25 October 2016

The New Black - Jason Briscoe: Milagre Hoverbike

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When I launched The New Black, our latest parts festival here on New Elementary, I welcomed anyone to let me know if they have built stuff using the parts I selected. I'm glad to say we already have some great images from people and so I will post some of them during the festival. Today we have one from the lovely Jason Briscoe (bizzabricks), who also was a part in our previous festival, Nexo-Classic Space.

Space ranger Nino speeds majestically across the vast capim grass plains of Milagre.

Utilising the weaker gravitational forces found on many of the Federation's colony worlds, mankind has grown increasingly dependent on hover travel. To such an extent, that some now believe that surface travel by any other means is impossible. 

Although hovercars evolved from regular wheeled vehicles originating from 21st century Earth, some three centuries later, wheels have now become almost obsolete. Only the occasional old space hand that has managed to retain some of their youth (through the effects of relativistic space flight), referring to the bygone era of "rubber feet" vehicles...

Jason has used some 3.2 Shaft w/3.2 Hole (Design ID 23443) to create the angled base of the craft - can I call that a chassis? - and there are also some Plate 1X1 Round w/3.2 Shaft (Design ID 26047) in there as well, most notably under the handlebars.

Have you used any of these new LEGO® parts in an interesting way in a model? Let me know and I may be able to publish them here. There is a contact form in the right column of the site, or send them to me via FlickrMailFacebook or Twitter.

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  1. I see he used the 1x2 ingot in the new orange color as well.

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