts to it.

As mentioned, it's a comfortable fit. Some builders wanted to investigate what pieces are a tighter fit, such as two 1x1 round plates. We might never see such techniques in official LEGO sets as they probably stress the elements.

Other ideas included using two cheese slopes, or an Erling (headlight) brick. And the tablescrap on the right found a way to insert a 1x2 tile - by creating a T-junction with the fences. Clever!

I'm amused by this one. Everyone was incredibly frustrated that the top of the Ninjago Mini Hat No 19 in Dark Brown (Element ID 6198018 | Design ID 26007) looks like a recessed stud, but isn't. So this builder went to great lengths to find a way to suspend a 3.18mm bar in between two hats!

I'm not sure if this one was supposed to be representational - a boat on water perhaps - but the interplay of the pentagonal Plate 2X2, W/ Design and the Plate 1X3 W/ 2 Knobs in Black (Element ID 6199908 | Design ID 34103) was interesting. The latter has the same underside as the most recent version of the 1x2 jumper so that you can offset studs underneath as well.

Okay, this is wacky! Perhaps an idea for the next Ninjago ride at LEGOLAND. But what I liked here was the base, which made use of the plates 'with reduced knobs' that I chose as part of the filler brick. The various wedge plates create a nice shattered effect.

Although we're leaving Skærbæk now, we're not done with this parts festival! A couple of the builders continued making models when they got home, so I will present those in a few days' time. Then we took the same pieces to one of the London AFOLs meetups, where even more models were created! Those will be published in another week or two.

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  1. This has been a fun parts festival to follow - great work by all of the builders!

  2. I'm kinda sad we didn't see more of the dark blue 8x8 disk. I love that part and if it weren't for wanting to keep my Saturn V 100% complete I'd have cannibalized that part by now. Those disks are fanastic to use on my MOCs cause they provide a nice big smooth rounded surface. Still, lots of great MOCs using these parts.

    1. It's beautiful isn't it. Hopefully the London AFOLs made good use of it