07 October 2017

PdC Parts Festival: Day One

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Our first ever live parts festival (or "parts party" as regular reader Håkan put it!) took place in June in Portugal at the Paredes de Coura (PdC) Fan Weekend. Each day, 15 builders had just over an hour to explore what might be done with a range of new LEGO® parts. See the parts selection here, but today let's look at what the first round of LEGO fans came up with.

Michael Studman 

Yes, that's his real name. Jeal much?

Most of the seed parts are present in this characterful chihuahua! Funny, I never thought to use Boomerang (6153574 | 25892) as the structure of a dog's body...

Using the new curved wedge slopes - Left and Right Plate 1X2, W/ Bow, 45 Deg. Cut (6172414 | 29120 and 6172411 | 29119) - on a SNOT ball was a beautiful idea and Michael has worked a few of the other seed parts into this chibi-style character as well.

Are J. Heiseldal

This microscale pool makes great use of the 'anti-slipper', Roof Tile 1X2, Deg. 45, W/O Knobs (6166857 | 28192), as diving boards.

More microscale city scenes from Are in the form of a small park bench made from the spoiler piece Design Plate 1X2, No. 1 (6192787 | 30925).

Leave the city behind in this rocket employing Lipstick (6189137 | 25866) and Spear, No. 1 (6166891 | 27257).

Dirk Franzen

This is an interesting tablescrap; setting the spoilers at an angle so that their back sides are horizontal. Perfect for a floating staircase in a stylish home.

More stylish simplicity from Dirk; a low bench using Mudguard 3X4, W/ Plate, No. 1 (6178912 | 28326).

What I like here is that the structure is dependant on the boomerang. As mentioned last time, this part has a 3.18mm bar along the outside edges permitting minifigures to clasp them, and AFOLs to go nuts with crazy connections.

Stefaan Naessens

Stefaan worked most of the seed parts into this grand barbecue, which has an interesting base structure made of Nexo-bot shoulders - 3.2 Shaft & 3.2 Hole W/Design (6175554 | 22392) - connected by White lipsticks.

Jessica Farrell

This happy flower needed a little tethering! The petals are Cockpit 4X5X1, W/ 3.2 Shaft, No. 1 (6166852 | 27262) from Nexo Knights, but as Andrew Barnick pointed out, "Worth mentioning that 27262 seems to be coming in several other colors next year—the already announced DC Super Heroes sets include it in Trans. Bright Green (the first transparent color for the part) as well as Medium Lilac."


I wasn't quite so organised on this first day as I hoped, consequently I'm not sure who built what out of these! My sincerest apologies to the builders Bert Van Daele, Hans Demol, Tom De Bruyker, Faolán Farrell, Johan Leys and Alex Chiolo that your work below is uncredited! Please let me know whose is whose so I may update this post.

A planter is a superb idea for using the spoiler piece. It's neat that you can create 'corners' using this piece - note how the ones on the ends don't touch the ones on the sides.

Lots of the seed parts are used in this landing module, to pleasing geometric effect, and placing the anti-slipper on top of regular 45° slopes is a great use of the part.

Keep left!

Fun with 2-D patterns, examining the many new 45° wedge shapes.

Those cockpits are back again, but reversed to create more of a tulip-like cup shape.

If WALL-E was a tripod... Again, note how the boomerangs are essential to the structure.

That's one mean-looking snake.

Apologies for the focus here... it's the upside-down spoilers you want to be checking out!

This was presumably built by Ewoks.

Another park bench; this time built for two and combining both the spoiler and the mudguard!

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  1. The spoiler comes in a bunch of other Juniors Cars 3 sets in red, but it's printed on the front.

    1. Ah yes so it goes, thank you. In fact no I checked properly, there is also one in earth blue. Unprinted.

  2. Its so fascinating to see how people's minds jump to the same conclusions with parts as I have upon first viewing. The MOC I would have made with the cockpits would have been to make a nexo knight bunny rabbit with the cockpits as ears. There's a dog, so close. The barbique is pretty neat, that's probably my favorite build, and the floating stairs is actually pretty brilliant if I may say. I wouldn't have thought of that. I can't wait to see that expertly executed in a proper MOC.

    Fantastic post and lovely builds Tim. This one's got my builder fingers itching.

  3. I thought the diving board one was actually penguins in the arctic at first glance :)