20 June 2017

Lettering contest: The results

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In four years we have only ever run two competitions on New Elementary, primarily because I hate saying one awesome thing is better than another awesome thing! For any of you following our LEGO® lettering contest, it is needless to say that we've had a really tough time judging this one. We know you guys are super-creative, but the quantity AND quality of entries nevertheless blew us away!

Didn't see them? Here are a few to give you a taste, but it's really worth seeing the lot!

The winning entries

There are three equal 1st place prizes in this competition, and no other prizes. We won't keep you in suspense any longer; in no particular order our three winners are:

Eduardo Moreira (Brazil):

Li Li (USA):

Jeffrey Kong (Singapore):

They will each receive 250 LEGO elements (50 of each of the five tiles we chose as seed parts for the contest). Congratulations guys!

The judges were Jonas Kramm, Elspeth De Montes and myself. To avoid any potential bias, I sent the entries to Jonas and Elspeth without the names of the creators (and they have not looked at the blog this last week). For my part, I chose my top 10 without looking at people's names before posting everything on the blog. I've also avoided reading any of the (many!) reader comments this week.

Naturally each person comes to judge with different attitudes and preferences, but I think I can speak for the others when I say that two major factors that influenced us were beautiful design, and beautiful concepts.

Everyone's a winner baby

We wish we had offered more prizes, but to truly reward everyone deserving of one would require dozens and dozens of prizes. There are many entries that we are absolutely gutted not to be able to award a prize to, as each was deserving of being a winner. Rather than name those we will list everyone who made our shortlist, in no particular order: Okay Yaramanoglu, Oli Gunson, Simon Hundsbichler, Didier Dambrin, Brian D'Agostine, Rafał Piasek, Luc Byard, Olov Wingård, Jonas Kovacs, Nathan Wells, Harald Christ, Mark Anderson, Gary Makin and Nick Picard.

Furthermore, many people went to the trouble of creating entire alphabets. Thank you Rob Culbertson, Clark Taylor, Edwinder Singh, Artemiy Karpinskiy, Steven Throm, Brian D'Agostine, Guillaume Walbron, Brendan Tull, Joshua Tellez and Nick Walus (who didn't realise he didn't need to create the whole alphabet until he submitted his entry! Respect.) We also want to thank those who submitted multiple entries. We won't list your names as everyone who has been reviewing the entries knows who you are already!

The amount of work that has gone in to this is just extraordinary and we hope you've all felt inspired or at least entertained by the submissions. If we haven't namechecked you in this post, please know we totally appreciate your efforts and indeed there were many entries we'd have loved to put on the shortlist, but by necessity I only allowed 10 suggestions per judge. And finally, our thanks to the rather wonderful Kim Ellekjær Thomsen and The LEGO Group for kindly supporting this competition.

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  1. this was super cool! i loved it.

  2. Congratulations! Well deserved winners. They were among my favourites also.
    Excellent competition, brilliant entries and great job by judges. Thanks all!

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Great contest. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the entries, well done to all!

  4. The contest was a lot of fun. Perhaps we'll even see a few more from the winners, making use of their prize bricks. In addition to those mentioned above, I also really enjoyed entries from Alvaro Garcia and Nicolas Jarraud. And thanks to Tim for making this contest happen. When the physical elements are released to make some of these digital creations happen, I trust he'll let us know!

  5. Called it! :) Eduardo's font was amazing, but well done to everyone involved.

    This contest really was a lot of fun. I like competitions that include digital builders, rather than exclude them. Keep up the good work NE!

  6. It was tough judging as there were so many awesome creations and ingenious fonts submitted. The top three were all in my shortlist of 10 but it took me a while to whittle it down to just 10. I loved the colours and layering style from Eduardo Moreira and this was my favourite overall in terms of appearance. Li Li's Gothic font was beautifully crafted and was a unique way to use the parts. Finally Jeffery Kong's font was a surprise use and a clever way to express the phrase LEGO DNA. Thanks for all the entries that made my role as a judge very tough!!!